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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The bears are back.

A spot of garden watching today. Dull, drizzly rain most of the day, but little rays of sunshine flew in, and brightened it all up. Little bears on sticks; that’s what they remind me of.

Half a dozen Long Tailed Tits spent most of the day in and out of the garden, raiding the feeders, and foraging amongst the shrubs. Great to watch them coming and going.

and a soggy look, that summed up todays weather

where’s the sun?


  1. Hi Keith glad to see you are getting out for some fresh air, I like the Long Tailed tit shots
    Take care Keith H

  2. Thanks Keith. Love having these visit the garden.

  3. Lovely images Keith, yes where's the sun.

  4. Love that first photo - the colors are superb!

  5. Oh they are wonderful..I have not seen those here I don't think!! No sun here totally soggy and nasty!! No snow either!! Geesh!! How ya feeling hon?
    Hugs, Sarah

  6. That last shot does sum it up! We had great sun today, but are still cold with lots of snow on the ground. :-( But the grand thing was that I needed sunglasses for the drive home; the days are that much longer! :-)

  7. You've got to love it when they come play in the backyard! I can imagine the smile they have brought to your face. I hope the recovery is going well. I often think about you and hope others are visiting and keeping you company. I am sure you get a little crazy being caged up in the house. You just have to beleive that little redheaded girl when she said "The sun will come out tomarrow..." Congratulations, on kicking the smoking habbit. I would think it is the hardest for you to do.

  8. Lovely birds Keith, made me wish I had a garden then I realised I had, the whole country.

  9. Nice post Keith and fabulous shots of the LTTs. Love the "soggy" one!

  10. Yes the last little damp guy looks like an Ewok out of Star Wars.

  11. Great to have the LTTs around. I love watching them but I have only seen them fleetingly once so far this year.

    BTW tell them the Sun was here yesterday. A beautiful day apart from one hail shower.

  12. Hi Keith,
    The sun is over here mate ;-) but not the heat, it is rather cold. Well done on this set of pictures, I never got them so nicely.... I love this small bird

  13. The Long-tailed Tits are good for you. Their voices are so close that it makes you feel excited. I don't have any, boo hoo!

  14. Little beauties! I always think of them as little fairies flitting around, making tinkling noises as they go. I have twice been lucky enough to be in the garden, putting bird food out when they have seemed to appear from nowhere and surrounded me, seemingly unbothered by my presence, dancing from tree to tree and then disappearing again just as quickly. A special and magical experience!

  15. Thanks Roy.
    Had a little sunshine today. Almost forgot what it was like lol

    Jen, thank you. :)

    Thanks Sarah. Yea, they’re lovely little birds.
    Feeling a lot better each day, thanks. :)

    Wilma, thank you. Still cold here, but a brief appearance by the sun this afternoon. Can’t wait for spring :)

    Thanks for your comment David. Yea, these little birds really give a lift to the spirits.
    I’m very pleased with how the no smoking has gone so far.

    Cheers Adrian. You’ve got the biggest garden going lol

    Thanks Angie. That last shot summed it all up I think. Felt sorry for them when it started raining heavy; and they just sat there :(

    Thanks Captain. Now you mention it; yea lol

    Thanks John. It’s been a while since they were here last, but they’re making up for it now. Great watching them.

    Chris, I think I’ve finally got some of the sun everyone else seems to have had. lol

    Thanks Bob. I’m sure they’ll come visit you soon mate :)

    Thanks Jan. They are smashing little birds aren’t they. I was topping up the feeders this morning, and a little group were on the other feeder behind me. They really don’t seem bothered by people at all in gardens.

  16. The LTT's are superb, the favourite topics in a hide are tits and peckers.

  17. Went to the Camera shop on Monday and 'held' all of the equipment on my wish list! :)

    Then the lady gave me the price of each :(

    Someday soon though. Still watching and enjoying your images though. Thanks.

  18. Little beauties Keith ! I was never lucky enough to have those in my garden back home.
    I'd love your place if I ever moved back :-)

  19. Sam and Lisa, how very true lol

    Thanks for your comment Dale.
    I bet that was hard giving it back :(

    Cheers Nick. Great little birds aren’t they.
    I doubt you’d move back mate, but if you’re ever over here………..

  20. OH they are precious!! Great show right outside your window!!