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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

In search of a Heron.

Sundays trip to the local wasn’t just about the House Martins, although there were so many flying around, it was hard to miss them. I had two missions for the day; one to get out with the camera, and find the Heron with the damaged leg/foot, which I managed, and the second, to find a newer car to replace the current dying one.

Unsuccessful on that one, so still looking.

The sun was casting a warm golden glow on the water as I made my way round the lake, and this small group of Mallards was too good an opportunity to let go.

I usually follow the same route, anticlockwise, but for some reason I went the other way for a change. It gave me the golden light briefly, but the strength in the sun wasn’t enough to coax the dragons from their slumber in their usual haunts. Another time for those then.
I did manage a fleeting glimpse of a Common Sandpiper, before I startled him into flight across to the other side of the lake. No pictures unfortunately; a shame, because they don’t usually hang about this late in the year, and it’s the first I’ve seen at this lake.

The long grass has now been cut, and with it, the remaining wild flowers that graced it a few weeks ago. And of course the butterflies have moved on elsewhere too. This was not looking too good for picture opportunities, but at least the sun was rapidly warming in the blue sky. A party of Long Tailed Tits were noisily chasing each other through the trees, and I managed a couple of disappointing shots.

And autumn making its mark very clearly now.
This row of trees a week ago, were just starting to get their golden cloaks from the closet; now they were wearing them proudly for all to see. I suspect in a few more weeks they’ll be dumped on the floor around them, and their branches silhouetting against the skyline.
The rose hips were growing larger,

looking fit to burst open upon the ground beneath them. I’m sure they won’t though.
And up ahead; the man I’d come to see.

Was this really the same Heron, which dragged his leg in flight, and couldn’t stand upright on both? As if in answer to my question, he briefly raised it,

to take some of the weight off. He’d made a fantastic recovery in just a few weeks.
He gave a throaty bark, and flew a short distance, leg almost in line with the other, to another of his favourite perches, and proudly stood, upright on both legs.

Nature was being kind to him.


  1. Love that 'On Golden Pond' moment. Glad you found the Heron and that he's doing well. I had a jackdaw in the garden recently with a very bad leg and looking very distressed. It struggled off into the undergrowth of a neighbours garden and I've not seen it again.

  2. I am pleased to see the Heron is recovering - as long as it stays away from my pond :)
    Well done with the LLT. I saw a group arrive in a tree a couple of days ago and couldn't even see as much as you managed. I got lots of photos of branches though.

  3. Beautiful photos of the elegant (though slightly comical) Heron Keith. So glad its leg has mended so well and that you cared enough to check :)

    There are far too many signs of the A word all around, too soon, too soon!

  4. Looks like he's definitely found his feet again. I'd be happy with that LT shot at the rate they move around. Have a good week mate.

  5. Yes Autumn is just about here Keith. Good luck with the car hunt.

  6. That's good news about the Heron, Keith.
    Nice shots of the rose hips - they're glowing like lanterns.
    Good luck with the ongoing search for a car.

  7. Thanks for all the comments; been a long day working and fruitless car search so far :(

    Emma, thanks. That morning light was perfect.
    Sad about your Jackdaw, I hope he makes it.

    Thanks John. The Heron doesn’t seem to wander far from his usual patch. Some good fish in there. ;) Those little LTT’s can be tricky at times.

    ShySongbird, thanks. That ‘A’ word is creeping in everywhere now.
    I got quite attached to the Heron when I first saw him struggling a few weeks ago. I’m really pleased he’s doing so well now.

    Cheers Frank. I think I can stop worrying about the Heron now; seems he’s doing fine. :)

    Thanks Helen :)

    Thanks Roy. A few cooler evenings and a bit of wind, and the leaves will be everywhere.

    Rob, thanks. Those rose hips looked massive. This car search is beginning to get me down a bit lol

  8. The rose hips are gorgeous. Ours are just not that big....or red. Yeah for the heron! Lovely photos of him too...

  9. Thanks Kelly. Those rose hips looked very appetising.

  10. Glad to hear the Heron's recovering.

    I think Autumn's started earlier this year. Despite the rain we've had, it's not been enough where I am. The ground is exceptionally dry so perhaps that's why some of the trees are turning already.

    Great pics and I like the LTT!

  11. Thanks Tricia. It seems like autumn is rushing in this year, the signs are everywhere. Nights drawing in too. :(

  12. I love that he raised his leg to you!

    You've perfectly captured his majestic beauty.

  13. Thanks Jen. It was as though he waved lol