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Saturday, 9 January 2010

An apple a day……..

Keeps the Blackbirds happy. Had 10 in the garden over the last few days.

It also gets the interest of some other family members

Robin, contemplating having a taste; or wondering why all these apples are littering his garden.

A Song Thrush. But he’s spied something else.
A bush with tasty looking berries.

You’ll have to be quick though. These seem to be popular.

Blackbird getting stuck in, before another cousin turns up.

Irresistible to Redwings.

Which one to have…………….

Down in one go!
A late arrival, and not too many left now,

A Fieldfare has a quick look,

and wishes he’d come a bit earlier. The best ones seem to have gone.

I wonder if they’ve any left at the garden centre.


  1. Brilliant set of images and keep on feeding the birds.

  2. Oh oh oh these are stunning Keith!! Wow!! I just love the thrush!
    I am beside my self happy..finally saved enough pennies for a new camera..bought a Canon Rebel XSi..am happy dancing...looking for a telephoto lense now!
    I added a thank you link to my story blog about you ... hope that was ok!
    Happy Saturday, Sarah

  3. Keith these are fantastic!! Love the open mouth great capture there. Sometimes the best things are right in our own backyard!!

  4. Is that a pyrocantha bush whose berries the birds are enjoying? Wonderful, beautiful photographs -- they are portrait quality!

  5. Wow! The fourth photo is my favourite, but all are nice!

  6. Keith the Thrush in the snow has an ethereal quality. Would I suspect be improved if the Blackbird were cloned out. If you can't do it and agree send me a tiff file and I will have a go for you.

  7. Lenora, thank you. Took all these through the window; at least I was warm.

    Sam and Lisa, thanks for your comment. It’s just after 8 a.m. and the garden is full of Blackbirds at the moment. I need to get some more apples out there soon.

    Thanks Sarah. Oooo, new camera. Great. I can imagine the excitement. I bet you can’t wait to get out and use it.
    Thanks for that link too. I don’t mind at all. :)

    Dixxe, thanks. The snow here has made getting out tricky, and the garden is attracting so many birds at the moment, and providing some good opportunities.

    Thanks Wilma. Correct with the bush ID. It’s like a magnet for the birds at the moment, but the berries are nearly all gone now. I did have another, but my dog used it for a toilet and finally killed it off. Have to get some more.

    Kozma, thank you. I was pleased how that one came out too. Wasn’t sure if anyone else would like it though lol

    Thanks Adrian. I took a few like that and was pleased with the results. I cloned out a few; just leaving one bird, I’ll have to put them up later.
    I’m a lazy git though; I only shoot in JPG lol
    Thanks for your kind offer though.

    NPT, thank you for your comment. :)

  8. Great record of urban bird life.

  9. Wonderful! I'll definitely be putting some apples out in future. We used to have a pyracantha covered in berries next to our dining room window when I was a child. The blackbirds would come, eat 13 berries and leave. Always 13! Very odd.

  10. Merry christmas and happy new year! I haven't been making my rounds to my favorite blogs lately, been trying to work in the garden and make sure I get my 6 hours a week at the gym. You caught all of this in your own garden, I am amazed. I haven't thought of putting out apples (I eat them all myself) but I put sunflower seeds for the parrots, commercial bird feed for smaller birds, and papaya, or oranges that bring in some small colorful forest birds.
    enjoyed your post. love the header.

  11. Wow! They are gorgeous Keith and I think the juxtaposition of the Thrush and the Blackbird is perfect, it almost looks like a painting. The ones with the berries are stunning, the 'down in one go' beautifully captured and funny at the same time and the last Fieldfare one is amazing...but then they all are!

    Belatedly, I also enjoyed the previous post especially the Fox contemplating the Heron.

  12. These are all really good shots Keith, I like the Fieldfare particularly and the Thrush and the Blackbird together is just great.

  13. Oh, what a lovely Fieldfare, maybe he'll eat later!

  14. Thanks Bob. Had quite a few new visitors to the garden during this cold spell.

    Helen, I’m getting through loads of apples at the moment. Looks like an orchard floor in my garden lol
    Strange those Blackbirds only ate 13; my shrub has been stripped over a couple of days. I’ll need more for next year I think.

    Thanks Ginger. I keep having to play catch up with blogs too at the moment. Not enough hours in a day.
    My small garden is certainly pulling in the birds during this cold weather. Saves having to travel when the roads are bad ;)

    ShySongbird, thank you. It’s been a good few days for pictures in the garden. Very pleased with some of the results. I couldn’t believe it when the Fieldfare turned up.

    Thanks Roy. The Thrush and Blackbird shot was a series I experimented with. Pleased with the way they came out.

    Cheers Bob. I’m afraid he left it too late for berries; they’ve all gone. :(

  15. How I miss expriencing a real winter, thank you for taking me back to treasured memories of my own bird watching days in the bliss of an English winter.....

  16. Thank you for your comment Gemel.
    I'll be glad when spring arrives though; much too cold at the moment lol

  17. fascinating photos Keith!! cute little birds you have. I bet they sure enjoyed the treats. have a great week!!

  18. Thanks Doreen. Had to buy a few more bags of apples and fruit today. They're certainly enjoying it all whilst their usual food is hard to come by at the moment.

  19. Lovely set of shots Keith. Keep up the good work.

  20. This is another great collection holdingmoments. Keep up the good work. Anna :)

  21. Good for you Keith. You have a very active little garden, and something I would absolutely love if I lived back home. Just perfect. The amount of traffic it is receiving is amazing, and with birds I never even saw when I lived in Hertfordshire.
    The Fieldfare and Redwing showing up must be a real thrill, even the beautiful Song Thrush, that just glows like gold on the snow.
    Good for you bud !

  22. Cheers Nick. I'm really pleased with the ammount of birds visiting now. 3 years ago I was lucky to get the odd one or two drop in, but the last couple of years, since installing various feeders, and varying what food I put out, there's been a big increase in numbers and species. The Fieldfare and Redwing were a first this year. It can only get better from now. :)