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Thursday, 6 August 2009

To round off…………

Just a few more from Sundays quick visit to the local.

Although I had the camera with me, I hadn’t taken any pictures until I’d got half way round the lake. I’d seen quite a few birds on the way round; Common Terns soaring in the sky, and then plummeting down into the water, searching for small fish, Goldfinches tinkling in the trees, a Blackcap family searching out the insects in the bushes, and a quick glimpse of a Treecreeper, spiralling up the trunk of a tree, probing with his bill as he went.

Nope; I was quite happy to just amble along at a very slow pace, stopping to watch, and then creep my way along a bit further. I knew I was going at a slow pace when a man and his son passed me three times on their cycles. I’d probably done less than 500 yards.

The third time of passing, the father politely nodded and said, ‘hello, again.

Now this is quite a large lake, about 3 miles all round, so they were either pedalling furiously, and extremely fit, or I was in a comatose state, blissfully unaware of time.

I reached the top end of the lake, and stopped to take my first picture. Sitting on the handrail of a metal footbridge, a damselfly, basking in the new mornings sun.

The mystery damsel, (to me anyway), politely kept still, while I fired off a few shots. I’d almost forgotten I had the camera slung over my shoulder.

Further along the lake edge, the Grebe family were out for their Sunday morning swim, (I posted those previously), and up ahead was the bird I’d come to see.

The Heron with the injured leg/foot. I was wondering how, and if, he was coping with life. Pretty good, by the looks of things.

He sat atop a metal railing, just chilling in the morning sun. The foot was still hanging out straight, but the leg appeared to be able to move about, something he seemed to have trouble doing a few weeks ago, when I first spotted him in this part.

I’ve no idea how he came about his injury, but I think he’s got a good chance of survival. A few more shots of him,

and I made my way back towards the car. Mission for the day accomplished.

No more sightings of the cyclists, so I assumed they’d finished their ride for the day; or had decided to steer clear of this zombie patrolling the lakeside.

One last stop though, before the car. An area of slowly dying Cowparsley, a favourite haunt of butterflies and dragons, at this time of year. There were a few about, but something else caught my attention. A lot of noise coming from the cover of the trees. The unmistakeable sounds of a group of Wrens.

The best of a bunch of shots, hastily taken at the wrong settings.

Flitting from branch to branch, they noisily made it quite clear I was intruding. These youngsters were in fine voice, egged on by the parents.

So, I slowly backed away, leaving them to their own little piece of home, and made my way back to my own.


  1. Lovely post Keith - sounds as though you had a relaxing walk around the lake.

    I think your damselfly is a Female Banded Demoiselle - this link might help.

    Love the little Wren; you're too critical of your own pictures (but then aren't we all Lol) - it's good!

  2. As fun a read as always Keith, with lovely pics to boot. Great catching up mate !

  3. The Heron on the fence is a cracker - I will have a look at the damsel - separated markings on the antehumeral stripes suggest Variable damselfly...

  4. Looks like you had a relaxing time.Glad that the Heron is doing fine.Great pics as usual.The wren looks cute.

  5. No need to be ashamed about "taking it slow & easy"....that's our style my friend.
    Good shot of the 'noisy' Wren. I've been hearing more than I've been seeing recently.
    Take care Keith. FAB

  6. Lovely photos again Keith, I'm so glad the Heron is doing well. I too have tried to ID your damselfly and my only suggestions are Willow Emerald, Emerald or Scarce Emerald. You may want to take a look at


    I had to smile about your experience with the bikers, on our last wander around the local reservoir we were 'lapped' several times by joggers!

  7. Hastily taken or not Keith that Wren shot is excellent.

  8. Thanks Tricia, and for the ID suggestion. This one has got me stumped a bit. lol
    I took so many of the Wrens while I was there, but annoyed I didn’t check the settings properly. :(

    Cheers Nick. :)

    Thanks Matt, and for the ID suggestion. I’m still pondering on that one.

    Thanks NatureStop. I was relieved to see the Heron was coping ok.

    Cheers Frank. It was rather a casual stroll lol

    ShySongbird, thanks for the ID link.
    And I thought Gulls and Waders were difficult!
    I always seem to get lapped by joggers lol

    Thanks Roy :)

  9. Lovely, but the grebe photo below is a new favorite.

  10. Hastily taken but still nice. I posted a wren on my Pick a Peck of Pixels today.

    I am still making history on my Pick a Peck of Pixels blog. Today I posted a House Wren. Pick a Peck of Pixels

  11. What a great ramble you had..its so nice to get lost in those rare moments that make up the best bits of life! Great photos as always!

  12. Thanks Helen. :)

    Thank you Abe. I just popped over to take a look. :)

    Thanks Dixxe. I completley lose track of time when I'm out. ;)

  13. That's a remarkable pose from the Heron, Keith - looks like he's performing on the tightrope.Hasn't the Wren got long toe nails - all the better to hold on, I suppose; lovely shot.

  14. Keith - I enjoy so much reading your blog and viewing all of your photographs! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Thanks Paul. :)

    Thanks Rob. It's a good job they are expert at 'the one leg stand' ;)

    Thank you Lenora. :)