Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Monday, 1 March 2010

Caption and greetings

Today the sun is shining!!

And I've got a busy day at the hospital, with a rehab session and stuff. Typical!

Maybe I can get out later, somewhere, with the camera.

So, today, just a picture from a few days ago, that I thought cried out for a caption, so feel free to leave one.

And before I go, today is the birthday of a fellow blogger. A dam fine man too. If you don't know him, go check out his site, Adrians Images, and wish him Happy Birthday.
If you are a follower of his blog, you'll probably already know; so...........


  1. How about "Hen Pecked?".
    Thank you very much Keith and good luck with rehab, sounds like you are just coming off Crack or something.

  2. "Yes Dear!"

    Glad you are getting out too. By the way, the second goose with its head down is a cross between a Greylag and a Canadian goose.
    (chin strap, beak and leg color etc.)
    Sorry, i used to be a zoo keeper and / well I see things :)

  3. Take time to visit http://mountainlyon.blogspot.com/
    and read the last couple of posts, you and I received complements there.

  4. Thanks Adrian, and enjoy your day mate.

    Thanks Dale; and for the ID ;)
    I'll check out the link too.

  5. "You never loved me!" Sadly, that is only one small part of what Dennis and I overheard while tent camping years ago.

  6. To slightly re-work an old joke...'If I could swim that way I wouldn't need the talcum powder' ;)

    Hope you managed to enjoy some of the sunshine over the last two days Keith and that the appointment went well.

  7. Nice one Wilma. I like that.

    Jan, like that too. :)
    The weather has been great hasn't it. Appointment ok, and got out today for a few hours. Feel tired now though.

  8. HI Keith, Sounds like you are doing great!! I am drawing a complete blank for the photo caption...but it looks like the riot act is being read...lol
    Ive been so busy working or a boring project just to earn money it leaves me uninspired--but a wee bit of jingle to keep the fires burning a little longer tho---

  9. Your blog header is fantastically wonderful!

  10. Thanks Dixxe. I've managed to get out a fair bit, but having a tough time getting anything worth showing lol
    Hope the work keeps going for those fires ;)

    Thank you Tammie, appreciate that :)

  11. Hi Keith. Hope March brings you winds of joy.
    A Robin in the hand is worth two bottles of Tonic.

  12. Loved seeing your goose w/ his extended neck out! Reminds me of the time one chased me and was trying to bite my tush when I was walking in a park - lol!

  13. Thanks Trevor, You're certainly right about the Robin.

    Thanks Shelley. They can be quite aggresive at times; but comical with it lol