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Monday, 14 December 2009

With the birds……...still.

Here’s another selection from the great time I had with the birds the other day at Stockgrove Park.

A couple of the Nuthatch to begin with.

Amongst all the ‘Tit’ family, one brief glimpse of this chap,

the Coal Tit. He didn’t seem to stay as long as the others. Certainly not these, who seemed to be trying to get in every shot.

The Great Tit. Almost as many, if not more, as the smaller, Blue Tit.

The Marsh/Willow puzzle, I’ve had solved by Steve Blain, webmaster at Bedsbirds Images Blog,

it’s a Marsh Tit. Thanks Steve.

Not to be outdone, the Finches were represented by quite a few Chaffinch.

They were more content to sit things out, and wait; or see what was available amongst the fallen leaves.

And finally, the Robin.

He was getting everywhere. Even guarding the seed supply against everyone else, at times.


  1. The new header is world class Keith. You really did get a good day out. As I keep saying one day I'll get there too.

  2. Another batch of fabulous bird portraits in their natural surroundings, Keith.

  3. Beautiful images Keith, such clarity in all of them.
    Great new Header as well.

  4. Such beautiful photos. I have the Red-breasted Nuthatch on my bird blog today. Or maybe all week. LOL

  5. Truly Magical! You've captured the beauty of these lovely creatures perfectly. I so enjoy stopping by for my daily nature fix. Thank you. A~

  6. Great Nuthatch and Marsh Tit pictures, and excellent new header image.

  7. aw, more great photos! the last one is pretty cute - i love when birds look deep in thought :)

  8. Thanks Adrian. It was a good day, and plenty of pictures too.
    Glad you like the new header.

    John, thanks for your comment.

    Thank you Roy. Despite the dull conditions, I was pleased how most of them came out. Thanks for the comment on the header too.

    Abe, thank you. Your Red-breasted Nuthatch have a similarity to ours here.

    Thank you Andrea, for your kind words. :)

    Thanks for your comments Bob.

    Jill, thank you. The Robin is the expert at that look I think. :)

  9. Great set of woodland birds. I like the Marsh Tit and like the Coal Tit they do not hang about for you to change settings. The header is superb Keith...agree with Adrian.
    Wish I could find a Nuthatch or two though.

  10. Thanks Trevor. They're pretty quick, especially when there's food around.
    I think I might leave this header up a bit longer than the last one.
    If I could get some Nuthatch to you Trevor, I would.

  11. Great set of pictures Keith, Nice to see the Nuthatch we havent seen any around this way yet.

  12. What a great pleasure, to see your little friends in the park!
    Your new header image is really poetic (?). These moments at nature are one of the best things in life for me. Luzia

  13. fantastic series of images Keith. love the new header also.

    have a great week!!

  14. such gorgeous little birds, your photos truly honor them.

  15. Lovely selection there Keith. Superb Nuthatch. I too love the header.

  16. Another great set of photos, thank you.

  17. Hi Keith,
    What a beautiful series! I cannot even say which one I do prefer! They are all so nicely taken... I love your new banner too! Excellent work Sir ;-)

  18. Thanks Keith. Hopefully you’ll see them soon; they can be quite secretive at times.

    Thank you Luzia. I know just what you mean about the moments of nature. Really magical.

    Doreen, thank you for your comment.

    Tammie, thank you. They are little stars, sometimes willing to co-operate :)

    Thanks Angie. The Nuthatches were not at all shy that morning.

    Scriptor, thank you for your comment.

    Thank you Chris. It was a morning where they completely ignored my presence, just landing a few feet away, sometimes only inches. A great feeling being with them.

  19. Keith you continue to outdo yourself with your bird photography!! Excellent!! Your page looks awesome!!

  20. Dixxe, thank you for your kind comment.