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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Stockgrove Country Park

Here’s an assortment from a visit to Stockgrove Country Park, a few days ago. Quite a sunny day.

Coal Tit, and Dunnock. They did prefer the shady areas though.

Great Tit, and a Blue Tit.

This Blue Tit has got some feather moult going on here I think.

Wood Pigeon wondering where the food has gone.

Nuthatch. He’s found some.

So has this squirrel.

And as I left for home, this Black-headed Gull seemed to say goodbye,


  1. These are great Keith! I especially love the Black-headed Gull. Don't see those around California.

  2. Thanks Lenora. The Black-headed Gull is probably our most commonest gull here; and very noisy lol

  3. Wow..I just love your close up shots!! Spring is popping here too! I was out and about with my camera and of course what do I see..lots of birds..no telephoto..live and learn...will drag my bag along with me next time LOL!!
    Hope all is well with you hon! Thank you for all of your kind words on my blogs! You are an inspiration to me!! Hugs, Sarah

  4. Good variety again Keith, great shot of the Black headed gull at the end.

  5. Wow what a set Keith... I love the nuthatch picture as well as the squirrel but I would love to see a coat tit... Still not on my bird list this one!

  6. Oh these are fantastic. I love the expression of the puffed up one that you suspect to be molting. I would so frame that and hang it. It's perfect!

    Of course, I love your squirrel too!

  7. Sarah, thank you for your kind words.
    Spring is a great time of the year. A tonic in itself. :)

    Thanks Bob.

    Cheers Chris. We should swap a few birds lol

    Jen, thank you. :)

  8. Lovely post Keith. I love to see that sunshine glint in the eye of a bird. Lovely images. Take care, A.

  9. Great set of pictures Keith that squirrel looks a cheeky fellow

  10. Good set of images Keith, I particularly like the Nuthatch.

  11. ...that little nuthatch and the Blue Tit photos are just stellar. Love the sun in their eyes, and I'm always a sucker for molting birds!

  12. Thanks Keith. The squirrels there are quite bold at times. Always after the food left for the birds.

    Cheers Roy. Lovely little birds, and there's quite a few there.

    Thanks Kelly. I always try to get the catchlight in their eyes. I think it makes such a difference to a picture.

  13. WOW you got some super shots this time Keith...great close ups lots of awesome light...must have been a great DAY!!

  14. Great collection of our woodland birds and Squirel. The Coal Tit is excellent as it is not the easiest bird to photograph well....I know.

  15. Thanks Dixxe, it's always a good place to visit. The birds are always co-operative. :)

    Thanks Trevor. They can be tricky can't they.