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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 16 October 2009

Some recent stuff

Just a few from recent visits this last week or so, until I can hopefully get out at the weekend.

Keeping an eye out for trouble
How trees get damaged.
Admiring the handiwork
And to round off, a few gulls

Have a great and safe weekend


  1. These deer are well worth filming, they actually eat the bark I think. the third gull is a grand shot.

  2. Oh oh oh wow! You always amaze me!! What fun to be somewhere to see such glorious wildlife!! The Stag is stunning...I sooo want to draw him!!! Can't wait to see what you do this weekend!! Happy Friday- whoo hoo!!

  3. Hi Keith,
    Beautiful set of pictures. I love the flying gulls but the stag is wonderful, and I love the attitude you captured well done!! have a nice week end too!

  4. Love that deer! WOW, you've captured the majesty of him perfectly.

    Those gull shots are spectacular. I particularly love the two of the lone gull flying.

  5. I had great difficulty getting my head round that first photo Keith, oh goodness I swear there was no pun intended! It really is in a strange position though and I still can't quite work out which bit is where.

    All great photos, that Stag was really going to work on the tree!

  6. What does deer do with that tree? Scratching antlers?

  7. And have a great weekend to you.
    The stag is a beauty, especially the third on your blog.

  8. Nice set of pictures Keith I do like the Deer Photos

  9. Great gull shots Keith - especially the first one. Enjoy your weekend too :)

  10. Thanks for your comment Adrian. I didn’t know the deer ate the bark, I’ll have to investigate that :)

    Thank you Sarah. Really hoping to get out somewhere with the camera if it keeps dry.

    Thanks Wilma. He was quite a powerful looking stag, so I kept a respectable distance. Can’t run as fast as I used to lol

    Thank you Chris. The gulls were quite patient flying around while I took some shots, and I’ve been lucky so far with the deer when I’ve been out to get their pictures.

    Jen, thanks for your comment. Those stags do look impressive when they strut around.

    ShySongbird, thanks. Those gulls can certainly get into some positions when preening. Those stags seem to do a fair bit of damage to the trees with that antler rubbing.

    Sergey, thanks. Not too sure why they do it. I think it’s to attract the females and to mark out territory.

    Thanks Bob. Just need some decent weather so I can get out. :)

    Keith, thank you. It’s great to be able to see these deer so close.

  11. Thanks Tricia. Still undecided where to go yet. A sunrise would be good; if I can get up early enough lol

  12. Great shots all round. The gull in the last piccy is either telling you to clear off or asking when you get the sandwiches out.

  13. Lovely stuff as always Keith. It was great catching up with all your posts !
    That Stag is just beautiful...

  14. aren't archives great!! I especially like the first shot. have a wonderful weekend!!

  15. Thanks John. They can be quite vocal at times lol

    Thanks for your comment Nick :)

    Thanks Doreen. I'd be stuck sometimes without them lol

  16. That's the second time I've seen tree bark eaten (by photographs), the other culprits were horses. I liked all the photographs today but I think the prize must go to the one of the stag.

  17. Thanks for your comment Valerie.
    These stags are such magnificent animals aren't they.

  18. Great Stag shots Keith. This is the time of year for it. Have a good weekend.

  19. Hi Keith, Im home again and happy to be here! YOU have made some fantabulous photos this day!! I love the Buck scratching the tree...very good and the gull shot with the wings at 5 to 3 o'clock...AWESOME capture!!

  20. Thanks for your comment Trevor.
    Appologies for late reply, but I was out for most of the weekend.

    Dixxe, thank you, appreciate your comment.

  21. Hi Keith...
    I just spent all last week cleaning and organizing my house. I didn't even get to bird. I've a lot to catch up on. Love this series and the last photo especially!