Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Tuesday, 15 December 2009


……and other birds of the water.

We are supposed to be the superior race, but can we fly under our own power?

This Greylag Goose makes it all look so easy, as he glides in from the grazing fields, to land in the water.
Can we walk on water?

This Coot can; and even at some speed when required to avoid danger.
And how good are we at producing food?

This Little Grebe was quite the expert. I watched him in the pouring rain, diving for fish, and rarely missing once. And only taking enough food for his own needs. No waste.
I think the birds have the edge on us. That’s why I like them so much; and respect them.
Two common birds of the water, but both showing how handsome they each are.

The Moorhen, strutting along; definitely not just a plain ‘black’ bird, and the male Mallard, posing proudly, showing his fine plumage, that one-day will win the heart of his mate.

This male Mandarin Duck, with his gaudy finery, looks on at his mate, equally beautiful. Unlike other species of ducks, most Mandarin drakes reunite with the hens they mated with.
(maybe the female Mallard looking on, feels a touch of jealousy, at such devotion)

A female Goldeneye, lazily riding the waters. Perhaps wondering where the boys are?

A male Goldeneye; a perfect mate perhaps?

Female Tufted Duck, content to just glide across the water,

and a young Great Crested Grebe, apparently yawning, and being mimicked in the background by a passing Coot.

The Grey Heron, flexing those massive wings that can carry him skyward when danger threatens.

Smaller wings, but equally as strong, carry this male Wigeon away from harm.

And the finale shot, for now.

He seemed to be smiling as he cruised by. Probably thinking, ‘ya don’t know me!

He’s right; of course. I can only wonder.


  1. Outstanding Camera work,love the Greylag in flight.

  2. They are beautiful, all of them. And you've changed your header, that is another nice thing to wake up with.

  3. That mandarin duck is such an exquisite fellow! many fabulous shots as always!

  4. Hi Keith,
    That is...an incredible post... I got lots of fun reading it!! So many nice shots and a nice text too... As for the last duck... What is that, a black mallard ;-) Excellent message!

  5. Wonderful ducks!!! I love your narratives...you really should to a book!! I love the new header...hmmmm my drawing pens are calling me..that is stunning. Hope your day is going well! Hugs, Sarah

  6. Superior Race. I wonder Keith. We wouldn't be able to fly and navigate our way to Greenland or Northern Scandinavia and back again.{:)
    Not even with British Airways it seems.{:)
    You got the Goldeneye OK, they are difficult to get close to.

  7. ...love the photo of the grebe procuring his lunch, and all the flight photos are lovely. I really liked your narration (great new header!).

  8. Great series of photos and comments. The grey heron is especially beautiful. But maybe that female mandarin is jealous of the mallard female not having some guy following her around! ;-)

  9. Thanks for your comment John :)

    Bob, thank you. Glad you like the header.

    Shelley, thank you. He’s quite a sharp dresser lol

    Chris, thank you. Not sure what the last duck is. Probably a cross of sorts with a Mallard, but seems to spend his time alone.

    Thank you Pete. :)

    Thank you Jill.

    Sarah, draw away ;)
    Thanks for your comments, appreciated.

    Thanks Roy. Superior at the destruction of a beautiful planet mostly.
    I think the birds will be doing the only flying from here. ;)

    Kelly, thank you. Appreciate your comments.

    Thank you for your comments Wilma. :)

  10. What a superb post Keith, thank you.

  11. Thanks Adrian.
    Hope you don't get too much snow down there. It's been forecast here, but nothing yet.

  12. Angad, thank you for your comment. Appreciate it.

  13. Absolutely great pictures of the waterfowl. It is interesting what we learn when we watch nature without wrecking it. Thanks.

  14. Truly beautiful both the images and the words...and you are so right..we are not the top knot--in my book either.

  15. Thanks for stopping by, and commenting Bill.
    I think we can learn a lot from nature; if we care to.

    Thanks Dixxe. Yea I sometimes wonder who's the more intelligent.

  16. Beautiful collection Keith. I like the flight shots probably because I cannot get them right.

  17. love your header shot! very cool. I love ducks and you have a fantastic series of shots. they are so fun to watch.

    have a great week!!

  18. Thanks for your comment Trevor. I get more misses with flight shots than keepers. Difficult at times.

    Thank you Doreen. They seem to have periods of doing so much one minute, and then just doing nothing. Sounds good to me lol

  19. Great set of images and an excellent read also

  20. Thanks for your comment Bob. Glad you enjoyed it.