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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Monday, 8 March 2010


Another sunny day, and another trip to the hospital later, in the name of excercise.

This last week has been very spring like; sunshine everyday, except one, when it was a bit cloudy most of the time; but I did manage to get out every day to make the most of it.

Monday, 1st March, kicked off with sunshine; and a visit to the hospital. First sign of sun for ages, so a quick dash to the local lake, before the torture of re-hab. Photo opportunities were poor, more down to me I think, but some good birds seen. The briefest of flashes from a Kingfisher, as he tantalisingly flew past me, and some Bullfinches high in the trees. Lots of Blue and Great Tits, full of passion, chasing each other through the trees. Amazing what a bit of sunshine can do. And some distant displaying from the Great Crested Grebes. It was good to be out, even though a short visit.

Tuesday was equally good, with lovely sunshine quickly melting the frost.

Cheaper than a diffraction filter, but a similar effect. Shoot into the sun.

Wilstone Reservoir the first port of call, at Tring. Usually get a few waders along with the other birds; but not today. Too deep to wade. The water was the highest I’ve ever seen it.

Still a good morning though. Had an interesting chat with a fisherman, and the best bird was a Yellowhammer; a picture in the previous post.

I left there and drove just down the road to College Lakes reserve. A lot of building work still going on, with a new visitor centre almost finished.

Always worth a visit, with plenty to see. Best birds seen here today were Skylark, climbing into the sky, whilst singing their distinctive song.
Sunshine and the sound of Skylarks; what could be better? Yea, a picture. Sorry.

Dotted around the reserve are various bits of farm machinery and other ‘things’.

Here’s one of the ‘things’

Another ‘diffraction’ shot; into the sun.

A lot of the trees were beginning to come into bud, and some were covered in gold.

The sun really made them shine. And one of the first heralds of spring.....................

Snowdrops! A beautiful sight after the long miserable months of winter.

But, no bird pictures. I was beginning to despair, but when I got home, the good old Wood Pigeon was happy to pose.

Would Wednesdays trip prove any better for bird pictures?


  1. Looks like a nice crisp morning. I love those. A lack of them lately as it's hot in Western Australia, 35+C days here.

  2. It has been good to get some sunlight even if the temperatures remain low. -3C yesterday morning. -4C today.Fascinating piece of machinery. Is it used for digging ditches I wonder.

  3. Lots of blue sky and plenty of refraction thats good for the rehab Keith.{:)
    Yes lovely to hear the skylark, a photo not so easy.

  4. I hope the exercise has gone well today Keith and not left you feeling too tired!

    Lovely photos again, my favourite is the Snowdrops and I also particularly liked the one of Wilstone Reservoir.

  5. I'm catching up after a week of feeling yuck with a cold. WOW! The time you had with the robin and the photos, incredible. We just never know when that special moment will happen.

  6. Richard, thank you for your comment.
    35C, that’s hot!

    John, thanks. I think you’re right about the machine being used for digging. I should take more notice of the signs people put on things lol

    Thanks Jan. The exercise seemed a bit tougher today. I reckon they sneaked a few extra moves in.

    Andrea, hope you’re feeling better now.
    The experience with the Robin was amazing.

    Roy. Don’t know where your comment went. Seems my blog is throwing a wobbly. Says 1 comment, shows 4, and I had 5 lol
    Anyway, Skylark. Brilliant sound of summer, but yea, difficult to capture them on the camera. One day I’ll get one.

  7. Forget the first bit Roy. I posted these comments, and then yours showed up lol

  8. There are a few such places in Poland where there are planty of wild and rare species of birds. You can observe them, take photos but never hunt because these are national parks. The one famous of it's birds "collection" i called Biebrzański Park Narodowy - Biebrza National Park. I reccomend it if You're ever in Poland:))

  9. Thank you Joanna. I did a google search for the park you mention. It looks a great place to visit; and so many bird species.

  10. Hi Keith....Enjoyed some views of the countryside that you visit on your trips--very nice lots of water to attract all sorts of birds!! Ive just noticed the robin eating out of the had photo on your side bar..thats super!! SO glad you are getting warmer tempts..spring is a comin'my friend!

  11. Your header of the swans took my breath away. You have a real gift. Your love of the birds is so very obvious and wonderful. Your robin looks so different from the ones we see in WI, USA...but what a treat for you to feed him from the palm of your hand...continue to amaze and educate me
    thanks for sharing

  12. I love that first photo of Tring (did I get that right?) with the long view of the edge of the high water; it makes me feel like I am right there!


  13. Thanks Dixxe. Seeing some sun certainly makes a big difference, after a seemingly long winter. And that little Robin was just amazing.

    Dar, thank you for stopping by, commenting, and following. I hope you continue to enjoy visiting.

    Thanks Wilma. Correct with ‘Tring’, It can be a great place for birds, and popular with fishermen too.

  14. Lovely pics Keith.. and yes, isn't it wonderful to hear a skylark. I heard my first one during the week and had to stop the car and just listen. Always tells me Spring is here and summer's coming..

    And, like you, I would love a picture of a Skylark..

  15. Keith, nice shooting, brave into the sun. I enjoy filters, just a pain setting up.

  16. Hi Keith,
    very often I'm coming back home without any bird shots, but that's life! Sometime they show up, sometime not. At least we enjoy the walk and sun ;-)
    Well come on, you got the wood pigeon, a species I'd like to spot over here as it is rare to see it!

  17. Thanks Tricia. The sound of the Skylark always takes me back to my younger days. A true sound of summer for me.

    Cheers Adrian. I used to use filters years ago, when I shot more than just birds, and like you say, a bit of a pain setting up lol

    Chris, thank you. I agree, the getting out and seeing the birds is the main thing; pictures a bonus.
    It sounds strange to hear you say the Wood Pigeon is rare for you to see. We've got hundreds over here lol

  18. Wonderful pics of spring and nature!

  19. Thank you Luzia. Spring has really made its prescence felt recently.