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Monday, 28 September 2009

A bit of variety

A varied bunch from last week, that I’ve finally got round to sorting.

They’re all birds; but a variety.

First up, a Moorhen.

Strutting his stuff across the mud.

Mrs Shoveler,

and Mr. Shoveler.

A family group, a long way off. Heron, Cormorant, Wigeon and Little Egret.

Wigeon again.

He saw me coming, and decided to leave.

Crow, caught having a drink.

Lesser Black-backed Gull, pretending to be a Tern, on their raft.

Black-headed Gull

And finally, a Reed Bunting.

All from the other day at Willen.
I should get out more.


  1. Excellent! I love the reed bunting shot a lot as well as Lesser Black-backed Gull pretending to be a tern :-) Well done!

  2. Brilliant set of clear photographs as always, Keith. I love the way Moorhens move. No red on that one - a female or a juvenile?

    Never seen a shoveller. Unusual size beak. Now I will know what it is if I ever get to see one.

    Lovely photo of the mixed group and the Reed Bunting is a beauty of a shot.

  3. Really like the moorhen with the purposeful stride - looks like it's on a mission to see off a rival...

  4. Thanks Chris. I managed to get fairly close to the Reed Bunting before it decided to go.

    Thanks John. The Moorhen is a juvenile, and could run pretty fast. Those Shoveler have massive beaks. They certainly get a lot of food in there.

    Thanks Phil. He was up and down that mud for ages. lol

  5. Shoveler is an interesting one Keith - the male floating quite down by the bows while shoveling.

  6. Thanks Rob. I think they look quite comical with that large beak.

  7. ...your little Moorhen is acting more like a Roadrunner! The photo of the black-headed gull is gorgeous.

  8. Thats a nice set of photos Keith. We are getting the Wigeon back in this area as well. I counted 20 today.

  9. Thanks Kelly. That's just what he reminded me of; the cartoon one lol

    Thanks Roy. Their numbers seem to increase everytime I go out. Love hearing that call they make.

  10. Crows have always been a favorite of mine. You've captured this wise-guy perfectly.

  11. Yes you should Keith. A great set of sharp photographs..the Reed Bunting is lovely.

  12. Thanks Andrea. They are great characters I think. I loved the way he seemed to just glance from the corner of his eye. lol

    Thanks Trevor. I wish sometimes I could just go off for a few days with the camera. Then I come back to the real world; never mind, one day.

  13. Nice set of photographs Keith one day your time will be your own and you can follow your dream, like you there never seems enough time in the day.

  14. Nice pics glad you posted them, like the wigeon shots.

  15. Excellent series my friend. No doubt, one day soon it will be "have wheels..will travel". FAB

  16. Thanks Keith. One day, I hope. :)

    Thanks Mike. There were so many Wigeon there, but they were very wary of the slightest movement.

    Cheers Frank. Shouldn't be too long now :)

  17. Ohhhhhhh what a wonderful place! What wonderful shots!! I sooo wanna go there - I so want a better long distance lense! I need a bigger camera - lol. OK I have camera envy! I just love your bird shots - well all of your shots!! Wonderful hon!
    I was thinking of you in the mountains this weekend as I was trying to catch some mountain bluebirds. They were just too far away for me to catch a great shot. I thought - well..he could have gotten this shot..easy peasy!! LOL - yes you could have and will great detail. Just love your blog!! Namaste, Sarah

  18. Sarah, thank you for those very kind words.
    It is a great place to spend a few hours, and always seems to turn up something interesting, no matter how often I visit.
    Bigger lens, bigger camera; I often say that myself. lol

  19. Great photography! I especially love the 2nd to the last one! And I'm with Sara...camera envy. Thanks for sharing!!!

  20. Thanks Lenora. I took that shot of the Black-headed Gull as he gazed at another gull next to him. He looked to me as though he had a 'sleepy' look about him lol

  21. See working twelve hour shifts has not impaired your skills. Seems a bit off to say the images are great, they always are. I'll be satisfied with up to your usual standard.

  22. Sorry Keith, I read this when you first posted but was in a rush and intended to come back and comment before now!

    I am not good at all on water birds/waders and my next post will be very watery too! I am slightly confused, I always understood Moorhens had red beaks but yours doesn't seem to?

    As usual I love all the photos and you obviously had a lovely day, it must be great having that place so close at hand!

    Great Wigeon photos and beautiful Reed Bunting.

  23. Sorry (again!) Keith I have just checked back and noticed John raised the same question as me about no red on the Moorhen's beak and that you had answered it. :)

  24. Thanks Adrian, very good of you to say that.

    Thanks ShySongbird. It is a great place to visit, and just up the road, so even better.
    No problem about the Moorhen ;)

  25. Greta collection Keith. I too love that Reed Bunting !

  26. Thanks Nick. The Reed Bunting was very obliging while I took some shots lol