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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Wednesday, 2 September 2009


One of my favourite garden visitors.

Guaranteed to brighten up the dullest of days.

And an old picture from a year ago.

Yea, still stuck for getting out at the moment. lol


  1. I thought of you while Camillo and I were having lunch on the veranda. we had birds visiting the feeder and my camera is just not good enough for close ups. yours must be a monster. good shot by the way.
    and I don't go through a lot of work, I point and shoot and get lucky.

  2. What is the name of that 1st bird? What extraordinary colors! Must've been a treat to see this fellow!

  3. Thanks Ginger. Yea, with the zoom attached, the camera is quite a 'monster' to carry around at times. lol

    Thanks Shelley. The first bird is the European Goldfinch, and with the red face and yellow wing bars, probably our most colourful bird.

  4. Great picture of Goldie, Keith. Those little white dots on the wing tips always reminds me of the buttons on a tail coat. They look as though they are dressed for a very formal dinner.

    Hope you manage to get out and about soon.

  5. The goldies are lovely little birds and great to have them visiting the garden.

    Sorry to hear you're still stuck though Keith :(

  6. Great photos, both of them Keith. Stuck for going out, arn't we all at the moment with this unpredictable weather (or should I say predictable)

  7. The Goldfinch is one of my favourites too. It's such a colourful, cheerful looking bird.

  8. Love this Goldfinch shot,top notch.

  9. Hi,
    I love EU goldfinch too, I've seen some in France, but mainly youngs! But I've to say that I prefer the shot of last year. Gosh what an excellent shot! I love the serenity blowing out of it and the nice colors!

  10. Lovely photos Keith, the Goldfinch always cheers up a dull day.

    Hope you get your car problem sorted soon, we reluctantly decided it was time to change ours earlier in the year but luckily my nephew is in the trade and quickly found us exactly what we wanted making it a surprisingly painless experience... apart from the nasty dent in the bank balance of course!

  11. I`m always found of good minimalist photos. And the second of yours is absolutely great. A flying goose and a blurred and (almost) uniform background. Who needs more? That is something to hang on the wall! I don`t even think that the photography would need a passe-par-tout because it focuses on the goose and all that background is emphasizes the subject.

    Indeed a beautifully Goldfinch.

  12. Thanks John. They do have a very smart attire. :)
    Weekend coming up, so I hope I can get somewhere.

    Tricia, thanks. I miss not being able to just ‘take off’ somewhere different at the moment. :(

    Cheers Roy. The weather certainly isn’t helping matters at the moment lol

    Thanks Valerie. They are a great tonic. :)

  13. Thanks John. He was more interested in the food than me, so I was able to get quite close.

    Thanks Chris. Had a few of the youngsters visiting with the adults, and they grow up so fast. The second shot was a very cold, misty morning if I remember, but had some great light as the sun burnt through the mist. Glad you like that one. :)

    ShySongbird, thank you. The last couple of weeks I’ve seen more cars than I ever want to see again lol Something’ll turn up soon I hope.

    Marius, thank you. Glad you liked that shot. Sometimes the simple shots can have more impact I think.

  14. ...such a pretty bird. Ken wrote to me that he feels your goldfinches are prettier than ours, and I have to agree. Those little red faces really steal the show.

  15. Thanks Kelly. I think both species have their special little qualities. I'd be more than happy to have some American Goldies visit here lol

  16. Lovely light again in your goose picture, Keith. Hope you get back on the road again soon.

  17. Thanks Emma. Can't beat early morning light. The hard part, sometimes, is getting up for it. lol
    Managed a temporary fix on the car today :)