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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Goodbye October, hello November.

November came in wet and breezy here, so back to the closing days of October, where the weather was more favourable, allowing some trips out.

A female Blackbird helping herself to some berries.

A little Wren searching the reeds for insects, in the late sun,

and deciding none to be had, so making a quick exit; and a Shoveler, just enjoying the day.

A visit to Tring Reservoirs on the closing days though, produced a couple of excellent results for me personally.
A Pied Wagtail, strutting his stuff along the shore,

a Wigeon swimming with all the other ducks,

and amongst them all, my first Scaup.

That pushed my yearly total to 119. And then it got better. Total 120 quickly followed, with this fellow.

A Meadow Pipit. I counted half a dozen, but apparently up to 40 have been seen there recently.
I wonder what November will blow my way?


  1. Keith it's just starting again here. So my guess is rain! Have to make the best of what we have. You have with this lot.

  2. A rarity..maybe Ring-Necked Duck or a Richard's Pipit!!

  3. Thanks for your comment Adrian. Rain stopped at last now, and supposed to be better tommorrow. We'll see :)

    Cheers Frank. That would be good lol
    Hoping to get out after work tommorrow. Fingers crossed.

  4. Any new lifer would be welcome ..agreed Keith.There are still pleasures to be enjoyed from the common garden birds during the winter months. I am hoping for the return of the Firecrest,Goldcrest,Siskin,Bullfinch, Jay and Blackcap to the garden over the next few months although not all would be considered common garden birds.

  5. I like the Shoveller, they are stupendous. And where have they gone, the Redwings? You saw a few the other day, they would have stripped the trees by now.

  6. you always seem to find so many species of birds while out and about. how do you do it? great post!!

  7. Nice pictures as always great shot of the blackbird feeding on berries

  8. Ive actually gotten to recognize some of your bird species thanks to all your great Photos!! I knew that bird was a wagtail!! So much sharing the knowledge and your awesome photos!
    congrats on the huge yearly total...this yr I added 6 to my life list.

  9. Yet another good selection. You have caught the Shoveller in some really good lighting.

  10. Love the photos in this post and the one before, as well, Keith. I agree with Chris who commented on the earlier post that each photo has its own character. Very nicely done!


  11. Ohhhh...I just love that first photo of the bird with the berry in her bill. I enlarged it and the detail is so nice. It's hard to believe it's already November--seems like I slept half of October away (oh wait....I did with the ucky Swine Flu!). Today was my first day out, and I found similar scenes along the river as well. Love your Shoveler--they are some of my favorite ducks. I hope to see one soon as well. Great tally on your bird list!

  12. Thanks for your comment Trevor. From the list you gave, I’d be very happy with visits from all of them. Only had brief visits in the past from Blackcap and Siskin.

    Thanks Bob. Great bills on the Shoveler. Not seen any Redwings since my last sighting the other week. :(

    Doreen, thanks for your comment. We have some great places here that seem to attract them in numbers. Throw in some luck, and the trips out are pretty rewarding. lol

    Thanks Keith. She was completely unaware of me watching her, and spent some time feeding on those.

    Dixxe, thank you for your kind comment. I’ve broken my list target for this year twice now; and still a couple of months to go before the year-ends. Very pleased.
    The extra six for you is good news. :)

    Thank you for your comment Bob.

    Wilma, thank you for your comments.
    Appreciate your comment about the previous series.

  13. Thanks for your comment Kelly.
    I think this whole year has just flown by, (pardon the pun).
    Hope you’re feeling much better now.
    Off to work soon, so some catching up to do later. :)

  14. You really do have some stunning photos in this post. The birds here are eating the crabapples on our tree. They are smaller than cherries in size and in one gulp the birds get the flesh and leave the seed on the tree.

  15. Lovely collection of birds in this post, Keith.

  16. As always just beautiful shots. Every time I visit you here..I wish I was there..what wonderful places you have to snap the birds. I am gonna have to do more exploring around here. I need a better lens..LOL! Hugs, Sarah

  17. Thanks for your comment Abe. Those birds sound like they'd make short work of the fruits on the tree.

    Thank you Emma :)

    Sarah, thanks for your comment. I'm lucky with so many varied places close to home. Just wish I had more time sometimes lol

  18. Here I am stopping by, looking at yor images and wondering... 'why am I at work and not out wandering in the mountains, or the marshes?' Why? Oh ya, bills. Thanks!

  19. It's Time to Live, thanks for your comment. If only we didn't have the bills to pay, life would be much more fun lol

  20. You have a great set here Keith. The first Wren photo is particularly nice and well done with the Scaup. The Lesser Scaup is still at Draycote but continues to elude me :( but I saw some Meadow Pipits there, a first for me, which hopefully I will post soon (I have had computer probs the last few days!)

    What is it about Wagtails' legs, they always look funny to me :)

  21. Thank you ShySongbird. I know what you mean about their legs. lol
    Hoping to get to Draycote myself soon.

    Thanks for your comment Jim.

  22. Things are looking better Keith. You got your first Scaup and some good sightings. Its good to see the Shoveler looking more like a Shoveler again now.

  23. Thanks Roy. Things are certainly on the up.
    The Shoveler's are quite handsome now, with their fresh plumage coming through.

  24. I'm catching up Keith. Some more great shots here. Love the Wren.

  25. Thank you Angie. The little Wren didn't stay too long. Landed, posed, and then flew off lol