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Thursday, 29 October 2009

At last

Anyone who has been following this blog for a while, will know there has been a bird that has eluded me most of this year. He calls when I walk past, then hides. I wait……..he hides. I walk away, he reappears, calling again. My tormentor. Fleeting glimpses as he ducks down amongst the bushes, ready to ambush me again and again.
The Cetti’s Warbler!

This morning I paid a visit to his lair; Willen Lake. A dull, cloudy morning. Not ideal lighting for pictures, but this was a day off work, so it beat sitting indoors. I walked a different direction for a change, hoping to see some Redwing if they’ve got here yet. They haven’t, or at least I didn’t see any. But I heard my tormentor.

I stopped and listened. Somewhere in the tree in front of me. I strained my eyes, searching the branches. Nothing. He called again. I searched again. A small flock of Long Tailed Tits swooped into the tree, searching for breakfast. They noisily chased each other through the branches, and then left, as quickly as they came. All except one.

I watched as he moved up the branches. This wasn’t a Long Tailed Tit. I slowly lifted my camera, not daring to breath. This was my tormentor.

The Cetti finally revealed himself; although somewhat masked by the branches. I rattled off shot after shot, not daring to stop and check if they were ok. They weren’t that good, but at least I had finally captured him on camera.

This is about as far as I could push this with the editing software, after cropping in.
The day could only get better after this. I’d finally got my bird.

Oh I know they are not good, but indulge me in my moment of triumph.


  1. Great capture Keith and well deserved for your patience. Maybe the different route did it for you. I have yet to see one. You must be really pleased with the result.

  2. Hi Keith,
    You know what, I love them because they typically show the bird in its environment. I know that when we do pictures we like to see the bird correctly but it is often impossible. So congrats for these shots and maybe next time it will be easier!!

  3. Well done Keith.
    Got him at last. I usually find that once I get a bird that I have been looking for a long time, it turns up more often after that. Lets hope this is the case this time.

  4. Whoo hoo congratulations!!! Don't ya love it when you finally get that shot you have been waiting for! And what amazing shots they are!! He looks like a Cactus wren!! Am doing happy dance for you!!! Hugs, Sarah

  5. Ahh, at last! Well done mate. These pics are far better than you think as most views are so fleeting that many watchers question if they have actually seen the elusive (but noisy) Cetti's. FAB

  6. Hi Keith The picture comes to he who waits and I know you wildlife photographers have plenty of patience not like us landscape photoghraphers.
    All the best Keith H

  7. I know this story - the same annoying branches. They are always on the wrong place and always before the bird. For there moments I say always - life is sometimes cruel ;)

  8. Oh well done Keith!! I know that feeling of 'rattling off shot after shot' and, in my case , hardly breathing while taking them! Your persistence has paid off at last, that must have given you a much needed boost :) I have to confess I am not sure I would have realised what I was looking at if I had seen it but of course you had been trying to find it for a while.

  9. Thanks Trevor. I was very pleased. To finally capture him on camera after all this time was a great feeling.

    Thanks Chris. Now I’ve finally got my shot, I’ll probably be seeing them all the time lol

    Thanks Roy. Just what I was thinking. Be good to get a nice close up :)

    Sarah, thank you. I was dancing inside too lol

    Thanks Jim. Took a long time; but got there in the end.

    Cheers Frank. Had so many brief glimpses of him this year, I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever get a shot.

    Thank you Keith. It’s about the only time I have patience. lol

    Andor, thank you. Yea, the branches and twigs, have spoilt many shots in the past. Don’t always notice them till we study the picture on the camera. ;)

    Thank you ShySongbird. A great boost indeed. They look quite insignificant; a small, plain brown bird, with a cocked tail like a Wren. But when you hear its song; unmistakeable. :)

  10. Yeah, ya finally got him !!!! :-) Congrats mate. Great story and the perfect way to spend a day off work.

  11. yeah!! you finally got the little stinker!! I like shots through the trees. great job!! have a wonderful weekend!!

  12. Bhavesh, thank you very much.

    Cheers Nick. Took a while; but got there in the end :)

    Thank you Doreen. Perseverance finally paid off. :) Enjoy your weekend too.

  13. Congratulation, an ambition realised. Thanks for sharing, I've now seen a Cetti's warbler. Have a great weekend.

  14. Thank you Doreen. It was a great feeling pressing that shutter at long last lol

  15. Yeah!!! I'm so happy you finally got your bird!! And he looks like a cutie too. I think your photos are far better than you think they are. I can clearly see what he looks like, and shooting through all those branches is no small deal.

  16. Yay! You got him! :)

    I think your pictures are quite good - I actually like the branches, they show him in his hiding spot.

  17. Thanks Kelly. I was hoping to try again this morning, but we've had continuous rain. Maybe tomorrow :)

  18. Jen thank you. Yea, got him in the end. lol

  19. I think Chris said it all. Great shots in its natural environment.

  20. Thanks John. It might be a bit easier now that a lot of leaves have dropped from the trees.

  21. Well done, got it at last. Be like the buses now, a few more will come your way!!!!

  22. Thanks Bob. Hope so. Love to get a good clear shot :)