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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I was sorting through some pictures the other day, and came across this one.

I think it cries out for a caption, do you?


  1. lol Thinking along the same lines as me Trevor.
    Yea, like that one.

  2. " Ahhhh THAT'S where I left it ! "

  3. "It's the cold weather Duckie it affects everything."

  4. ROFLMAO Keith.....giggle snort..blowing coffee through my nose.....this is great! You have no idea how badly I needed a laugh this evening!!
    Heeheehee~~ Thank you hon, Sarah

  5. Thanks Nick. Somewhere safe? lol

    Roy, thanks. I think we all know that one lol

    Sarah, glad you enjoyed this. A little nonsense now and then is great for the soul :)

    Cheers Adrian. That and my age lol

  6. Its quackers really the things lenths you go to impress a lady. These orange tights are a damn nuisance, always wrinkling at the ankle and snagging on the ice.

  7. Hi,
    What a nice picture... I think I might check today if our lakes are still frozen!!! It has been raining so much that they should not!

  8. 'Look at that daft duck standing upside down on the ice.'

  9. "You have something stuck in your feathers Mister!"
    Ha - great photo!! Funny too!

  10. It's a great and comical photo Keith and I can't improve on any of the previous comments other than getting even ruder which I can't do as I'm a laaady!! :)

  11. He he, nice one Debbie. Thanks

    Hope you start getting some better weather soon Chris.

    Cheers John. :)

    Thanks Shelley.

    Jan, I’m sure a ‘laaady’ like yourself doesn’t make rude comments lol