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Monday, 24 August 2009

Spam anyone?

Had the spammers online last night; well, one. What a nightmare trying to delete all the posts. In the end, with some help from Tricia, (thanks), I had to set the ‘comments’ to moderate, and it seems to have worked.

A nasty little person by the name of ‘disa’, ISP address from Taiwan.
They managed 169 posts till I managed to stop it.



  1. Hi Keith. Sorry to hear of your spam problem. I have had a few which is why I keep the option to moderate comments. Most of those are automated systems which choose a target at random so don't go taking it personal.

    As for why - well that depends on the mentality of the person who set up the system. Sometimes pure mischief in trying a DOS attack (denial of service) where there is so much junk it brings legitimate use to a halt.

  2. Disa.... that's the same as the (so far few) email I've had. I'll put a block on it now I know what it is.

  3. Thanks John. Their 'mischief' was a bit annoying to say the least. lol Hopefully that's the last I'll see of them.

    Valerie I've noticed the name a couple of times on replies to blogs I visit. A real nuisance.

  4. So irritating but glad you got it sorted Keith! Thank goodness it doesn't happen toooo often.

  5. No, I had not span yet... and hope never.
    I don't get spammers as well as visus-writers.

  6. Thanks for the warning post. Who knew that having the comments moderated would save me some hassle. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments. I need to get back out after some more birds! I may not comment very often but I do visit your blog every day. Keep up the good work, I enjoy it.

  7. jeez! That is ridiculous. So sorry that happened.

  8. What a pain! It seems some folk have nothing better to do, I hope that is the last you hear of him/her/it!! :)

  9. Sorry to come back again Keith, I'm not spamming you, honestly ;) but I've just thought, how come the word verification didn't prevent it? I thought that was the whole idea of that.

  10. Thanks for your quick help on this Tricia. I hope it doesn't happen again :)

    Sergey I hope you don't get the spammers. It's very annoying having to delete all the posts.

    David thanks. The moderation of comments seems to have worked for now; or maybe they've moved on elsewhere.

    Thanks Jen. I'm glad it was spotted when it was. I was just about to turn off the computer. Could have been much worse.

    ShySongbird I'm not sure why the word verification didn't stop it. Like you, I thought that was the idea of it. They do have a google account, so maybe it was someone doing it manually, and stopped once the moderation mode was switched on?

  11. Me again. I checked my 'bin' to look at the deleted 'comment notifications' and yes Disa had arrived in my box from several other blogs where comments were made.I haven't actually had any myself so perhaps comment moderation does work. Fingers crossed! I was warned at the outset to use it, now I know why.Someone somewhere said the word 'pink' was the go ahead for Disa.

  12. Nasty Buggers!!!
    Spoiling all our good fun.
    Seems like there are always a few bad apples.

  13. I dont blame you--what a pain to try and go through all that...169! Wow.

  14. It's such a shame there are idiots out there that have to spoil it for everyone else. I have that word verification thing on mine, just get the odd spam comment, might change mine to moderate too.

  15. Valerie I reckon comment moderation does work. :)

    Andrea you're so right, unfortunately. Always the odd few. Thankfully a small minority.

    Thanks Dixxe. Yea, did take a while lol

    Thanks Paul. The moderate option seems to have worked for me.

  16. Hi Keith,just thought I'd drop in to see your excellent Blog and to say thank you for your comments regarding our dead PC.
    Looks like you've sorted your problems out.
    Great stuff,cya soon.

  17. Thanks John. Took a while, but getting there ;)

  18. There's still no answer to the Why. But it's bad. I am happy your problem is solved.

    Nature is So Beautiful

  19. Thanks Bhavesh. I guess they do it because they can. Very annoying though.

  20. Thanks for leaving us a comment but we can't read it as it is not showing,and we are not set to 'moderate'. All our comments from previous postings have all disappeared as well,(they were there earlier today). If you can give us any advice we would be very greatful.

  21. John

    The invisible comments may be the text colour not showing? Right click over them on here, and drag the mouse, as though to copy, and they are visible.

    Hope you get this

  22. Sorry Keith using your blog for this but can't see how to contact JR&Sue.

    JOHN - I can't see your comments either but if use "select all" i.e. use Cntl+A you will see all the comments.

    Keith is right - it may be the the colour of the comment "body". If you don't know how to change this and I can help just email me

  23. You are absolutely right, the comments must be in black (am I thick or what) but I have been in settings, colours etc and can change everything else but not the comments colour. I really liked the black background and see you have it with different colours. How did you do it. Sue

  24. Tricia, no problem
    John & Sue, hope you get it sorted :)