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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Septembers last outing

October is upon us, and outside the wind is swirling the leaves everywhere. More work to do later, picking them all up, but for now, the last lot of pictures from the end of September. I paid a return visit to Paxton Pits, at St. Neots, on Monday. Last time I went, back in June, I had a great time; lots of birds including my first ever Nightingale.
This time, not so many birds, but still an enjoyable visit.

The first thing that struck me on this very dull morning, were these.

Evening Primrose, if I’m correct. They really brightened a dull morning, and they seemed to be everywhere.
Amongst a field of fast dying flowers, splashes of blue, from these Cornflower,
and further along, in a field specially planted to provide winter cover and seed for the birds,
sunflowers, shining like mini suns.

A lovely sight, and what a great idea, I thought.

Quite a few Cormorants sitting on one of the islands, while I watched from the first hide, with Wigeon and Gadwall swimming around. Very dull for any decent pictures, so I made my way further along to the next hide.
More of the same, but then a large flock of up to 200 Greylag Geese flew in to the part I’d just left. A quick retreat, to see if anything else was amongst this noisy gathering.
A lone Egyptian Goose, as I scanned the boisterous throng. (he's the one in the middle, facing the camera)
I made my way back, to continue my journey round the lake. I stopped off by the River Great Ouse, scanning the far bank. A quick electric blue flash as a Kingfisher darted along and disappeared into the bushes. No picture? ‘course not. Much too quick for me; but a good addition to the short list of birds for the day.

Round past the gravel works, and back towards the start. To the right, in the farmed fields, on a good day Golden Plover. Today wasn’t that good; but a few Crows noisily circling around in the distance. I decided on one last visit to the first hide before I left.

It was good to just sit and gaze, and I did manage a shot or two of some Gadwall that had come a bit closer.
And in the bushes, just along the edge, a noisy group of Long Tailed Tits, busily looking for insects. And one, busily looking at me,

‘Who’s this strange man, sitting in a shed?’ he seemed to say. Then he was gone.

A young Collared Dove, sat gazing long enough for a picture,

his collar just beginning to show. And then a couple of Blue Tits stopped by, to give me the once over.

The weather may have been dull, but the visit wasn’t.


  1. Some good shots here Keith despite the weather. Been that sort of month, not much rain but very overcast. blowing a gale with heavy squalls at present but giving it clearing later.

  2. Cheers Adrian. I think this wind is accross the country at the moment. Typical when I've got a day off work!

  3. Just not fair when the weather's bad on day's off Keith. Some lovely colour in your subjects nonetheless!

    The LTT certainly posed nicely for you :D

  4. Another great post. The last of the flowers until spring, let us hope we can endure the winter without them. We have gotten snow here already. The mountains are wearing white hats. The snow will not stick around for long, but has signaled it time for a change, a big change!

  5. Lovely detail on the Blue Tit and Gadwall photos.
    What did you bribe the LTT with to get it to stay in one place long enough for a photo?
    The Sunflowers seem late in flowering but they do brighten up the dullest of days.

  6. Very high winds here too Keith. Beautiful photos as always but I wouldn't expect anything else from the 'God of photography' as I call you ;)

    What a lovely idea the Sunflower planting is, I wish there were more people with that idea. I love the LTT and the Blue Tit photos are gorgeous.

  7. Lovely pics Keith. The flowers are fabulous. Blue Tits are my favourites.

  8. The bright colors of the flowers and some of the birds really do stand out in the dull light. Nice outing!

  9. Nice set of pictures Keith, autumn can bring some great photos and I am sure you are going to have most of them.

  10. Thanks Tricia. I suppose we can’t expect too much from the weather now; but a few sunny days would be good lol
    Always the birds to brighten a dull day though.

    Snow already David? Whoa! Hopefully we won’t get too much; and certainly not just yet. Must make for some good pictures though. Thanks for your comment.

    Thanks John. Those LTT’s don’t hang around long do they lol

    ShySongbird I’ve turned a shade of red with embarrassment after that comment lol
    Thank you.
    That field for the birds was something I’ve never seen before; such a great idea.

    Thank you Angie. Those Blue Tits are such colourful little characters.

    Wilma, thank you. Difficult conditions, but the subjects more than made up for it. Even though I didn’t get many pictures, it was good to be out.

    Keith, thanks for your comment. I’m hoping for some good stuff to come. Nature certainly provides the subjects this time of year.

  11. no matter what, you always find fantastic subjects to photograph with great commentary. another awesome post!

  12. Hi,
    This is a beautiful post and I'm happy to see that some of us still do have flowers and nice birds around. I love the tits shots, they are really great especially the two last ones!

  13. Great post Keith.

    The flower shots are colourful and beautifully photographed. Blue Tits excellent.
    A Nightingale is on my wish list....never seen one.

  14. Great shots! I like the sunflower photos and the splashes of colour in them from other flowers. The bird shots are so clear and pretty.

  15. I never cease to be amazed, you always manage to get the most telling expressions on the feathery faces you photograph. There is that tiny moment where the personality of the person or animal shines through, and you capture it beautifully. And, on birds! Animals who move ridiculously fast! Well done, and quite inspiring.

    The flowers are beautiful.

    It has been cold and rainy here.

  16. Thanks for your comment Doreen. Appreciate it.

    Thank you Chris. Not too many flowers about now, but we’re getting the autumn arrivals now, so hopefully the birds should be more abundant.

    Thanks Trevor. The little Blue Tits are so photogenic.

    Shelley, thank you. I was surprised to see the sunflowers still going so strongly.

    Thanks Jen, appreciate your comment.
    Windy and rain here yesterday, but today looks promising, clear sky and the wind has dropped. Off out very soon

  17. Lovely series of images, the blue tits are simple but with good details and light. Nice shots..Thomas

  18. Thanks for your comment Thomas; appreciate it.

  19. Gorgeous colours on the field prepared for winter cover, and of course I loved the photo of one of my favourite birds, the long tailed tit.

  20. Thank you Valerie. I thought the field for the birds in winter was a great idea. Something I've never seen before.

  21. Thank you NPT for stopping by, following and commenting. Appreciate it.