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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Stockgrove Park

The other day, on my visit to Stockgrove Park, apart from the very friendly Great Tit, I enjoyed the company of two other visitors; once the food had arrived.

First up was a very hungry Nuthatch, scooping up mouthfuls of seed, and then disappearing into the trees to enjoy them.

And when he’d had enough of that, he turned his attention to peanuts.

A quick stab with that long beak, and


Beautiful looking birds with their blue-grey back, orangey underparts, and a black eyestripe that reminds me of a bandit.

And he was making short work of robbing all those nuts.

The second visitor to the table, was a lovely surprise. With his glossy black cap, and smart matching bib, he was certainly dressed for dinner.

The Marsh Tit.

A bit of a misnomer really, as it is not a bird of marshes at all, but is most likely to be found in mature deciduous woodland or parkland.

I’m so glad he came along.

Even though he was a ‘picky’ eater, dropping his food everywhere.


  1. Great pictures of two lovely birds. I'm rather fond of Nutchatches though - such pretty birds - one day I'll get a decent shot of one ;)

  2. Great stuff Keith. You nailed all the shots of these beauties.
    Always a thrill to see different species eh ?
    Your Nuthatch is virtually indentical to our Red-breasted Nuthatch here, and the Marsh Tit, is not unlkike our Black-capped Chickadee :-)

  3. Beautiful photos again Keith, I do love Nuthatches and really envy the lucky people who see them in their gardens. I had never seen one until quite recently, it was in a dark wood, I wasn't expecting to see it and only managed to get a couple of hurried blurry record shots but of course I will be putting it on a future post :) I read that they are very territorial so I may go back to the same place to see if I can see it again and get better photos. Yours are great and of the Marsh Tit too.

  4. Hi,
    Wow the nuthatch set is splendid! I've some pictures of them in France, but they were in the nest, really high above me and the compo is not as good as on your pictures! Wonderful, especially the last nuthatch shot!

  5. Two really good sets of photos Keith, I think the Nuthatch is a real little character.

  6. Thanks Tricia. Yea, the Nuthatch is quite colourful really.

    Cheers Nick. They are very similar aren't they. I was lucky enough to see a Willow Tit today. Been a good year so far :)

    Thanks ShySongbird. There's quite a few Nuthatches at this place, and they're not shy when there's food around. :)

    Thanks Chris. I was fortunate to be able to get quite close to this one. Lovely birds.

    Thanks Roy. I love the way they can climb headfirst down a tree too.

  7. I've never tried feeding peanuts. I think I'll have to start. Seems they have to work a bit harder for that treat than seeds. Wonderful photos. Thanks for the great post. A~

  8. Thank you Andrea. They fly off to eat it, or bury it. They seem to return very quickly. I think they must stash them away somewhere lol

  9. I always enjoy coming here for a visit. love the way you capture nature and the creatures that live there.

  10. Really great photos of two birds I have yet to see.

  11. Sorry for late replies, my internet connection has been playing up :(

    Doreen, thank you. Glad you enjoy your visits :)

    Thanks John. I was lucky to see the Marsh Tit, but the Nuthatch is quite regular there.

  12. Beautiful captures. Thanks for sharing !

    : )

  13. Thank you Field of View for stopping by and commenting. Appreciate it.

  14. Sorry for no comment for a while, but I had a couple of weeks vacation, with no internet connection ... thanks God.
    The 4th nuthatch shot with eye contact is excellent.

  15. Thanks for your comment Andor.
    Hope you enjoyed your vacation. Good to get away from it all sometimes.