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Friday, 13 November 2009

Summer Leys again

A busy week with work, lousy weather most of the time, so not much chance to get out with the camera. A rare, for me anyway, weekend off, and the weather forecast is pretty dire. Howling winds outside as I type this, so I hope those poor birds find somewhere sheltered to hang on tight for the night.

The following selection is from last Sundays trip to Summer Leys, thank goodness for the archives.

Great Tit

Reed Bunting

Blue Tit

Little Grebe

Blue Tit


Have a great, safe weekend everyone.


  1. Another nice series from the archives. Love the Gt Tit with the bracelet & the Dabchicks.
    Make sure the feeders are topped as we could get lots of garden visitors once this storm eventually passes. FAB.

  2. Yes suspect we can write off the next few days, nice captures as usual the second Little Grebe being the one for me.

  3. Love the shot of the Blue Tit on the branch and the Little Grebe is great too.

  4. Hi Keith. Lovely shots as always. I notice the Great Tit is sporting a ring as is the first Blue Tit so I guess they do some regular ringing there.
    It was very blustery and wet last night here. More on the way by the sound of it.

  5. A really nice set of images Keith. As you say the birds need to keep out of the way this weekend according to the forecast.

  6. They are great, and the second Little Grebe is superb.

  7. Hi Keith. I have the Nikon equivalent( D300 and 80-400 zoom) of your Canon and there was no way I could get a hand-held shot yesterday. I rarely ever use a tripod as I like to travel light and be mobile. The weekend promises to be much the same so like you it is into the archives.

  8. Beautiful images, the image of the Blue Tit is simply the best.

  9. Frank, thanks for your comment.
    Like you say, it’ll be interesting to see if this windy weather does blow in some unusual visitors to the garden.

    Thanks Adrian. Hope you’re ok down south. Seems the worst of the weather is down there.

    Paul, thanks for your comment. The Little Grebe’s look like balls of fluff at the moment.

    Thanks John. I’ve noticed quite a few birds at Summer Leys sporting rings.
    Be glad when this wind drops. The birds on my feeders were clinging on for their lives today.

    Thanks for your comment Roy. Popped over one of the local lakes this morning, and things were pretty quiet on the bird front.

    Thanks Bob. Lovely little chaps aren’t they.

    Thanks Trevor. A bit like yourself; I never use a tripod. I find them too restricting. Hopefully this wind won’t last too long.

    Thomas, thank you for your comment. He was very co-operative ;)

  10. Keith, I hope your weather clears up soon, we got a lovely day today after an entire week of dreary rain and winds from Ida--its gone up the northeast coast now to torment those folks! A huge flock of boat tailed grackles passed through here today and wow what a sound their wings made as they swooshed from tree to tree...not much luck with photos of them as they caught me off guard! I love all these shots you have posted....but the little blue tit perched out on that wood is just the berries!!! Hope you and all your blog readers are having a wonderful restful weekend!!

  11. Fantastic photos again Keith, the first three being my favourites.

    I was very interested in your comments about tripods, I don't use one, partly because I am very lacking in confidence and if I took one out with me I would be afraid of drawing attention to myself (someone might think I knew what I was doing!) but also because it seems to me that by the time it is set up the opportune shot is lost.

    I have a Sigma 150-500mm lens which I have never taken out with me as it is just too heavy (for me), I tend to rely on my Canon 55-250mm and then crop but a steadier hand when the light is poor would be a huge advantage! If you have any advice I would be very grateful :)

  12. I hope your howling winds subside and you can make it out on Sunday. Glad you posted these photos. Love the Great Tit and the head-on shot of the Reed Bunting. I've missed out on too much. I'm trying to catch back up!

  13. Thanks for your comment Dixxe. The worst of the weather has passed for now; today has been quite nice. Spent the day with my mum, so a lot of catching up to do now. lol

    Thanks for your comment ShySongbird.
    I’m not sure if your lens has image stabilising; I’ve found it to be worth the extra cost. If not maybe a mono pod, or a bean bag? A bit easier, and less cumbersome than a tripod, and helps steady the camera. A good rule of thumb is to have the shutter speed matching the lens length, e.g., 200th or more when using your lens at 250mm; but on dull days would mean an increase in the ISO, and then more grain. I usually fire off a short burst of shots, and hopefully at least one is sharp.
    Hope that helps. Drop me an e-mail if I can help with any more.

    Kelly, thanks for your comment. The weather has been much better today, but I’ve been out visiting, so no pictures. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do too lol

  14. the great tit in the first shot is my fav. he is so cute!! have a great week ahead!!

  15. looks like a good days work to me! Always a pleasure to visit.

  16. Thanks for your comment Doreen.
    My week has got off to a good start; hope you have a good one too :)

    Dev, thanks for your comment. Glad you enjoy your visits :)

    Thank you for stopping by, following, and your comment Susan. Appreciate it.