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Monday, 22 March 2010

Down at the waterhole.

We all need to drink, and that’s just as true of the birds. Whilst waiting for the Crossbills to turn up the other day at Sandy, all sorts of birds came down to the water for a quick drink, or a bath.

And a surprise visitor too.

Mr. Chaffinch stopped off for a quick drink. No surprise there. He was soon joined by another, who got straight into the serious business of washing.

They all make it look such fun, splashing around in the water.

A Great Tit stopped off for a quick drink,

and another felt the need for a good old soaking.

He really entered into the spirit of it all.

A Blue Tit and a Goldfinch up next,

a rather cautious drink, whilst a Great Spotted Woodpecker looked on.

There could be danger lurking at a place like this. Someone needs to keep an eye out.

A quick drink, and then a dip, from a Blackbird,

a Robin makes a brief appearance,

and then suddenly everyone leaves.

The reason?

A Sparrowhawk. It seems this handsome chap has cottoned on to the fact that there is a ready supply of food down at the waterhole.

Not today though. They all managed to fly off just in time. Apart from one…….

The lookout just slid under the trunk, and froze, until the danger passed.



  1. Oh jeez! I was fully expecting to see a hawk attack, and a bit scared of what it would look like.


    Great post!

  2. The little birds certainly do soak themselves. Makes me wonder how they manage to take off.
    Brilliant photos of the Sparrowhawk.

  3. Lovely series here.. Love that 'Great Spotted Woodpecker' image...

  4. Smart woodpecker. You have such colorful birds and different ones than we have. I'm amazed at the friendliness of your robins which differ from ours. Wonderful entry but who doesn't love the bird world?...thanks for sharing
    Bless Your Day

  5. Hi Keith,
    Euh wow what a day you got there! Plenty of interesting birds to get pictures of, and some very nice shots. I love the woodpecker (especially the first one) pictures and the sparrowhawk ones are sumptuous! Well done!

  6. What a life, moving rapidly along, after the Sparrowhawk, which is a wonderful being. Isn't it fantastic.

  7. Thanks Jen. He made a swoop, but didn’t seem very bothered about catching anything. Certainly scared the birds away though for a while.

    John, thanks. Yea, some of them really get stuck into it.

    Angad, thank you for your comment. :)

    Dar, thank you for your comments. Our little Robin seems very different to yours; but all have their own individual characters.

    Cheers Chris. Always enjoy my visits there.

    Thanks Bob. The Sparrowhawk is a beauty.

  8. Keith, these are amazing photos, well captured. Another great action photos. Anna :)

  9. Great text and fabulous images again. Sparrow Hawk is stunning.

  10. Thank you Anna, appreciate your comments.

    Thanks Bob. He's a stunning bird.

  11. Lovely set of images Keith. That Sparrowhawk is really special. I have never been lucky to see one there, but I usually get told by others that I should have been there 10 minutes earlier. {:(
    I take it the scaffolding has been removed from the front of the hide then.?

  12. Nice Images Keith I must agree with Bobbster the Sparrow Hawk is a fine looking bird, your photography sure does it justice.

  13. Roy, I think they are the words we all hate to hear; 'should have been here 10 minutes earlier' lol
    The Sparrowhawk has been fairly regular recently, even bathing in the small bit of water behind the main pond; and yea, the scaffold has gone now.

    Thank you Keith. The Sparrowhawk is a great subject. I just pressed the shutter ;)

  14. I am knocked out by the quality and I just love behaviour shots. You are well back in the saddle.

  15. Great stuff, Keith! The photos are superb.

  16. Great sets of pics. And as John says, it's always amazing that those wet feathers are capable of getting the birds flying again.

    Cracking shots of the Woodie in particular! How do you get your pic so sharp..!

  17. Superb photo-story. I loved to see and read it.

    The most beautiful and poor bird among these I see is the woodpecker.

  18. Well done Keith. Lovely set of images at the waterhole. Wish I could get a good shot of a Sparrowhawk...they are always moving when I see one. Okay I am not Hawkeye and I know it.

  19. Sam and Lisa, thanks for your comments. Much appreciated.

    Wilma, thank you.

    Thanks Tricia.
    Software lol
    I’ll e-mail you a link if you want.

    Bhavesh, thank you for your comment. :)

    Cheers Trevor. I was lucky with that Sparrowhawk. He landed in just the right place. :)

  20. Brilliant! Those eyes of the Sparrowhawk, that stare, is amazing. Clever Woodpecker, she had sense (I say she, your GS Woodpecker looks like a female, there are no red markings on the face or neck)

  21. Thanks Linda. Yea, those eyes of the Sparrowhawk are really something.

  22. Another cracking post Keith. Very entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable. Lovely shots.

  23. Thanks Angie. Glad you enjoyed it.

  24. What an excellent series of photos!! You really outdid yourself here...the spotted woody is superb--that tit is soaked to the skin...lol and the magnificent gaze you caught on the face of that sparrow hawk is fantastic!! 5 stars ***** ;o)

  25. Dixxe, thank you very much for your comments.
    Some days it all seems to come together :)

  26. Keith, I was under the erroneous impression that you had already achieved perfection....We all make mistakes, got to be your best post yet.

  27. Adrian, thank you. Very kind of you to say. :)