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Monday, 22 February 2010

Summer Leys

As I mentioned in the previous post, Summer Leys usually turns up something of interest. Well, after the Robin redbreast, another bird with a red breast. But this one isn’t usually as co-operative.

I wandered down the footpath towards one of the hides, when I caught a glimpse of a couple of birds fly into the trees ahead. Smallish, and a flash of white, it meant probably only one bird. The Bullfinch. I slowly made my way towards the tree, hoping they’d stay put long enough for a picture. A male and female; and as usual they were buried amongst the branches, making a clear shot and focusing impossible. I crept forward, eventually getting under the tree, and hoping they’d move out from the cover a little.

The male almost obliged.

Still hidden behind some branches, but not so many as to be too distracting. His partner was close by, enjoying the succulent new buds.

No wonder they weren’t popular in orchards years ago, and many were trapped and killed. Even now, although protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, under licence, they may be killed (usually by shooting) or taken in cage traps for the purpose of preventing serious damage to the buds of fruit trees.
Well, thankfully they’re safe here.
The male moved from his cover, and then turned his back on me.

I pleaded with him to turn round, and eventually he obliged.

Not perfect, but the clearest shot I’ve had of one.

Just got back from a very tiring re-hab session at the hospital. Probably done more exercise there in an hour, than I have in the last 50 years! So, I’ll sort out the rest of the pictures from Saturday, and unwind by watching the birds in a snow-covered garden.
Whatever you’re doing; enjoy it.


  1. Lovely pictures of the Bullfinches. Yesterday, my OH said two female Bullfinches appeared in our garden, so I hope that means we do have two pairs, two male Bullfinches appeared a couple of days ago.

  2. Wow too cool Keith... This is a very nice post and the last shot is fantastic. So nice that this nice male did behave like you wanted... The whole set is beautiful though ;-)

  3. Adorable bird, great photos!

  4. Thanks Linda. They're beautiful, but shy birds.
    You're very fortunate to have them visit your garden.

    Thanks Chris. Not often I manage to get a clear shot of these. Very pleased.

    Müge, thank you for stopping by, and your comment. Appreciate it.

  5. lovely pics. they are a super bird

  6. Stunning set of pics, you have certainly bounced back.

  7. Cheers Pete :)

    Sam and Lisa, thank you.

  8. Ah, you have got those birds that I can't even speak about. That is the nice compendium of the Bullfinches.

  9. Excellent Keith. I'd be as pleased as punch to get a Bullfinch. You have a knack for finding all sorts mate :-)

  10. Excellent images as usual - bullfinches have become far too scarce down here. Good luck with the exercise - it'll get easier I'm sure!

  11. Good to see you back in the swing of things. Hope the nurses didn't wear you out! Lol.

    Super shots of this shy species. FAB.

  12. Thanks Bob. Lovely birds aren’t they :)

    Thanks Keith.

    Nick, thanks. I was very pleased with them. Missed the Yellowhammer that day though, unfortunately. :(

    Thanks Mark. We’ve got a few places here where they can usually be spotted.

    Frank, I wear out far too quickly these days lol

  13. What lovely colourful photos to cheer up a dull Winter day. When I was a child they were such a common sight in our garden. I can remember watching them from my bedroom window, my Mum and Dad used to despair at them constantly stripping the buds from our fruit trees. Such a shame that they have been persecuted to the point where I, personally have only seen one fleetingly in my garden since my childhood.

    So glad to hear that things are progressing steadily, it sounds like they really put you through your paces at the hospital!

  14. Its such a colorful bird!! You got some some great shots of them--I hope they will be protected for generations to come! Glad the rehab is going well-continued good health!

  15. Beautiful.. love that male colours.

  16. Stunning shots Keith,they are Sues favourite Finch.
    Well done.

  17. Thanks Jan. Such a shame they’re in decline in general. There’s a few places round here though that they seem to have kept a hold onto.
    Exercise and me never really went together, apart from walking the dog, or walking round the woods or lake. lol

    Dixxe, thank you. I was very pleased they didn’t take flight as I got closer. Something they usually do.

    Thank you Tabib. Yea, the male is a very handsome and colourful bird.

  18. Thanks John. They are beauties aren't they.

  19. Hi Keith,
    I am fine thanks. I was snowed in for three weeks over Christmas and New Year and my computer crashed, so that took a week to repair and another three weeks to recover all the data from my hard disc. Weather so awful and everywhere so wet that I have just not bothered with the countryside. I hope to get a start again in March when I am home from a wedding I am off to this week. Thanks for your concern.
    Best wishes

  20. How Beautiful. I love the contrasting cap and the brilliant orange plumage. Those wings almost tuxedo like. Keep up the good work with the exercises!

  21. I'm glad you're ok Emma; apart from the weather and the computer problems. Hope the wedding goes well, and look forward to seeing some new posts soon. :)

    Thanks Andrea. He's certainly a well dressed bird ;)

  22. I thought I had commented on this Keith, I must have cocked it up somehow the last time I tried. That last shot of the male is just brilliant and you caught him just right.

  23. Thanks Roy.
    I sometimes read a post, get distracted, then think I've commented, and move on. lol