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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Small round up so far

A few of the birds from this month that took the time to pose. If the rest of this year is as good, I’ll be very happy.

But warmer, please!

A shy Water Rail.

Cruising Canada Goose

Mute Swan over the ice

Redwing stare

The good ol’ Robin

A very cold Black-headed Gull


  1. Excellent images. I particularly like the swan and the water rail - any decent shot of a water rail is worth having!

  2. Keith, I like big birds so the swan is favourite. The Redwing is a belter.

  3. Hi Keith,
    I would have like to take so many nice pictures during this time of the year. I went out today a bit but could not take any shots! Very few birds seen and not at all the possibility to take pictures! I guess I've to wait a bit more.

  4. Hi Keith,
    Good to meet you at Caldecotte the other day. What a fantastic blog.Photos are brilliant. All the Best, Robert.

  5. I feel sad for the poor Water Rail, he's hidden away from seaching eyes. Not yours Keith, but everyone who has mischief deep inside.

  6. Beautiful bird photos! The fourth is my favourite.

  7. Oh my goodness, such wonderful photos and some breeds I have not seen before. My favourite is the Robin - such a beautiful shot! I associate the Robin with my late brother Peter, whenever I get sad about him, a Robin appears from nowhere.

  8. Hi Keith nice shots, the swan is my favourite here.

  9. Beautiful set of photographs Keith, where did you get that sunlight from ????

  10. A very nice round up, I'd say. The mute swan over the ice is great. And of course the robin is photogenic as ever. But I like the stare of the redwing best; what a lot of attitude he has!

  11. Thanks Mark. The cold has made it easier to get pictures of the Water Rail; but tough for them though, in their search for food. I was very pleased to see this one, and get some pictures.

    Cheers Adrian. That Redwing flew straight towards me after that shot, after some berries.

    Thanks Chris. Despite our weather, I’ve been lucky to be able to get out some days. There’s certainly a few different birds about at the moment.
    Come the spring, or warmer weather, I’m sure you’ll soon be rewarded over there. :)

    Thanks for your comment Rob, and your kind words.
    Yea, it was good to meet a local fellow birder, and have a chat. A bit chilly though wasn’t it. Have to meet up again sometime.

    Thanks Bob. Usually a bit shy these birds aren’t they. It was great to see one so close.

    Kozma, thank you. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Thanks Sara. The Robin is always such an obliging, friendly little bird. One of my favourites to see when I’m out. They always seem to follow you for a while, like they’re checking you out, whilst your on their territory.

    Thanks Bob. I got lucky with the Swan. He was flying round looking for some unfrozen water.

    Roy, thanks. A few sunny days earlier in the year. Shame it didn’t last lol

    Thanks Wilma. It’s been a good start to the year so far.

  12. Hi Keith, enjoying catching up on your blog. Smashing as ever!

  13. You must be the favoured one with all this good light. Great set of images mate. FAB.

  14. Beautiful images and that flight shot is my favorite...Thomas

  15. Omi, thank you for your comment. :)

    Cheers Frank. Light not so good today; had heavy rain.

    Thanks for your comment Thomas

  16. Outstanding photography Keith,i agree with Bobbster your Swan in Majic.

  17. I stopped by this post yesterday and got booted off when trying to post my comment..then I gave up and went offline
    I adore that swan action--and the little redwing..OMG what a cool look he is giving you!! Great series of shots Keith!

  18. Thanks for your comment Dixxe.
    I love the way swans cut through the air on those slow wing beats. So graceful.

  19. These are stunning. Whenever I feel stressed or upset, I stop on over to look at your photos. There is such a sense of peace in them, that I feel better about things.

    Thank you.

  20. Jen, thank you for your comment. Very kind of you; appreciate that.

  21. That mute swan shot is gorgeous! and a rail picture - well done, I can never find them. great stuff as usual!

  22. Jill, thank you. The Water Rail have been a bit bolder than usual here because of the cold weather. Normally they're tough to find.