Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Some favourites

I’m getting a bit behind with my pictures at the moment. As fast as I get some ready to post, I take some more, and then the earlier ones get left behind a bit. Maybe I should stop going out with the camera for a while.

Maybe not. I enjoy it too much. And besides, I came pretty close to not going out at all a while ago lol

So, here are a few I’ve taken over the last few days, that for various reasons I really like. Some personal favourites, and why.

I took this today. A Cetti’s Warbler. Although probably not the best picture in the world, it’s the best one I’ve taken of a difficult little bugger to capture. I’ve been lucky enough to see them a few times now, and only twice managed pictures. Today, I was very happy.
I like this one.
And how many pictures of a Blue Tit do I need?
Words I recently said to a fellow blogger, Tricia.

Ok, so here’s another. Apart from the really clean colours of the bird, I’m happy with the angle he’s sitting, in relationship to the branches.
Yea, for now, I like it.
Now, another 'not brilliant picture', in the sense that the subject is out of focus.

The auto focus completely missed the Red Crested Pochards, and went for the branches instead. It wasn’t till I looked at it on the computer, that it somehow appealed to me though; maybe because it broke the ‘rules’.
A little extra piece to this picture……..there were 8 of these swimming around on this particular lake. A pair would have been good to see, but four pairs, wow!

And last one goes to my favourite bird. The Pheasant.

A handsome male. Took this low down on the floor of the woods, the sunlight picking him out as he walked into the spotlight. What lady Pheasant could resist such a beauty?

Hope you didn’t mind my little bit of indulgence. Back to normal next time.


  1. Four times I've edited this post, and every time it does its own bloody layout!!!

  2. Your indulgence is mine. I love your photos. That pheasant is magnificent!

  3. Nice selection of favorites. I'd be happy with any..all of them right now.

  4. You do an absolutely wonderful job of photographing the bird world. WOW...I love every one of them, but my fav is the Blue Tit..how sweet is that little bird...look at him, so perfect. All of them are winners in my book. Please keep them coming. Indulge away.

  5. LOL - read your comment.

    That pheasant...AMAZING.

    Love the ones with branches in focus too.

  6. Hilary, thank you. :)

    Frank, thanks. I should be doing other things, but…….

    Dar, thank you. The Blue Tit is such a dainty bird.

    Thanks Jen. I gave up in the end. No matter how big the gap between paragraphs, it decided to bunch it all together. I’m surprised it didn’t publish something completely different lol
    Ok, calm again……….thanks for your comment. :)

  7. Hi Keith,
    Well done on the Cettis. Hard enough to see , let alone photograph.
    Where were your R C Ps local?

  8. When you produce shots like this Keith, there's no such thing as too many pics. And make the most of every opportunity..

    That little Blue tit really posed beautifully!! Well done on the Cetti's - I'm not the least bit jealous of course (nor am I being entirely truthful either ;) )

    Thanks for your help the other day :D

  9. Indulge all you want Keith. Well done with the warbler and the colours on the pheasant are stunning.

  10. Hi Keith,
    Well I will say that a picture might not be your favorite because it's perfect or beautiful, but simply because it has a story!! I like your favorite very much, because they have a story and are based on your feelings and that's how it should be... I also have favorites that are really strange but they do have a story and that's why I love them!! Well done on this post, which I think, show us a little bit more of who you are ;-)

  11. Cheers Rob. The RC Pochards were at Linch Hill Leasure Park, Oxfordshire. I got lost a couple of weeks ago trying to get to Oxmoor, and finished up there. Strange place; but the birds were good.

    Tricia, thank you. The Cetti’s was a real treat. I know where they hide now lol

    Thanks John. The male Pheasant is such a colourful bird, especially when the sun catches him.

    Chris, thanks mate. Yea, some pictures just instantly appeal for various reasons, and all have a story there somewhere.

  12. Hey Keith,
    It's been quite sometime since I worked on the PC.Loved going through your posts...specially the shots of the Flyers are TERRIFIC!!!We all have your favourites and I like the broken rule shot.It's nice to be different:).Sorry will only be visting on and off cos both my kids are driving me CRAZY:)By the way that's a nice pic of yours!


  13. The branches looks are very good, (picture 3) and the Pheasant was especially beautiful.

  14. Shantana, thank you for your comment. I can imagine the kids take up a lot of time. But family comes first :)

    Bob, thank you :)

  15. Outstanding Pheasant,top notch Keith.
    The best i've seen.

  16. WOW..what color on that Pheasant--he is quite the lady killer I bet!! Its always fun to take notice of what comes out of the camera--to me its always a learning process--and each is good in one way or another-have a great weekend!!

  17. Keep going Keith..we will all slow down quick enough. Superb shot of your favourite.

  18. John, thank you. Appreciate your comment :)

    Thank you Dixxe. A good weekend to you to :)

    Thanks Trevor. :)

  19. Lovely set of pictures, I like the picture of the Pheasant:-) I know what you mean about the layout, when I have tried editing some of my posts ie puting more space between my pictures or the writing and then published the edited post, the layout has not changed, the gaps between the pictures or the writing remains the same.

  20. Thanks for your comment Linda.
    The 'edit' button is a bit of a joke at times isn't it. It doesn't edit lol

  21. Love that Pheasant colours.

  22. Thank you Tabib. The male is a really striking looking bird.