Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sunny days

I think it’s a fair bet to say spring has arrived. Nature seems to think so.

Daffodils beginning to flower,

blossom is blossoming, and bees coming out,

birds singing their socks off in the mornings,

ducks displaying, to attract mates,

some have found mates, and keep them close by,

others chase off the slightest threat.

They all have to keep in tip top condition, anytime of the year,

and the rest just seem to enjoy the days.

Enjoy yours, whatever you’re doing.


  1. Hi Keith,
    Wow, man, spring has reached you!!!Lucky you, it was snowing again over here this morning!!! After 2 weeks of almost non-stop rain, we are getting snow flakes!!! Incredible winter... but birds are arriving anyway, no matter what is the weather...
    You got a very good day I can see... I love the goldeneye displaying picture! It is beautiful!
    The nuthatch picture is also wonderful as well as the singing robin and wren!!!
    I guess you pretty enjoyed this day and were happy to come back with so many nice pictures! Well done mate...
    How his your health doing? Are you feeling better?

  2. Nothing like a few sunny days to raise the spirits and get mother nature in full swing. Not noticed any bees here but have seen a few seven spot ladybirds about.

  3. Super lot of photos Keith. How unusual to see an Oystercatcher swimming rather than walking or flying. Dont think I have seen that. Great one of the Bee.{:)

  4. Good to hear the birds are still coming Chris, but snow, oh poor you.
    I’ve got some tests to have at the hospital soon. It seems I’ve been having angina attacks, and not realised. I thought it was indigestion lol

    Thanks John. Weather has been great recently. I’ve not noticed any ladybirds here yet though.

    Cheers Roy. Yea, I wondered what that was swimming in the lake when I first saw it. Like you say, unusual to see like that.

  5. Great collection and very sharp photography. I do like the flower and the Bee it is a sure sign spring is upon us.

  6. You never fail to WOW, Keith! Fantastic yet again. My favourite garden flower to start with (I know it grows in the wild also but my favourite wild flower is the Primrose), the two little beauties singing their hearts out, the very exotic and slightly bizarre looking Mandarin Duck and the really stunning Nuthatch, just amazing but as usual I love them all.

    I do hope the tests go well!

  7. Wow Keith...what a wonderful set of shots...I am jealous..well I often am as I look at your pics..in a good way though! Wonderful selection of ducks doing what comes natural!! Wow!! I do love your little robins - at least I think they are robins! I think I just saw my first robin here this week!! Whoot!
    Hugs, Sarah

  8. Hi Keith - what a lovely post; some great images. I have seen four Bumble Bees so far this year and we are inundated with ladybirds at work. I think (as it's an old house) they have been there for the winter. We had one, which we placed in a plant pot on a warm sill in the autumn and I found it there moving around a few weeks ago. Keep them coming Keith. Take good care of yourself. A x

  9. And who is to argue with nature when Spring arrives early? :) LOL!

    Excellent collection of photos here - loved the colors in the flower shots.

  10. Jan, thank you. I saw some Primrose a few days ago, but couldn’t get close enough for a picture. Lovely time of year now.
    Yea, more tests to come. :(

    Thanks Trevor. Had a big queen bee flying round the garden yesterday in the sun. I thought summer had arrived lol

    Sarah, thank you. Nature seems to have suddenly stepped up a couple of gears here.

    Angie, thank you. It’s good to see the bees around when the sun shines. Makes me feel all’s well in my bit of world. :)

    Exactly Jen lol
    Has to be one of the best seasons. Seeing the blossom on some of the trees is very uplifting.

  11. Nice work Keith ! You got some crackers there mate.

  12. Cheers Nick. A bit of sun makes a big difference :)

  13. Really cheery post Keith - fair lifts the spirits! Seems as though Spring has happened so suddenly this year - everything's bursting into bloom or singing its heart out!

  14. Great shots!
    And WOW more lunch visits with your Robin.
    Say my first V of geese fly over this morning. The North is feeling like spring.

  15. Thanks Tricia. It does seem as though spring rushed in. One minute snow, next minute sun.
    Great though :)

    Thanks Andrea. That little Robin is a real star lol

  16. Wonderful spring impressions! And your trip to Titchwell is a great pleasure to see for me. A perfect day on an magic place - life should be so in every day!!!!! Greetings from Luzia.

  17. Luzia, thank you.
    I agree, every day should be this good :)

  18. Man, excellent series of photos here...are they all from one day? If so- quite the productive day, awesome! Either way, all are beautiful images and perfect spring signs!

  19. Thanks Jill.
    All these are from about 4 different, recent sunny days. It's been really nice weather, although today it seems back to the usual rain.

  20. I wish there was spring in Poland right now... It should be, but winter doesn't want to go away:( Nice pictures, I love daffodils:) The third picture of a bird is amazing!