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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Summer Leys, final part

I’ll finish off the Summer Leys visit with this selection; starting with some LBJ’s

They don’t come much 'littler' than this little Wren.

Tree Sparrow. Small, brown mostly. I think he’ll qualify.

Male Reed Bunting. Getting his summer plumage on his head, but still mostly ‘brown’.
And this one,

a Dunnock. Definitely a LBJ.
When I first arrived, the sharp frost had the place in its grip, so a quick wander to the nearest hide from the car park. The water was pretty high, and the island a little way in front of the hide almost non-existent. Enough though for a few Lapwing, and a handful of Golden Plover with them.

I was pleased to see them; and then I noticed something else wandering the edge.

A Redshank, probing around the mud. Most of everything else, seemed to be on the far side of the lake; isn’t that always the way? A slow walk was in order.

Slow indeed. By the time I’d finished four hours had rushed past somehow, but I’d had a great time. I’ll finish off with four more little birds, that all co-operated that morning for their photo shoot.



Long Tailed Tit

And a good old Robin. He looked lost in his thoughts, sat there.


  1. A very productive visit Keith, how I would like a Wren to add to my collection. Superb shots as always.

  2. Hi Keith,
    Waht a nice collection you got there... I love the robin picture a lot, I do not happen to see them so often and even I did not see it in France last summer! But this picture is really splendid... I can see you got our golden plover, although strangely some stayed here this year!

  3. Great photos of your LBJs Keith. I always think of the LTTs as Humpty Dumpty with a tail.

  4. Lovely photos again Keith, you had a very productive visit. A great collection of LBJs, I don't find the Wren easy to photograph but you (of course) have no problem. I keep hoping that the odd House Sparrow that visits the garden will one day turn out to be a Tree Sparrow!

    Summer Leys sounds like a very nice place to visit with plenty to see, four hours very well spent :)

  5. ...the Long-tailed Tits crack me up every time I see them. They are just round balls of fluff cute as can be! I need to go and look up their song. I bet it's pretty. Love all the LBJs!

  6. What a wonderful flock of photos. Birds are not always the easiest to photograph but you make it seem as simple as breathing.

  7. Thanks Adrian. I always have an enjoyable visit there, whatever the weather. One of my favourite places to visit.

    Thanks Chris. I’ve seen quite a few Golden Plovers recently. Beautiful birds.

    Thanks Bob. :)

    Thanks John. Great little characters the LTT’s.

    Thank you Jan. I was lucky with that Wren; he just sat there in front of me of for ages.

    Kelly, they are great little birds; and quite vocal too.

  8. Thank you Hilary. Very kind of you to say that. :)

  9. Every time I see your robin, I remember the robin in "The Secret Garden"...and the story is so much richer.

    Looks like you are on a good path to recovery. I'm glad! :)

  10. These are all great pictures, Keith, but that that long-tailed tit one looks so cute, it might be my favorite. head -on shots always make me smile :)

  11. Great set of images Keith. I have yet to see a Tree Sparrow.. Like the Greenfinch and of course the Robin. You can always bank on the Robin to get you out of trouble if you are experiencing a bad day.

  12. You are the most diligent bird photographer.:-) Nice photos.

  13. Got a soft spot for them little dumpy Wren's with the pert tails. Looks like The Chaffs got up late and is having a bad hair day ;-)

  14. These are all superb shots Keith. I really like the little Wren the best.

  15. Hope re-hab is going OK. (That sounds a bit like you're recovering alcoholic!!!) Your heart problem obviously hasn't done your photography any harm.

  16. The robin looks downright pensive. Somehow you always manage to capture the personalities along with the likenesses of the birds you photograph; a real talent.


  17. Thank you Bob

    Thanks Jen. Lovely little characters the Robins.
    I’m steadily making progress; I think :)

    Jill, thank you. Cute is the right word for those little Long tailes ;)

    Thanks Trevor. I agree, the Robin always seems to be there when you want him.

    Kozma, thank you. Appreciate that.

    Thanks Debbie. The Chaffinch is doing his Rod Stewart impression lol

    Thanks Roy :)

    Thanks Scriptor. Had to laugh at the ‘alcoholic’ mention. Seems to be going well, but early days yet.

    Wilma, thank you for your kind words.

  18. Thank you for your comment Bhavesh :)