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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Where, how and when.

There was a great deal of excitement this morning, down at the local lake.

Up on the pub roof, the young House Martins were gathering, and excitedly chattering about their forthcoming maiden migration to Africa.

Lots of questions, like;
‘Where’s Africa?’ .........................nobody knew.
‘How do we get there?’ ..............nobody knew.
‘When do we go?’ .........................nobody knew.

The occasional Swallow stopped off, to see if they could learn anything from this crowd, but everyone was equally mystified. All they knew was that they were going; soon.

And amongst them all, the inevitable show off. Brian performing his aerobatic tricks, to anyone who was interested.

They watched for a while, and then got back to discussing the more important things of the day.

Where, how and when?


  1. Brilliant - brought a smile to my face anyway. Made up for the fact that it has just started to rain here.

  2. Cheers Adrian. Just a bit of Bank Holiday fun :)

    Thanks John. The clouds have been gathering here all afternoon. Rain soon, I should think.

  3. An entire story in 8 frames. Super!

  4. Ah, they were just calibrating their compasses Keith.

  5. Excellent post, very funny and with nice shots!!

  6. More wonderful story-telling, Keith.

  7. LOL - you have such a great imagination. I truly think you are really on the mark though, looking at the photos, I would have guessed they were having the conversation you reported.

  8. ...I don't know why, but I totally fell in love with this post. I guess it's a combo of the photos and the narration combined with the magnitude of migration and what the birds will face during their travels. Lovely way to launch it!

  9. Wilma, thank you. :)

    Thanks Roy. I wondered how they managed it lol

    Thanks Chris, appreciate your comment.

    Emma, thank you. :)

    Thanks Jen. I often wonder how animals and birds think.

    Thank you Kelly. They’ve got tough times ahead; and so young for such a big adventure.

  10. must have much patience for the type of photography you do. You can tell that you love animals, I love them.

    A greeting!

  11. Lovely shots and narrative Keith. It never fails to amaze me that these relatively tiny birds have such a dauntingly long journey ahead of them!

  12. a bery good serie, you have a good hand with the photographies..., i like it, but... i would like see other photogragh thems in your pictures...

    Thanks for your comment.

    (Sorry for my english)

  13. Sergio, thank you for stopping by, and commenting. :)

    Thanks Tricia. What's more amazing is it's all done by instinct. If I ever come back as a bird, I'm staying as a resident lol

    Marcos, thank you. I understand your English perfectly. Most of my pictures are of birds, it's what I feel comfortable with, but I should experiment more. :)

  14. A lovely sequence of photos and captions Keith. What a daunting trip they face!

  15. Your interpretation is really cute, and the pictures of course.

  16. That Brian, what a show-off! Perhaps he was entertaining to keep the others from thinking too much about their trek.
    You captured their excitement and left me with a wonderful memory.

  17. Hi Keith,
    The "where - how - when" conversation reminds me of my sons, all young ones seem to be equally investigative... :-)

    I admire the way birds know when to leave and change the location, where to go and how long to stay there, the mechanism is unbelievable.

  18. Impressive photos and very good text. I relaxed at text and helmet my eyes at shot. Indeed superb DOF and natural imagination.

    My favorite is the second picture. I think that yellow and red roofing suits well with the blue sky, underlying the martins.

  19. ShySongbird, thanks for your comment. And to think they do that journey by instinct; amazing.

    Valerie, thank you :)

    Andrea thank you. :)

    Thanks Petra. :)

    Marius, thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.