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Thursday, 25 February 2010

At last.

I was going to post some pictures from the garden, but then I went to a local lake the other day, and thought I’d do some from there instead. Almost had them ready to post, and then I decided to go out today. Well, after going through some of todays, I want to post a few of those.
Yea, I’m confused too. But just a little excited.

I went to Paxton Pits. The last time I went there, it was frozen solid, and I got some pictures of a fox on the frozen lake, which I posted. So, today; not frozen, and a lot of activity from the nesting Cormorants and Herons.

But what really had me excited was this.

A Smew. I’d been missing these locally at the start of the year. Whenever one was reported at a lake, I’d turn up next day, and it would be gone. So frustrating, especially as I’d never seen one before. Well, today, the first bird I saw on the lake today was a Smew. Not one, but six! Three pairs.

A distant pair; more of a record shot, but I’m really pleased to have seen them.

I saw some good birds today, and still got a few more pictures to sort through, but I’ll finish with this one of a Goldeneye I was quite pleased with.


  1. Wow a male smew... I would give you whatever bird you want to see it. I've seen a female last year for the first time, but never a male... Well done you got nice pictures of them, and the goldeneye picture is also very nice. hope you are feeling better nowadays...

  2. Lucky you, excellent images Keith great result for you.

  3. Very nice images as usual! Smew are always a bonus too.

  4. ...what a cool-looking bird. I don't think I've ever seen a Smew before. Great captures as well!

  5. Great shots Keith. What an atractive bird the Smew is and to see six...fantastic. Good tonic that I reckon.

  6. OH boy-- I think Blogger ate my comment so in case this is a dup--sorry
    What I said was..
    Wonderful set of photos!! The Smew is a wonderful addition to your birding list as well as your portfolio!! The goldeneye is fab and the cormorant with the beak full of nesting material is a sure sign that spring is near!!!

  7. your first smews and smew photos were my first viewing of decent smew photos - great images, Keith. And the golden eye is not bad either. ;-)


  8. Thanks for all the comments. I’ll catch up with everyone later; off to the seaside soon lol

    Thanks Chris. I felt so lucky to see them. After missing so many earlier, I began to wonder if I’d ever see them lol

    Bob, thank you. A great boost :)

    Cheers Mark. I’ll probably start seeing more and more now :)

    Kelly, thank you.

    Trevor, thanks. A real tonic, yea. lol

    Dixxe, thank you. I think spring is well under way. Even some of the little songbirds were getting rather amorous lol

    Wilma, thank you. Appreciate that.

  9. Well spotted and captured with the Smew. I had a look on the RSPB site and saw how few there are about so it must have been quite a thrill to see so many.

  10. Keith, have a nice time don't forget the bucket and spade. Excelled yourself with this post.

  11. Fantastic Keith, great to see the Smew what a treat and that Goldeneye is perfect.

  12. Well done getting your Smew:-) Another duck I have never seen. If the birds are starting to nest, then maybe they know something we don't, that Spring is really on its way:-)

  13. Well done Keith! I have never seen one but there was one, a couple of years ago, on our small local fishing lake which my husband spotted while walking the dog, I remember him ringing me from the lake and I trawled through books and internet to identify it while he watched it and described it to me. We now call it Smew Lake, no one else knows what we are talking about :)

    Lovely photos and yes, a great Goldeneye pic!

  14. Thanks John. They’re a bit scarce, so I was very pleased to see them.

    Cheers Adrian. Had a great time today. Wore myself out, but saw some amazing birds. :)

    Thanks Roy. It was good to finally see one after chasing them locally lol

    Linda, thank you. I think spring is definitely on the way.

    Great story Jan. You never know, you might get one return there.

  15. Hey holdingmoments, Smew is very interesting looking bird. Nice outcome. Thanks for sharing. Wow I never seen cormorants and herons nesting, our pond does not allow us to see that close. Excellent images again. Hope all is well. Anna :)

  16. A Smew? Gesundheit!

    Congrats on such fine shots.. truly wonderful critters.

  17. Anna, thank you for your comment. Quite lucky here, there's a couple of lakes that give some good views when the birds are nesting.

    Hilary, thank you :)