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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Return to Willen

I nipped back to Willen on Sunday, in the hope of catching the Sandpipers again. No luck there, but the Snipe was still boldly prodding around on the mud, so he came under the scrutiny of the lens again.

I watched him for a while, and then took a stroll along the edge of the lake. The once familiar sounds of the Reed and Sedge Warblers were noticeably absent. I guess they’ve flown on to their wintering grounds.
One familiar sound that was very evident though, was the Cetti’s Warbler. Still taunting with his call, and still being invisible; most of the time. I sat down by a large tree where he was calling for nearly an hour. Two quick glimpses was all he allowed me, and still no picture. As frustrating as it was, I can’t help feel admiration for his elusive behaviour. I’m sure I’ll get the shot I’ve been after when he’s ready.
I did manage a quick shot of a female Reed Bunting, who thought it great fun to hang around the same tree, and appear now and then, while the Cetti called.
Looks like she has a moustache.
The long grass that was once home to hundreds of damsels, has now been cut,
and as I took some pictures, a Crow decided he’d get in on the act too.

A few Cormorants were in a small group on one of the abandoned Tern rafts,
and the grasses at the waters edge, were blowing in the welcome breeze, as the sun began warming the air.

A flock, or is that gaggle, of Canada Geese, noisily made their announcement as they flew overhead,

and a Magpie sat high in a tree, taking it all in.

No Sandpipers, no Cetti’s; but still an enjoyable morning.


  1. Hi,
    By reading the post we can imagine you got a nice tour. Sometime, it is still nice to make a tour even if the targeted species are not there. I love the magpie shot, we do not see enough pictures of them!

  2. Great shot of the Canada Geese you and that lens sure take a fine picture
    All the best Keith H

  3. Nice shot of the Snipe Keith. I would have been really happy with that on its own.

  4. A beautiful formation of geese in flight, Keith - and I wonder what that Snipe is finding in the mud. The pleasure of your walk shines through as always.

  5. I like the way you write, and look forward to reading. Nice shots too.

  6. I can tell the season is changing by the birds here also. they are grouping up and chattering away. I wonder what they are saying? fantastic shot of the geese. the Reed Bunting is very cute and it does look like a mustache! :-)

  7. If I saw all those wonderful birds - i would definitely call it an enjoyable morning! My favorite shots were those of the snipe and the magpie! 2 birds I've never seen.

  8. Thanks Chris. It is a great place to visit, and usually turns up some interesting birds. I must admit the Magpie is one of my favourite birds, despite their terrible reputation.

    Thanks for your kind compliment Keith. Appreciated.

    Thanks Roy. I had the best views I’ve ever had of the Snipe. It was great to be able to see him, and watch his behaviour like that.

    Thanks Rob. Whatever the Snipe was eating, there must have been plenty there. He was at it for ages. Probably, snails, and small crustaceans.

    Angie, thank you. appreciate your kind comment.

    Thanks Doreen. I often wonder what the birds are saying to each other. Do they have a universal language that they all understand? Different dialects? No idea myself; and probably never will.

    Thank you Shelley. Willen lake never fails to deliver something of interest. Always a pleasure to visit there, however brief.

  9. The snipe and geese pictures are excellent, Keith, as is the magpie picture.

  10. I echo the thoughts on the great capture of the skein of geese and the Snipe which seems to have one beady eye on you. Lovely glossy coat on the Magpie.

  11. A very enjoyable follow-up visit Keith and lovely photos as always. The female Reed Bunting does look like she has a moustache! I particularly liked the Cormorants and the Magpie always looks striking.

  12. Thank you Marius :)

    Emma, thanks for your comment

    Thanks John

    Thanks ShySongbird

  13. Very fine photography. I like the last photo of the black and white bird.

  14. Thank you Abe, appreciate your comment.

  15. Excellent photos. And wow to the flying geese. After all, all of them are great shots. Isn't the nature wonderful? Anna :)

  16. Thank you Anna for following and commenting. Appreciate it. Nature certainly has plenty of wonders for us to see.

  17. It's sad but so it is, the season is changing and the birds fly away ... but they come back next year :). Still you had a pleasant tour, I like the magpie shot.

  18. Thank you Andor.
    At least we have the winter visitors to look forward to. :)
    And with less leaves on the trees, it should be easier to see the birds lol

  19. Beautiful and lovely shots !! Your Blog is beautiful !!Unseen Rajasthan

  20. Hi Keith.
    Seems you have had an enjoyable day. Hope you get the Cetti photographed soon. Love the Magpie shot...not an easy bird to get right.

  21. Hi Keith...so good to see your lovely photos!! Im settled for a few days---good to be still for a while! I am really admiring your gaggle photo..its super I can see the smiles on these goose faces!!

  22. Thanks Trevor. I'm still trying with the Cetti; but he's too quick for me. One day, hopefully.

    Hi Dixxe, thank you. Good to see you back :)

  23. Bharat, thank you for your comment. Appreciated.

  24. I like the photo of that female Reed Bunting! She looks very cute, mustache and all, looking right back at you! The photo of the flock of geese is so perfect it looks like a painting!

  25. Your photo of the geese is particularly
    breath-taking. We're hearing fly over often these days of autumn.

  26. still having trouble with mi dongle, glad to see you are still about and posting brilliant images.

  27. Thanks Kelly :)

    Thank you Andrea :)

    Thanks Adrian. I'm only just about, this week. In the grip of work, (last day today), so hopefully can start to catch up a bit.

  28. Very much like the snipe set amongst those discarded feathers.

    Good luck with the Cetti's warbler.

  29. is that snipe a really small bird - like a sparrow?
    one of the birds I showed on my blog last week has the same striped head, but no real marked strip on its back and has a smudge of red (ish /brown) just below the wing.

    I was so excited because I found a book on birds of Brasil - paid over 150. for it - it was wrapped in plastic to keep people (like me) from reading it for free. and when I opened it its is made up of Birds of S. America with maps of the continent with black outs where the birds homes are, this can be misleading. also the birds are paintings, and the colors are not right on several birds I know for sure are the same as mine. the two blue birds I featured are not male and female of the same family but are both tanangers.

    great photos AGAIN!

  30. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with the Cettis Warbler. Just after I told you my story I went to North Norfolk for a few days. There's a regular Cettis at Cley, and I have very brief but good views, but it wasn't easy to photograph at all.

  31. Mistlethrush, thank you. Still trying with the Cetti's. He just wouldn't play nice today. lol

    Thanks Ginger. The Snipe is a bit larger than a Sparrow; I remember your bird you posted. Shame about that book; annoying when the colours are a bit out for identifying properly.

    Thanks Pete :)

  32. Some good birds there Keith - and nice to hear the Cetti's!

    When does a gaggle become a flock or skein I wonder :D

  33. Thanks Anna. My Cetti is giving me the run around a bit. lol Still trying for pictures.

    Thanks Tricia. Yea, these 'collective' names are a bit iffy at times lol