Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Something for the weekend?

A random selection of some odd files, rounded up, to kick the weekend off.

Grey Heron

Common Blue

Common Tern

The little yellow ball of fluff has now grown into a white Mallard.

Cormorant coming in to land

Juvenile Common Tern

Flowering Rush

And a bit closer

Have a good weekend.


  1. simply beautifully captured shots....lovely!

  2. Lovely images Keith. I particularly liked the Common Blue and the Tern in flight.

  3. I can't get enough of your Common Blues. They are so pretty. I love that shade of blue.

  4. I have a doubt, Which len do you use?, sorry, but my english is very bad...

  5. Thank you for your visit flyingstars, and your comment.

    Thanks Roy. Hoping to get out tomorrow and get some new stuff.

    Thanks Kelly. They are lovely little butterflies.

    Marcos, thank you. The lens is a Canon 100-400mm zoom.
    Your English is better than my Spanish ;)

  6. The common blue is magnificent, Keith. Congratulations.

  7. Thanks for your comment in my blog, it's realy agreeable that a lot person see my photografies. Thanks for your good words to my english...xD

  8. Every frame a Rembrandt, as they say - cracking photos, Keith. The Common Tern in flight has a real action feel to it.

  9. Lovely photographs. A great selection.

  10. Ohhh these are stunning!! I love drawing shore birds!! What wonderful shots!!! Hope you weekend is going well.
    Thanks for the award comment - that one made me giggle!!! Namaste, Sarah

  11. Repairing your computer has achieved the near impossible, your images get better. Something for me to aspire to; yet again!

  12. A lovely selection Keith, nothing 'common' about the Blue or the Tern :)

  13. I hope the weekend is the only thing you are kicking off and not that poor old computer of yours :)

    Great selection of photos Keith.

  14. Thanks Rob. :)

    The Watcher, thank you.
    I’ve missed getting over to your place somehow; I’ll put that right shortly.

    Sarah, thank you. :)

    Cheers Adrian. Don’t know about ‘better’ lol Your HDR’s have a magic of their own.

    Thanks ShySongbird.

    John, thanks. Touch wood, the computer is behaving; just need to sort out the car now lol

  15. the common blue is really beautiful. course I am partial to butterflies. on my town friday shoot out I did beaches but it is the way the town relaxes - be a prefer the forest or the mountains....
    have a great week.

  16. Thanks Ginger. I like butterflies too. They remind me of tiny jewels fluttering about.

  17. I had such a busy weekend I just now got a chance to visit! Lovely work with the camera Keith! Like you I had computer and car trouble this summer--new modem fixed the PC, new radiator fixed the car--both of which FIXED my bank account--one less zero@*#^ :0)

  18. Thanks Dixxe. Having trouble myself at the moment keeping up with things lol
    Need more hours in the day; and more money in the bank :)