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Friday, 12 February 2010

Still here

I started to do a post, and then scrapped it. I’m trying to get my head round all that has happened, and I’m not making a very good job of it.

I was going to put my thoughts down; but decided against that. I’m not sure what my thoughts are myself, so it’s pointless trying to put it down here.

On a positive note though, the ‘no smoking’ is going well. It’s just the rest of it.

I have ventured out a couple of times; although not too far, a short walk still feels like I’ve run a marathon.

So, a few random pictures from the last few days; and a few from the garden to finish on.

Some catching up to do now...............


  1. Not lost your touch with the camera, keep plugging away, things can only get better.

  2. take it easy! your body just went through some intense stress - physical, mental, and emotional. I'm praying for you every day, and sending you positive energy and happy thoughts too.


  3. Brilliant garden selection, you have still got the touch.
    S & L

  4. So glad you're not fed up with me Keith :) cos here I am again! It was bound to catch up with you eventually, there is an awful lot to get your head around. I'm sure time will help, I really hope there is someone you can talk to about it as to some extent you are probably in shock. I know when I was rushed to hospital about five years ago with severe pneumonia, which had crossed the blood/brain barrier, it took me ages, when I came home, to make sense of it all and the thing that helped the most was to talk about it, to try and make sense of it. Or you could try writing it down even if you rip it up afterwards, it might help just to get it out.

    Anyway, it is clear none of this has affected your talent, the photos are beautiful. All the birds seemed to have their eye on you :)

    Take care Keith, I'm thinking of you.

  5. Some great photos there! Just been reading over your last few posts. Scary stuff. Hope that the convalesence is going well, and you feel much better really soon. In the meantime, don't push yourself too much!

  6. They're beautiful.
    You have such lovely visitors.
    Keep up the good work with the smoking bit. The rest is sure to get easier with time. A~

  7. That is a beautiful Goldfinch Keith and I have never seen a Blackbird with whiskers before.{:)

  8. Hi Keith,
    Some nice pictures you got there. I'm so impressed to see nice birds like goldfinch coming to feeders.... You got him very well... I hope you will get better soon mate. Take care!

  9. Don't run before you can walk Keith. My dad was out of hospital only ten days after a triple by pass. Took him about three months to get fully back up to speed. Patience is what you need!!

  10. some nice pics. keep your chin up, easier said than done i know

  11. Just keep taking it steady Keith...it is for the best. Glad you are still off the ciggies..well done.
    Love the Robin and Goldfinch photographs.

  12. Keith, I'm so sorry to hear about your illness. Something like that comes really unexpected, it changes probably your life completely, but you need to be optimistic. It's good that you gave up smoking, your diet will be more healthy and if you against all odds you'll be the winner. I'm waiting for another great posts from you.

  13. Cheers Adrian.

    Thanks Jen, appreciate your thoughts.

    Sam & Lisa, thank you. :)

    Jan, thank you. I’ve written a few thoughts down, and I talk to Jim; he pretends to be a good listener lol
    I’ll get there ;)

    Ian, thanks for stopping by, and your comments. Appreciate it.

    Andrea, thank you.

    Thanks Roy. The Blackbird is the only bird I’ve noticed with whiskers before lol

    Cheers Chris. The Goldfinches really brighten a day when they visit.

    Thanks Bob. I think being realistic; it’s going to be a couple of months at least. Unless I’m sat in the woods watching birds, patience isn’t one of my strong points though lol

    Thanks Pete :)

    Trevor, thanks for your comment.

    Andor, thank you for your comments.
    Big shake up in my life; but getting back on track, gradually :)

  14. Hi Keith - don't rush your thoughts....let them come slowly; you've a number of changes to get used to so take your time. Easy to say I know......

    Your pictures are as great as ever though - so nothing to worry about there ;)

    And that whiskered blackbird looks like - a wise old bird! Love all your pictures as ever.

  15. Thanks for your comment Tricia.
    The picture taking is a great way to just switch off from everything. Really good therapy :)

  16. Nice shots and good to hear that you are making progress on your "No Smoking" which is an achievement in itself...Thomas

  17. Well done with the three weeks non smoking. Time is the only healer but it is easier said than done to be patient and let life drift past for a while. It came easy to me as I was born idle but I know you like to keep active.
    Great photos of your garden visitors.

  18. It will get better. Honest! In the meantime try to console yourself with the fact that your garden photos make us no less jealous than your ones from further afield!!

  19. Fantastic Garden collection Keith,the Goldfinch is my favourite.
    Take life one step at a time,every thing should come out fine.
    It takes TIME.

  20. Thanks for your comment Thomas. :)

    Cheers John. I’m sure you’re not ‘idle’; but that did make me laugh when I read that lol

    Scriptor, thank you. Thank goodness for the garden visitors ;)

    John, thanks for your comment. Yea, I need to slow down a bit I think.

  21. ...these are beautiful photos, Keith. That little robin with the green lichens under his feet makes me feel happy. He is so sweet.

    Take it easy.........I remember Rick's recovery. It was hard and scary. Thank goodness spring is around the corner.

  22. Thanks Kelly.
    This recovery business is a bit like a mystery tour and a trip into the unknown all rolled into one.

  23. Hi Keith...I havent been able to devote much time to blogs lately myself...Im trying to catch up-Looks like you have had some beautiful visitors to your feeders, we had a big snow here over the weekend so now going through the melt and muck of that...
    I did get out in the snow with the dogs and play in it a bit--was cold tho!! Glad to see you are making progress on the life style changes...Its not easy but its so worth it!!

  24. Hi hon...I think it takes a bit to get back on your feet and feeling yourelf again..have patience with you!
    Big whoots to you on the smokes..Jim is still trying to rid himself of those!
    The pictures are stunning...I especially like the dove...such a clean shot!!
    I went and bought myself a telephoto lens..I blamed you LOL! Of course I have had it for a solid week and not a single bird to be found...even went out into the woods and nothing...sigh. Soon..I will find one soon!
    Sending you a great big hug and breathe hon, Sarah

  25. Thanks Dixxe. I think the garden visitors are helping me keep my sanity lol
    I'm hoping we've seen the last of the snow here.

    Thanks Sarah. New lens? I'm sure the birds are just hiding temporarily; you'll soon get them. ;)

  26. You're still very much in touch with the Universe. Your photos are proof of that. Take good care.. things have a way of getting better when you do.

  27. holdingmoments you are full of surprises, these are excellent images, Anna :) PS where do you live, lol?

  28. Hilary, thank you for your comment. Appreciate it.

    Thanks John :)

    Anna, thank you for your kind words. :)

  29. A wonderful variety you've found Keith . I always look forward to seeing what you find.

  30. Thanks Nick. I'll be glad when I can start to venture a bit further though lol