Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Sunday, 28 March 2010

New day

A misty start to the day; what will it hold, as the sun quickly burns it away?

A Wren announces the new day, for those who care to know.
The Woodpecker stops to listen for danger,

and a Robin peers from the safety of a bush,

while the Moorhen continues his search for food.

A Tufted Duck glides across the water

as a male Wigeon gazes lovingly at his mate.

And a Long Tailed Tit wonders too, what the day will hold.


  1. Such a beautiful collection of birds and that foggy scene is just so wonderful.

  2. What a beautiful post with various birds very nicely photographed!

  3. Great set of images Keith I like the Wren and the Green Woodpecker

  4. A nice mornings therapy Keith. Wish I could get up close to a Green Woodpecker and Tree Sparrow. Only seen one G W and not a sight of a Tree Sparrow. Great shots

  5. Good morning

    I have enjoyed viewing your birds of the day...
    and look forward to checking your posts regularly

    happy days

  6. I really like the misty morning shot. your words describing each photo are so cool and right on the target. love the one ........ as a male Wigeon gazes lovingly at his mate.

  7. Quality images again, woodpecker is my favourite of this selection

  8. Oh I loved this post! The words and photos fit so perfectly together...almost like you planned it. :)

  9. Looks like it was worth getting up early. It's hard to believe that the first and last photos were taken on the same day!

  10. ...that first misty shot is incredible, and i really like the woodpecker. The colors are intense...

  11. really nice photos. your story sounds mystical and maybe a little whimsical. thanks for your comments on Flowers.

  12. All the images are great but I really like the top one "Misty start to the day".

  13. Thank you Hilary. That foggy scene is so different from today; it’s raining lol

    Muge, thank you for your comment. Appreciated.

    Thanks Keith. That Wren was so busy singing; I don’t think he noticed me. :)

    Thanks Trevor. Not many places round here I can see the Tree Sparrow these days.

    Delwyn, thank you for stopping by, following and commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit.

    Thanks Mark, appreciate your comment. And thanks for following too.

    Doreen, thank you. That first shot was pretty much straight from the camera. Had a few various attempts at editing, and decided the original looked best.

    Thanks Bob. I’d love to get really close to one, one day.

    Thanks Jen. Planned? Lol

    JoLyne, thank you. The two pictures were actually a couple of days apart, but they fitted the theme lol

    Kelly, thank you. The woodpecker is so colourful, and yet still difficult to see at times. And his eye sight is amazing; he sees me coming a mile away lol

    Thank you Ginger. Yea, sometimes reality isn’t so good; dreaming’s much better ;)

    Thanks for your comment Dale. I’m glad the mist cleared quickly after I got my shot.

  14. I really love of the misty morning, absolutely.

  15. It is only recently I have seen a Wren singing - such a lovely little songster.

    Moorhens do have such a strange mixture of colours, especially those green legs.

  16. Lovely images, i really like the Tufted Duck one...i had never seen this duck before ;)

  17. wow. nice blog you have here. Great effort and congrat on your hard work

  18. Keith,
    I want you to know, I frequently (daily) look at your blog but do not always leave a comment. Today, I went to your web site "holdingmoments". What a treat! You have some great pictures there and I hope you will add more as the spring turns into summer. I will be checking back again and again. I hope you health stays strong and you get several chances to get out and shoot. Thanks for your friendship and encouraging comments.

  19. Seems like the gremlins have struck. A lot of pictures are not showing here, and on some other blogs. Hope it’s all sorted soon.


    Bob, thanks for your comment. :)

    Thanks John. Powerful little singers the Wren.

    Dominic, thank you.

    Terence, thank you for stopping by, and commenting.

    Thanks for your kind words David, and glad you enjoyed the website.
    Think I’ll update a few on there, as the blog seems to be a bit broken at the moment lol

  20. Hi Keith,
    I'm back again after a very long pause. How are you, what are you doing? I hope you are OK now.
    I see you post again and some strange animals like seals ... but not only seals. I saw some very interesting posts with robins and swans ... well done,

  21. Hi Keith...I did notice Im having some problems getting photos to show..but I assumed its my dial up connection...so slooooooooww the tufted duck is awesome---

  22. Andor, good to see you back. I'm doing fine at the moment; getting better every day, I think lol

    Dixxe, thank you for your comment. It's blogger with the problems, but it all seems to be sorted now.

  23. Thats a super misty shots Keith and you got the true colours of the Green Woodpecker just right.

  24. Thanks Roy. I'd love to get a closer shot of the woodpecker though. They always see me coming though lol

  25. A special morning to walk and photograph. I can feel the cool air and the sound of nature. Wonderful.

  26. Thanks for your comment Marius :)

  27. Love this little Green Woodpecker. I was looking through the March issue of Gardeners World and they had a lovely big picture of one. Until then I never knew they existed... then not long after you posted this little pecker. Wonderful.

  28. Thanks Debbie. They've got quite a noisy call; like someone laughing.

  29. That foggy scene is beautiful: so atmospheric.

  30. Kerry, thank you for stopping by, following, and leaving a comment. Appreciate it. Thank you.