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Friday, 7 August 2009

The solaf..........Chapter Six

continuing the story of the solaf


The moon was slowly sliding down the sky, as the sun began creeping up the other side. Morning was arriving. Rag doll began to stir from her sleep; a troubled sleep.

She had had this strange dream. About solaf. He was in trouble. Somewhere; she wasn’t sure………….water. That’s it. Water. He was in some sort of trouble in some water.

She gazed around her. She was still sat on the stone by the pond. The pond, where they had last seen solaf. She turned, and as she did, she just glimpsed the last of the bubbles popping on the water’s surface.

‘Solaf,’ she thought, ‘he’s in the pond.’

She peered over the edge, trying to see down below, from where the bubble had come. Nothing. All she could see was the big fish that lived there.
‘He was a big fish,’ she thought to herself.

‘Oh no! The fish. If solaf is in the pond, the fish will get him!’

‘How could she help solaf now?’ she began to wonder. ‘If it isn’t too late already.’

This was no time to think like that. She had to believe there was still a chance.

solaf had always told her, ‘believe in the magic, and it will happen.’

She MUST believe.

She could begin to see the fish a bit clearer now. It was ever so slowly gliding forward to……..…..to………. a big stone.

‘Stupid fish,’ she thought, ‘looks like he’s going to pounce on a stone.’

She moved her face closer to the water to get a better look. Something was down there, behind the stone. She strained her button eyes to see what it was. The sun was steadily rising in the sky, lighting up the garden more as it progressed.

‘Is that…………….’ The fish was getting nearer now. Soon it would be over the stone and……..

‘Oh no, that’s solaf down there behind the stone!’

She screamed at solaf to move, but he couldn’t hear her. A thousand thoughts rushed through her head. She had to save solaf, but how. She was just a rag doll; and there was a fish about to eat her friend.

Almost there now, the fish had reached the edge of the stone. The solaf was lying so still, heart pounding inside his tiny body. He closed his eyes. He didn’t want to see anything. He was scared. He needed some magic now, but nothing seemed to be working here anymore.

The fish glided to the centre of the stone. Very soon, whatever was behind it, would belong to the fish. The solaf began to concentrate, very hard.

‘The magic must work’ he thought. ‘It MUST work.’

The fish was now over halfway; it’s mouth slowly dropping open, in preparation.

“I believe in the magic!” yelled the solaf.

No sound came from his mouth, but hundreds of bubbles burst forth, spewing upwards.

Just at that precise moment, above, at the edge of the pond, rag doll screamed, “I believe in the magic!” and flung herself into the water.

The fish was totally confused. Splashing and bubbles everywhere. He thrashed his tail, turning himself round completely. Behind him were hundreds of bubbles rising to the surface. He wasn’t going to stay to see what had caused them. He looked above. There on the surface, something was lying there, waiting for him. He darted forward, swimming as fast as he could to the safety of the weeds.

‘I’ll hide in there till all this bother dies down,’ he thought to himself. ‘Food will just have to wait for a while.’

The solaf opened his eyes, and there above, floating face down was rag doll. He stared in disbelief.

‘What was she doing here?’ He quickly looked around. The fish had gone. He looked back up. There was rag doll, staring back down at him, smiling.

He smiled back, feeling much safer now.


  1. Keith,,,,,so glad the solaf was rescued, and I do believe in magic--excellent story!!

  2. oh, and here I suspected Rag Doll! She is helping the Solaf.

    I am literally on the edge of my chair leaning into the computer screen as I read these - this is a FANTASTIC story!

  3. ....ohhh...I love it!!! It's so much fun. You really pulled me along in the story, and I was on the edge of my seat. I can't wait until the next installment. Sweet little Rag Doll. She is so brave! :-)

  4. I've really got into this now, it is fun and believable!

  5. Thanks Dixxe. Ya gotta beleive in the magic. ;)

    Thanks Jen. Glad you're enjoying it. :)

    Thanks Kelly. Good ol' Rag Doll........

    Thanks ShySongbird. :)

  6. Hi Keith,Brilliant writing!!I agree with Jen as I too was literally on the edge of my seat nad read as fast as I could.What a relief that Solaf is fine.Bet we all believe in magic:)

  7. Another cracking episode Keith.

  8. Had to catch up on the enchanting story you're sharing. :) Was sick and then only strong enough to catch-up on work ;(

  9. Thanks NatureStop, appreciate your comment. :)

    Cheers John :)

    Thanks Andrea. Hope you're all better now. :)