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Sunday, 27 September 2009


Had a week of 12 hour days this past week, so I’ve not been around blog land as much as I’d like to have been. I will catch up with everyone as soon as possible.
Work is a cruel mistress! lol

I did manage to get out for a couple of hours mid week, and when I’ve sorted out the pictures I’ll get some up on here. And today? A day off, and what better way to use it than go out somewhere.

I wanted to go somewhere different for a change, but what we want, and what transpires, doesn’t always match up. So, fairly early, and walking zombie fashion, I made my way to Willen Lake again. A good bird count for the morning, the Cetti’s still teasing, but I did manage to see 37 different birds. Plus a pair I can’t put a name to.

A small duck; smaller than a Mallard, shorter beak, and mostly white, with splashes of brown in the feathers. The other half of the pair had a greyish head. They seemed very tame, allowing me to get very close; or else they were very tired like me, and couldn’t be bothered to move. They yawned a lot too. I think I woke them up, so I took a few shots, and then left them to it.

Anyway, here’s a few pictures I’ve managed to get done so far. If any one can shed some light onto what sort of duck they are, I would very grateful. They maybe a hybrid of a Mallard, but I don’t think so.
And the cutest little ducks I’ve ever seen.

Right, catch up time.
Thanks to It's Time to Live for identifying these as a Call Duck.


  1. Those are the most petite ducks I have seen. I like their round faces and chubby beaks or bills. Nice photos.

  2. Thanks Jen. Going to have a lazy afternoon now lol

    Thanks Abe. They remind me of fluffy toys.

  3. Looks like a "Heinz 57" job to me Keith. Strange heads on them.

  4. No idea what they are Roy. Not in any of my bird books. Lovely little ducks though.

  5. Some sort of 'ornamental' species I guess.

  6. Well its a heinz 57, I'm sure, Send it up to BirdGuides where I sometimes do. They will know what bird it is.

  7. Thanks Frank. You're probably right. If I had a bigger pond........ ;)

    Thanks Bob. I've put a couple on Bird Forum, I'll see if I get any answers there.

  8. Lovely images! Very beautiful, hope you have some time to relax!

  9. I would go for domestic/ornamental ducks. Lovely pictures.

  10. I left you a long comment yesterday (or was it two days ago) and I went back to see if you answered my question and NO Comment . what happened?

    I doubt that I could remeber the comment now - the time has past...
    I enjoyed this set of photos very much.

  11. how cute!! Willen Lake must be just the greatest place to visit.

  12. Great little ducks series.
    Beautiful lighting and I like the one with open beak.

  13. I live on the other side of the big pond but over here they look like 'Call Ducks'. They are a domesticated variety of duck but I do not know the origin of this domestic species.

    Ps, thanks for your blogging, it inspires me.

  14. Oh my goodness....I can't believe how those little bills made me smile. Just looking at those photos made me almost laugh because they are sooooo darn cute. I've never seen a little duck face like that.

  15. Oh I hate those overly busy weeks that I just can't get to the good stuff!! I love these little ducks too! What wonderful shots!! What sweet little heads!! Wonderful hon, Sarah

  16. Ashley, thanks. I’m thinking of relaxing round a nature reserve later. Best way, I think. :)

    Thanks Angie. I think the comment from ‘It’s Time to Live’ has its ID; a Call Duck. An ornamental duck.

    Thanks Keith :)

    Thanks for your comment Ginger, always appreciated.
    I was late in replying this week, but I did eventually; last post, near the end. Sparrows and bird books?

    Doreen, thanks. It does have a great variety of birds, but gets very busy with people. Best to go early.

    Tabib, thank you. they seemed very tame, allowing me to get very close.

    It’s Time to Live, thanks for your comment. It seems you’ve solved my mystery for me; thanks. I googled Call Duck, and they fit the bill. Pardon the pun lol

    Kelly, thank you. I fell in love with them straight away lol
    Apparently they can be very noisy though.

  17. Sarah, thank you. I'm having some 'me' time today; hopefully. lol

  18. They are so chubby Keith! They look like they should have larger heads to match their bodies though. Lovely photos.

  19. Thanks ShySongbird. I'm sure someone is missing them from their collection. lol

  20. What a great pick-me-up those cuties are. That little buff head is sweet.

  21. Thanks Andrea. They had 'cute' all over them.