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Monday, 11 January 2010

In the garden

A few more of the visitors to the frozen garden from the last few days.

A kitchen sieve thing, (probably got a proper name), makes a handy seed holder when attached to something.

Great Tit and Robin find it just perfect; when the Starlings leave for something else.

A bath maybe, in an old dog dish? Too cold for me; but then I don’t have feathers to keep clean.

And wondering what else to eat, from what’s on offer.

A couple of Wood Pigeons take a liking to some seed,

and another picks his way through what’s fallen below.

This one seemed curious as to what the Starling was doing.

A Collared Dove has found a clever way of getting seed from the feeders for the smaller birds.

While another waits his turn.

A Song Thrush searches amongst the snow,

while a Blackbird wonders why I took a picture of his bum.
No, it doesn’t look big in those feathers.


  1. Great post Keith and lovely pictures.

  2. As always Keith..amazingly beautiful shots! I just love all the variety you show each post!! Beautiful!! Hugs, Sarah

  3. Similar visitors down here but no Song Thrush today although a Redwing dropped in very briefly.

  4. Good to see you are taking care of our feathered friends in this very cold weather. Nice shots from your garden. The Song Thrush is such a beautiful bird. Well done and keep up the good work

  5. Wow Keith, that is a lot of bird feeders. Really like the Starling shot. Keep up the good blog work.

  6. Wow even if it's from your garden and I will even say because it is coming from your garden, this post is very impressive!!! You have so many species in your garden, that's incredible! And I love your pictures they are gorgeous, especially the tits and the robin as well as the song trush. Well done Keith!

  7. Hello Keith I see you still have it very cold up there the birds must be longing for the spring thank you for a great set of photo's

  8. A great series of garden shots. Starlings do seem to be able to bathe in the smallest amounts of water. The flour sieve looks a good idea, deep to hold plenty of food with drainage to let the rain through.

  9. Another great selection Keith. The Collard Dove is wonderful.
    Hmm. its a giant Tea Strainer I think.{:)

  10. That's some feeding station! Lucky birds :-)

  11. Keith your Green Tit reminds me very much of our Carolina Chickadee--only they have a grey and black body not green and soft yellow...and I love that close shot of the Starling...they are such beautiful birds!! It looks very cold there--quite cold here too--stay warm!!

  12. Wow these are amazing photos of your birds in the garden. Excellent captures, so much character in them. Thanks for sharing, and happy new year, I guess I will be around for another great year. Anna :)

  13. Keith the thrush images are once again spot on, keep warm.

  14. Thank you Angie.

    Sarah, thank you.

    Cheers Frank. The Blackbirds seem to have taken over my garden at the moment. Good to see so many.

    Thanks Brian. I think these birds eat better than myself lol
    Great to watch them.

    Bob, thank you. The feeders have sort of taken over the garden; but the birds need them this weather.

    Thanks Chris. I’ve had a good selection visit during this cold spell.

    Keith, thank you. Didn’t seem so cold yesterday, but just as busy in the garden.

  15. Thanks John. Flour sieve, that’s it! lol
    Yea, it seemed a perfect feeder, and cheap too.

    Cheers Roy. The Collared Doves seem so gentle in their approach to feeding; unlike the Starlings, that just dive straight in.

    Helen, thank you. I just keep adding to them. I think the neighbours regard me as a bit eccentric; or strange lol
    The birds appreciate it all though.

    Thanks Dixxe. They do look similar don’t they. Warming slightly here at the moment. Hope we’ve had the worst now.

    Anna, thank you. It’s fascinating to be able to watch them so close. Each one has its own character.

    Thanks Adrian. A bit of a thaw yesterday. Hope it continues.

  16. Lovely photography Keith. I really like the Starling shot. Top marks.

  17. Really interesting post. I particularly liked the song thrush and blackbird images - the thrushes look more like paintings in the snow! Reminds me to put some water out too...

  18. Thanks for your comment Trevor.

    Mark, thank you. Just the effect I was after. :)

  19. Oh! I love the sieve idea! Now I have a good reason to replace the old cheap one in the kitchen. I'll have to say my favorite photo is the song thrush poking about in the snow.

  20. Thanks for your comment Andrea.
    One of my rare, better ideas, using a sieve lol

  21. I really really enjoyed these garden updates Keith. My last comment was way longer lol.
    This kind of thing always makes me feel good. The birds love your place by the looks of things. Great that you are putting out suet too, because the fat in it will keep the birds warm during the cold nights.
    Great stuff !!!

  22. Oh, mine. It seems that all the birds have moved in England now! I must admit I do not have eye and patience to "hunt" them, but I have not saw a Tit in years! Great photos, wonderful.

  23. Thanks Nick. It's a real joy seeing all the birds visiting, especially while it's tough for them at the moment. Hopefully my efforts are making a difference for some of them.

    Marius, thank you. The good thing about garden watching is I can keep dry and warm while I get the pictures. :)

  24. Wow you really know how to spoil a bird... with all those assorted bird feeders.

  25. Thanks Captain. They're well worth spoiling ;)