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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Still here

A quick update, and apology.

The weather has been amazing this week, so I’ve taken advantage of it and been out every day. That means loads of pictures to sort through, and apologies for not keeping up with all the people I follow on here. I’ve just been too knackered by the time I’ve got home.

Today a visit to my mum, and then hopefully back to normal.

One quick picture before I go.

A Yellowhammer singing in the spring sunshine. Something worth singing about.


  1. You certainly caught hinm in full voice Keith, great shot

  2. Lovely capture of the singing Yellowhammer. It has been great to have the Sun back again, cheers us all up after so many grey days.

  3. A beautiful bird Keith.
    Glad to hear you are making the most of it.

  4. Looks like Yellowhammer has puffed out his chest and struck up the national anthem.

  5. What a photo!! Now that would do anyone's heart good, it certainly has mine, don't tell anyone but it also brought a little tear to the eye :) The sheer exultation of that little bird singing its heart out is a joy to see.

    So glad you have been getting out again, I look forward to seeing some goodies soon. Hope you have a good visit with your mum. It was nice to see the other new photo as well, great to have an update :)

  6. Quality if not quantity, Keith!

  7. A joyful picture Keith .... it's a while since I've seen (or heard) a yellowhammer.

  8. Hi Keith,
    I'm happy you got some sunshine and were able to appreciate it as well as the birdlife around you... I love this picture a lot. Tells you everything about the energy in the sun that every single organism is waiting for ;-)

  9. A little bit of bread and no cheese. I love the yellowhammer.

  10. amazing photo. I feel as though I can hear his song and just look at his puffed up chest, singing his little heart out - perfectX

  11. Great that is the Yellowhammer. From 1952 I have never never seen the one, isn't that strange.

  12. Lovely Yellowhammer Keith. Good to see you are enjoying yourself.

  13. Hi Keith..good to hear you are out doing what you love and enjoy doing!! Great shotof the Yellowhammer-- with his head thrown back and singing away!!

  14. I can hear him here in Utah, USA! The picture warms me up and has put a smile on my face. How much longer until spring?

  15. he is so cute and what a great shot!! glad things are going well for you.

  16. Every picture in your blog is a nugget...
    Regards from Berlin,

  17. Just great to have a post from you Keith and delighted to hear that you've been out so much!! And as for that Yellowhammer.... it's just turned me green :D Nice one!!

    (Hope all is going well for you with your recent hospital trips too.....)

  18. Thank you Bob. He was really going for it.

    John, thank you. It certainly has been good to see the sun.

    Roy, thank you. It’s been a busy week; but enjoyable :)

    Thanks Debbie. He was a top performer.

    Jan, thank you. He was really putting some effort into his singing. A real star.
    The visit to my mums went well. She reminded me it was mothers day next week lol

    Wilma, thank you. I’ve a few to still sort out :)

    Phil, thank you. A while since I’ve been able to see some too.

    Cheers Chris. I think this little bird was really appreciating the sun on a cold morning.

    Sam and Lisa, thanks. Such a cheerful looking bird; especially when the sun catches them, and shows off their golden yellow.

    Sara, thank you. If there were awards for singing that day, he’d win it. :)

    Thanks Bob. I don’t see so many myself these days. A treat when you do.

    Thanks Angie. Had a great week. Need to catch up now ;)

    Dixxe, thank you. It’s been like a holiday this last week lol

    David, thank you. I think spring has arrived this week here. It’s been a joy to see the sun. Even the birds have enjoyed it, and behaving like spring is here.

    Doreen, thank you. It’s been good this week :)

    Zeder, thank you for stopping by, following, and your kind words. Appreciate it.

    Tricia, thank you. I’ve tried to make the most of this week lol Got a lot of pictures to sort through.
    Hospital visits going well. Next one tomorrow; five more after that of the exercise sessions; and a specialist to see in April. I’ll have to think about going back to work soon, before the money runs out :(

  19. I always enjoy your shots! I want to get into bird photography, I'm trying to save for a telephoto lens at the moment. I hope you are in better health! Glad to see new pictures getting posted :)

  20. Thank you Hillary. I look forward to seeing your bird shots when you get your lens. :)

    Feeling much better now too. Making some good progress, I think.

  21. beautiful shot! Looks like he's singing hard, great stuff! Glad you've been having such nice weather!

  22. Thank you Jill. A bit of sun makes such a difference to the world doesn't it. :)

  23. Glad to see all is well. Now that is what I aspire to. great shot.

  24. Adrian, thank you.
    Good to see you around again. :)

  25. Awe, now that's gorgeous!

  26. Wow, this little bird looks like Tom Jones singing his "sex bomb"- song;-)) I´m impressed..... And i`m proud to see your new post (of the magic moment) with the little robin.
    Greetings from Luzia.

  27. Thanks Luzia. He was really putting some effort into that song.
    And that little Robin was amazing :)