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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Down at the lake

The recent rain has pretty much cleared the snow round here at the moment, but a few days ago I took a wander down the local, whilst the snow was still on the ground, and the lake pretty much frozen over. A small area was untouched by the ice, which meant plenty of water birds crammed into their liquid habitat. Here’s a few.

Young Great Crested Grebe

Male Goosander and a few Coot

Female Goosander

Male Goldeneye

Male Tufted Duck

Young Little Grebe

and a few of the Cormorants; perhaps wondering where the water has all gone.


  1. Lovely photos again Keith! I have never seen a Goldeneye, what striking looking birds they are.

    There is something slightly comical but also slightly spooky about the Cormorant photo, I'm not sure why though :)

    I also enjoyed the photos on the earlier post, particularly the Redwing and the incredibly beautiful one of the Swan...absolutely breathtaking!

  2. Oops! I meant to mention the great pic of the 'shy Water Rail too :)

  3. Great selection of birds there Keith - wonderful to get the Goosander and Goldeneye.. and some lovely pics too... Those cormorants are really little posers.... ;)

  4. Thanks ShySongbird. Those Cormorants reminded me of aircraft, waiting to take off lol

    Tricia, thank you. It was surprising just how many birds managed to cram into such a small area.

  5. You've caught the Great Crested Grebe, that's wonderful. Also, Tufted Duck and the male Goldeneye are my favourites.

  6. Great set of photo's Keith the cormorants look like they are on guard duty I bet the birds are glad to get there water back.

  7. a very wide variety of foul. you are so lucky to be where there are so many species of birds. have a great weekend!

  8. Some great shots here, the golden eye has came up trumps. The cormorants on the tyres is great, looks like their feathers almost replicate the tyre treads!!

  9. Hi Keith...really glad you got a break in your weather...I am really loving all these shots but My favorite is the male tufted duck..such a gorgeous shot!! Stay warm n dry!

  10. Nice one Keith, Goosander and Goldeneye, great captures and never easy.

  11. Oh wow Keith!! The last shot of the Cormorants on the tires..wicked cool textures..with the wings and the tire treads!! Wow wonderful shots..as always..but still...WOW!!

  12. Your winged beauties are lovely. We get cormorants at our local pond too. They're quite a sight when drying those wings. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

  13. The Goldeneye are just lovely. The white patch between the bill and eye is quite striking. That young little grebe seems particularly vulnerable.

    It is amazing how the pattern of the wing feathers on the cormorants is so similar to the tread on the tires!


  14. Thanks Bob. Great Crested Grebes are lovely looking birds when they get their adult plumage.

    Thanks Keith. Hopefully more water has unfrozen for them now, after the thaw, and they can all get back to the job of feeding.

    Doreen, thank you. I count myself very fortunate having so many lakes near by. Off to a different one later.

    Bob, thanks. The small area of water close to the shoreline made it easier to capture most of the birds.

    Sam and Lisa, thank you for your comment.

    Dixxe, thank you. It looks like we are going to see some sun today. Clear skies at the moment.

    Thanks Roy. We’ve been fortunate to have a few of these at the lakes so far. The Smew keeps one step ahead though; I always manage to miss him lol

    Sarah, thank you for your comments. The Cormorants feathers do resemble the tire treads quite a bit. Great fishermen too :)

    Hilary, thank you for stopping by, and commenting.
    Cormorants certainly do look a great sight when drying those big wings.

    Wilma, thank you. The Little Grebe are constantly bobbing under the water looking for fish. Never know where they will appear next. I wonder sometimes how anything survives in this cold weather.
    Maybe a good name for Cormorants would be ‘flying Dunlops’ lol

  15. Great photographs there. I like the Cormorant photograph. :)

  16. Wow Keith, these are great. Thanks for always the kind words on my blog.

  17. Thanks Anna. God to see you back posting again.

    Lenora, thank you.
    I've been following your Hummingbirds with interest.

  18. Lovely pictures, Keith. I was out for the first time in three weeks on Tuesday having had two feet of snow on the drive - it took a lot of digging to get out. Hope all well with you - Happy New Year.

  19. Thanks Emma. Two feet of snow! Must have been a nightmare getting stuck like that. Hope all's better now. Not a good start to your new year, but hope it gets much better from now on.

  20. Beautiful pictures of some beautiful birds. YOu have a great talent for taking photos of these beautiful creatures.

  21. Awesome Photography. It's so good to see plenty of water birds crammed into their liquid habitat.

  22. Brilliant photos in this and the last entry Keith. Like many others I particularly love the swan in flight - a one in a thousand capture with the wings spread and the great reflection in the water.

  23. Bill, thank you. Very kind of you to say that. Appreciate it.

    Term papers, thank you for stopping by and your comment.

    Thanks John. Managed a similar shot with a Cormorant. I'll put that up soon. :)

  24. Lovely shots Keith. I love the Cormorants on the snow.

  25. Thanks Angie. When they sit like that it's just as though they are posing for a picture.

  26. Beautiful pictures, especially of the Golden Eye :)

    The Day