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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 19 February 2010


Hoping to go somewhere tomorrow, if it doesn’t snow like the forecast says it will. Not decided where yet, somewhere close to home.

Yesterday I had a quick trip into Woburn, and decided on a walk along the footpath through the deer park. Maybe some deer would be about?

It was freezing cold, and very dull as I made my way through the trees, along the path to the ‘park’. A few birds singing from above, and some Canada Geese calling from the small lake. And there, on the other side, picking its way through the long grass, a small deer. He hadn’t seen, or heard me. I stood still, and watched as he came forward from the long grass curtain.

A youngster by the looks of him, or her. He stopped, looked around, and moved forwards some more. A sound made him look back; I held my breath.

He carried on, and then stopped. Had he seen me?

We stared at each other for ages. Neither of us wanting to move. I was in no rush. He sniffed the air, but no breeze would carry my scent. He gazed forward, eyes not moving from mine. Voices in the distance; a couple walking their dog. And then he was gone; melting into the long grass once again.

I carried on, the sky turning blacker with each step. Past the stables, as the footpath led the way ahead, through the park. Then a ‘patter’, as rain hit my coat. A mixed flock of Fieldfare and Redwing were probing the grass ahead; but no sign of the mighty stags I’d seen on my previous visit.
The rain began to turn to snow, light flurries at first, but quickly becoming more earnest in its desire to blanket the ground once again. My breathing was becoming deeper, maybe I’d walked a bit too far……..……….I decided to turn back and a slow walk towards the car park.
Always another day.


  1. Thats a Chinese Water Deer Keith, quite a catch. They are getting more common now, not common enough for me to have seen one unfortunately.

  2. Lovely pictures of the deer, his face is almost teddybear like with his thick fur and even his ears are thick with fur:-) He or she is really cute.

  3. Great image of this funny looking guy ;)

  4. Hi Keith! This is priceless. These photos have my curosity up...as the deer look so different than the ones in Ca. Thanks for sharing. Take Care :)

  5. What a great encounter Keith. I didn't realise they had such hairy ears. Just the thing for the kind of weather we have been having.

  6. Good images and words Keith, your thoughts on the day are always recorded in great detail on your blog. Greta work.

  7. Hi Keith,I don't think it's a youngster. It's a Chinese Water Deer. Lots around my way. Their face always reminds me of a Teddy Bear.

  8. Wow I've never seen this type of deer before, they have very teddy like ears don't they. Just this morning my partner Phil spotted some deer in Pleasington Wood for the first time. Lucky us huh ;-)

  9. A moment to cherish, grand shots of an elusive beast.

  10. glad to see you are getting out and about. nice shots as always, quite the find.

    in my new house now and finally have internet again. I will have to get back into the swing of things.

  11. What a sweetie! I confess I don't think I have ever heard of a Chinese Water Deer, a thrilling encounter Keith. Love the face to face photo.

    Take care Keith, don't go overdoing it!

  12. Thanks for the ID Roy. I wasn’t too sure myself.

    Thanks for your comment Linda. Yea, he reminded me of a teddy bear lol

    Dominic, thank you for stopping by, and your comment. :)

    Lenora, thank you. I think this is the first time I’ve seen this particular deer. The older ones have small tusks.

    Thanks John. The ears really are hairy. Definitely high on the ‘cute’ scale ;)

    Thanks Bob. Appreciate that.

    Rob, thanks. First time I’ve knowingly seen one of these. I must get out more lol

    Thanks Capt. Always a thrill to see deer out in the wild. :)

    Cheers Adrian. He was very wary all the time.

    Thanks Doreen. Hope it all went well for you. :)

    Jan, thank you. It was a great moment, just staring at each other like that. A real tonic.

  13. Glad to see you got out Keith and enjoyed some sun! Great spot of the Chinese Water Deer - nice one! And yes I agree - a bit like a cuddly teddy bear!

    Note your comment about turning back - sounds like the right time to do this given the weather an' all!! :D

  14. Hi, is posible make photos like your with 55-200mm? I think "not", that's true?

  15. Tricia, thanks. The little deer made up for not seeing the bigger stags. :)
    It was a good job I turned back when I did. Not often I make a sensible decision. lol

    RMN1, I use 100-400mm most of the time, but it never seems big enough at times. :)
    A 55-200mm is a good starting point though. In some places nature will allow you to get closer than others. Patience and luck are the main ingredients for success I think.

  16. Great shots. You managed well to stay stealth and you`ve got some beauty on sensor.

    The form of the head, ears and eyes of the deer looks unfamiliar to me, it seem they are very different from deer I see near my home town. And, I must add, I cannot photograph like you...

  17. Thank Marius, appreciate your comments.

    This species of deer was introduced in this country in the 1870's, in zoos, and the Duke of Bedfords collection. Some escaped over time, or were deliberatley released into the wild, and are slowly increasing their range.

  18. must have been a great experience. Is there enough snow for good landscape shots? We are in the middle of Summer here in Aus.

  19. A great moment indeed Dev.
    At the moment it's trying to snow; but mixed with rain. The snow that had settled has gone from here, but some places do have some. I'll be glad when it's all gone lol

  20. Keith, these are fantastic. Even without your narrative (which was very well worded) the intensity on the deer's face is perfect. I could feel his eyes on me as if I had been the one standing there.


  21. Thanks Jen. He certainly seemed to be studying me. Probably wondered what I was lol

  22. Beeeeautiful little fella. I thought this was a Sika Deer ?

  23. An extraordinary encounter so superbly captured. FAB.

  24. Cheers Nick. Pretty certain it's a 'Chinese' now. :)

    Thanks Frank. A great moment.