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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 5 February 2010

I had to do it.

Today I was a little naughty.

I’m missing not being able to go out; to see the birds, to take some pictures. I know I have to take it easy, but that’s easier said than done.

A friend of mine said a few days ago, ‘anything I can do, just give me a call’

I called him.

‘Take me to the local lake, and pick me up in an hour’.

‘You’re mad’. he said.

‘Yea, I know. Will you take me though?’

It was so good to just be out. Hearing the birds sing. Seeing the birds fly overhead. And the sun even came out for a while.

I didn’t take many pictures, but that didn’t matter today. Today was about getting out for a little while, and smelling the lake.

Here’s a couple of pictures I did take.

Grey Wagtail in his usual place.
And it wouldn’t be an outing without a cheeky Robin coming to say hello.

The best medicine of all.
More appointments for next week, and an exercise regime at the hospital in a couple of weeks.


  1. Well done! I'm glad that you enjoyed the trip and got some very nice images too - you don't see enough grey wag shots. Don't push yourself too hard though - you'll have us all worried!

  2. Presume you went to Caldecotte. Did you see the drake Smew? Present for 2 days now. South end of South Lake near the island.

  3. Nice one Keith and yes I think you are right about that. Lovely shots. That Robin is a beauty. Keep it up :-)

  4. Lovely shots Keith and it does sound as if was a tonic for you. But please do be careful you do not over do it....take it very easy for a while.

  5. Well Keith the Grey Wag was certainly a nice reward for your efforts.

  6. Good on you but dont over do it Keith.

  7. Hi Keith,
    I guess this was good for you, of course, the moral is also very important, but be careful.... It was nice that the robin came to say hello and to give you the opportunity to get some nice pictures! Take it easy mate!

  8. I know an exercise you need to demand. It is the camera/lens lift and squat. Still low impact but good for the heart and soul. The pictures are great. Besure not to over do it, keep your spirits up and try to enjoy yourself. Best wishes.

  9. I didn't think you would sit still for too long! Great shots.

  10. Thanks Mark. I really needed to get out, if only for a short while. I think a day in resting tomorrow though lol

    Cheers Rob. Yea, Caldecotte; but I never saw the Smew unfortunately. He must have been further than I managed to get. :(

    Thanks Angie. I think the Robin has a way of lifting the spirits.

    Thanks Trevor. Feeling a bit tired now, but I’m glad I managed to get out for a while.

    Roy, thanks. Can usually find him in this little spot.

    Thanks Keith. I think a day in tomorrow lol

    Cheers Chris. It was good to get out.

    David, thank you. The camera exercise; that sound good lol

    Cheers Frank; you know how it is lol

  11. quality not quantity!! lovely Robin!!

    I empathise. when you are confined it is so frustrating!!

  12. Thanks for your comment Pete. It's hard to keep in sometimes :(

  13. I'm very pleased that you went out in winter air, but naughty. The Wagtail was my favourite.

  14. It is just amazing the little things we miss when we can't go about on our usual routine. Glad you had that friend to take you. I knew you would have to sneak out and get a couple of moments with mother nature. Be well. A~

  15. It is great to get away from the same four walls and I'm sure you were more relaxed being able to get out for a while than feeling pent up and confined to barracks. Just make sure you don't overdo it Keith.

    Lovely photo of the Grey Wagtail. I've only seen one once fleetingly.

  16. I smiled all the way through your post! Thanks.

  17. Can't blame you one bit. It's good for your soul to get out and reconnect with nature. Keep healing.

  18. I can't see how a bit of fresh air would do much harm at all. The very best medicine for me! What beautiful shots hon! How are you feeling....??? Ok no more scares like that or I will have to jump the pond and yell at you!
    Given I am not much of a yeller..take care of you please:)!! Hugs, Sarah

  19. I'm glad you got out. It had to have done you more good...than harm! That cheery little robin looks like the best medicine. The last photo is perfect...

  20. Thanks Bob. The fresh air was great :)

    Andrea, thank you. A welcome boost to be able to get out.

    John, thanks. It was like visiting an old friend, going to the lake for a while.

    Dale, thank you. I was smiling the whole time I was out. :)

    Thanks Hilary. The greatest medicine going.

    Sarah, thank you. It made me feel better while I was out; tired when I got back though lol

    Thanks Kelly. That little Robin always appears when I’m in his little part of the lake. So bold and curious.

