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Saturday, 27 February 2010

I can’t believe that on Monday, it will be a new month. The time seems to have raced by so far.

A few from this month that I’ve not posted yet.

One of the Black-headed Gulls giving me the eye, at one of the local lakes.

I was surprised and shocked to read that the good old Mallard is now on the Amber list, joining such birds as The Bullfinch, Pied Flycatcher and Stone Curlew. That’s a massive 126 birds in total! The reason for their move to amber? Population decline due to recent non-breeding.

Maybe these guys should spend more time ‘loving’, than ‘fighting’

There was some serious disagreement going on here for quite some time.

At Willen Lake, one of the locals, there is a white goose frequently associating with the Greylag Geese. Last March I did a post about how he flew straight at me, just brushing past my head. When I saw him the other day, he was a little friendlier. Or just curious.

Perhaps the Swans had a calming effect on him that day.

And yesterday I took a trip to the seaside. Norfolk coast, Titchwell reserve to be exact. Windy, dull and rain; not the best of weather, but a fabulous day nonetheless. Plenty of good birds, and a few lifers too.
The Avocet were there in good numbers, distant Marsh Harrier, Stonechat, a small flock of Twite; sadly none of those captured by the camera, apart from some distant Avocet. What I did manage though,

Spotted Redshank. Quite a few of these about, and a first for me.

A Black-tailed Godwit, in his winter plumage. He was giving some excellent views, as he probed around looking for food. Unlike his cousin, the Bar-tailed Godwit, hiding in the distance on the beach. No picture, but another life tick for me.
I’ve still got a few pictures to go through, but one more to finish on.

When I got there, this brave little chap sat checking me out while I got my camera stuff sorted out. He flew into the car, through the open door, a quick look, and flew back out again. I’ve usually got a bag of seed in my pocket, especially during the bad weather, so I thought he deserved some, if only for his cheek; and bravery.
You may have guessed by now, that it’s a Robin. And this little bundle of feathers was the best medicine I could have asked for.

Not an excellent picture by any means. But he quite happily sat in my hand, while I took some pictures, and he finished off the seed. Hard to put into words how I felt, as this tiny wild creature put his trust and life in my hand.
Something I’ll never forget.


  1. What a lucky fellow you are to get this little guy into your hand, simple pleasures really are the best and good for the soul. Iv'e been thinking of trying to get my garden Robins to do the same but no luck so far. However don't be drawn in by that cocky goose cause I sensed he was thinking... I think I can take you ;-)

  2. Thanks Debbie. He was such a friendly little thing.
    I think you're right about the goose; he almost had me last time lol

  3. That was good to see the Spotted Redshank and that Robin, well what a pleasure Keith.
    I have yet to get to Titchwell this winter, have been waiting for a really nice clear sunny day (That's a laugh) as I like to take plenty of photos when I am there.

  4. Great post, nice Wader shots.

  5. The white goose shot is priceless! If only you understood what it is thinking. Funny shot.

  6. Great photos as ever Keith. I particularly liked the gull, the goose and of course the friendly Robin. My local one is such a shy fellow and disappears at the slightest movement.

  7. Keith, damn good job it wasn't the goose sitting on your hand. The robin picture is fantastic. difficult to believe Mallard are on the amber list. The lake up here seems full of little else.

  8. Well, I just had to comment on the last photo first! What an amazing and very moving encounter Keith, nothing could have done your heart more good than that :) I think it is wonderful, such a special moment!

    I was very surprise to read that the good old Mallard is on the amber list, who would have thought that but then who would have ever dreamt the humble House Sparrow and the Starling would be endangered too?

    Lovely photos throughout, as always! The squabbling Mallards, the very amusing goose and the other 'face to face' with the BH Gull. Congrats on the life ticks too neither of which I have seen. Great stuff Keith!

  9. Thanks Roy. Yea, the weather could have been better, so I didn't take many pictures. Certainly be going again. The little Robin was just brilliant.

    Cheers Mike. I was able to get quite close to the waders.

    Thanks David. The White Goose is quite a character. I think Debbie had his thoughts spot on lol

    Thanks for your comment John. The Robin's in my garden are quite wary; this little chap was very bold.

    I was surprised too Adrian when I read about the Mallard. There seems plenty round here.

    Jan, thank you. The Robin was the best tonic imaginable. The whole day was excellent.

  10. great photos, I wonder about the breading problems, whether it is the Male or the Female that is resisting. Lack of effort on the males part (no courting) or the female lack of egg production.... has anyone been studying this? Great photos my friend.

  11. Thanks for your comment Ginger. I'm not sure how much research has gone into this, but it would be a great shame to have lakes of the future with no 'Mallards'. Unthinkable.

  12. Hi Keith,
    Well now, your blog should be renamed, not holding moments but holding the robin ;-) Sumptuous post you got there once again with beautiful pictures of several nice birds! Well done.

  13. All photos are great but I love the first one. Why? Because it's very difficult to take a photo of a flying bird. Moreover, the photo of Keith is sharp and beautifully framed. You're a big pro, Keith:)))

  14. Superb angle of view on the white goose shot. Mallards in action, other images and a Robin been hand fed. Excellent day for you and good read for us.

  15. Thanks Chris. The Robin was certainly the star of the day. :)

    Joanna, thank you for your very kind words.

    Cheers Bob. Things are getting better :)

  16. these are fantastic! love the goose shot and the last one is priceless. how cool is that? have a great weekend!!

  17. Thanks Doreen. That last one was an exceptional moment. :)

  18. Nice shots Keith that was a very trusting Robin, thank you for your kind comments and good wishes.

  19. I am surprised to hear that the Mallard is now on the Amber list. Robins are such great characters, what a lovely surprise to have one willing to sit on your hand:-)

  20. Thanks Linda. Amber Mallards; unbeleivable. It's the one duck we all expect to see on any lake. I hope their fortunes quickly improve.
    And that Robin had me smiling all day.

  21. Probably too many Mallard hybrids upsetting the gene pool?
    Good to see you got to Titchwell at last. I'm sure that's the same Robin that tapped on my window last year and waited to be fed! Great shots as usual and a memorable experince to brighten your spirits. FAB.

  22. You've gotta love the goose, and that brazen little robin.

  23. Thanks Frank. It could well be the same Robin, he was quite fearless. Really enjoyed Titchwell; just wish I lived nearer lol

    Thank you Jo. That Goose is quite a character, and the Robin was a real star. He really made my day.

  24. Those Mallards are really aggressive at this time of the year aren't they!!

    That's wonderful of the robin visiting you like that. It's the seemingly little things, that make the great moments in our lives. I can fully understand your feelings there Keith.

  25. Well, as I am reading and admiring your photos, I was all ready to tell you how funny the one of the white bird with the big orange beak is - as he looks right at the camera - it made me laugh out loud! Then I get to the robin in your hand, eating...and I was totally blown away.

    The fact that a Robin sat in your hand...well, that says more about you than anything. I'm honored to know you, even though it's just through blogs.

    Hug to you, Keith, and sending you lots of prayers and good thoughts.

  26. Tricia those Mallards are getting as bad as the Coots lol
    That little Robin was just amazing. A bigger lift than any medicine in a bottle :)

    Jen, thank you for your kind words. Appreciated.
    The Robin was a real special moment.