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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Catching up

I’m still trying to catch up with all the blogs I’ve missed recently, so between the catching up, I thought I’d throw a few pictures up. They’re from the weekend just gone, when I should have stayed in nursing my cold, but I just had to get out, despite the changeable weather. One minute sun, then rain.

Anyway, enough waffle………..

My first Fieldfare of the winter, and first time I’ve managed pictures. I took loads, until he spotted me.

And where there’s Fieldfare, there’s usually Redwings.

Next up is a very heavy crop of a Kestrel.

I only usually get these hovering, so it made a change to get one sitting still for a while.

And complete madness going out in the rain, but

Whooper Swans.

And a very wet Pochard.

There were two, but his mate had just dived under; probably to keep dry.


  1. I've been reading a book called, "A Year on the Wing," by Tim Dee. He covered Redwing migration extensively. I've been hoping to catch some Redwing photos! Glad you're feeling better and are back among the living.

  2. Congratulations of the Fieldfare photos. I don't think I've ever seen one. It looks as though it is having a good meal in the last photo.

  3. Fabulous collection there Keith - lovely shots. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Superb pictures Keith, I must ask for a dose of what you've had.

  5. Good morning!! Well..it is here!! I just love these..I can never choose a favorite..I want to draw them all!! Beautiful shots!! Hope you are well!! Namaste, Sarah

  6. The fieldfare pictures are outstanding, Keith, especially the one amongst the berries. Love the kestrel pictures too.

  7. Love the Fieldfare and Redwing photographs. I have yet to see either this Autumn. Hope you are feeling better Keith.

  8. Great set of pictures keith it sure was raining I hope your camera has had it flue jab

  9. Lovely pictures again Keith and great that you have been able to get out a bit, the light has been horrible here!

    I'm so glad you are feeling a lot better, I was concerned it might be the porcine variety!

  10. your last line is just too funny! Glad you felt up to venturing out. cheers, Wilma

  11. Thanks Adrian. I wish it would hurry up and go, it seems to be hanging on too long lol

    Sarah, thank you. Feeling much better than I was.

    Thanks Keith. The camera seemed to survive the downpour better than I did. :)

    Emma, thank you. I was pleased to be able to get the Fieldfare shots. They usually spot me before I can get close.

    Thanks ShySongbird. I had to get out, if only for a few hours. Fresh air and nature, a great cure for most ills.

    Thanks Trevor. I’m sure you’ll have them visiting you soon; especially when the weather turns colder and they hunt the berries in earnest.

    Wilma, thank you for your comments. I think the duck had the right idea dodging the rain like that lol

    Cheers John. Hopefully start seeing more of them soon.

    Thank you Angie. Getting back to some sort of normality now.

    Thanks Kelly. Had a look on Amazon for that title; and another of his books, ‘The Running Sky’. Added to my wish list. :)

  12. Ive never heard of a Fieldfare--what a great looking bird--nice shot on the Kestrel too!! In fact all great pics, glad you are feeling better

  13. Dixxe, thanks for your comment. Much better now thanks.

  14. well done of the fieldfare. not seen one this year

  15. Thanks Pete. I've not seen too many myself yet, but I'm sure they'll be out in force once it gets colder.