  21. beautiful shots Keith. I think it is good to get out and get some fresh air and move around some. take care!!

  22. Keith! You naughty boy :) Please, please take care! It must have been enjoyable though and of course the photos are as lovely as always. I hope you have been having a rest today, I'm sure it did your soul a power of good being back with your beloved birds :)

  23. I think that the photography is the best medicine for you.:-)
    Very nice photos!!

  24. Glad you're recovering.I can empathise with the urge to be out - a mental boost really does work wonders.

  25. I dont see anything wrong with you getting out of the house!! Do you more good than anything Im sure!! Glad to know you are feeling good and looking forward to the future--and the photos are great!!! Good deal!

  26. Take your time to heal, and whenever possible get back to the lake, that will surround you with our Earth Mothers loving energy,, which of course will aid in your recovery. Beautiful moments of serenity can profoundly heal that which the doctors fail to do......

  27. Love your cheeky robin! I'm glad you were able to get out - it sounds like your spirits were lifted which is important when the body is healing. Mind over matter, right?

    I'm praying for you every day - and I hope that you can have a cream cake at least every once in a while!

    Hugs to you!

  28. All your shots are breath taking! I love all of them. I am new to this photography and i am learning. I hope i get to know more photographers that can help me to understand about photography. I am willing to learn though, and i would love to listen if someone will teach me. All your shots are lovely....

  29. Thanks for your comment Doreen. It was good to get out for a while.

    Thanks Jan. Had plenty of rest Saturday; just watched the birds in the garden.

    Thanks Kozma, you’re right. The very best medicine. :)

    Carol, thank you. It was something I needed to do; and felt so much better after.

    Thanks Dixxe. Can’t wait to get out again lol

    Gemel, thank you for stopping by. Your words are so very true.

    Thanks Jen. Certainly was a great lift, but felt very tired once I’d got home.
    I’ve been told the cream cake is ok, as a special treat occasionally.

    Utah Mommy, thank you for stopping by, and your comments.
    One of the best ways to learn, is to take lots of pictures; and don’t be afraid to experiment. Enjoy what you do, and have fun.

  30. Yes - it was naughty but I'm sure I would have done the same; and the tonic seems to have worked. But..... Your shutter finger seems to be in good working order;) Lovely!!

  31. Sorry to hear of your health problems - I've just heard about them (my wife who reads your blog told me!) get well soon.

  32. Good for you buddy. You have to get out of course, just be careful ;-) Lovely shots as usual.

  33. Keith, I haven't been much on my (and any other) blog lately but a while ago I opened it and was curious to know what's behind the title of your blog "I had to do it". I had to go a little further into the past to understand and get to know what happened and I am so sorry to have read those news about the heart attack. You were lucky to come through it and I keep my fingers crossed for you to get better and to be strong. Take care of yourself, best regards! Petra

  34. Keith - that was probably the best medicine ever, however, do take it easy! OKAY! Nice shots my friend.

  35. Apologies for late replies. Not been on computer so much, so a lot of catching up to do.

    Tricia, thank you. I’m finding it hard sometimes trying to stick to what they say I can and can’t do. lol

    Thanks for your good wishes Jim.

    Cheers Nick. Just a short time outside, makes such a big difference.

    Petra, thank you. A big shock and scare when it happened, but I’m slowly on the mend now; hopefully. Thanks again.

    Lenora, thank you. Great medicine, and a great confidence booster too.

  36. Love the second shot. the composition is great.

  37. Neil, sorry I missed your comment.
    Thank you for stopping by.

  38. Glad you got a trip out, I'm sure it did you a lot of good. Lovely photos :) Thanks for keeping us all up to date. We're all thinking about you.

  39. Gently does it Keith, great to see your mobile again. Good luck Bob

  40. Hi again Keith, I just popped in again to say I hope things are still improving for you and that the appointments are going well.

    You're probably fed up with me popping in so much but I don't want you to think you are not being thought of :)

  41. Omi, thanks for your comments; appreciate them.

    Cheers Bob.

    Jan, thanks. Not fed up with your visits at all. Thank you :)

  42. holdingmoments that is the best, and I say again the best medicine to get out. I would do the same if I could. And you know you still captured amazing photographs. Thanks for sharing. Anna :)

  43. Anna, thank you. It did make a big difference getting out. :)