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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Titchwell part 2

And eventually the beach.

A light breeze from the sea, the sun shining, gulls calling overhead and birds on the shore. Could it get any better than this? I stood watching a few birds huddled up along the shoreline.

Sanderling. I love the way they dash up and down the sand, ahead of the breaking waves. They kept me amused for ages.

Out on the sea was a bird causing a bit of confusion with some of the assembled ‘sea watchers’. A King Eider, or Common Eider? After much debate from the experts, and the arrival of the head warden, it was decided.............. a Common Eider. A good tick for me, nonetheless.

And then another; Common Scoter. Looking like an oil slick out at sea, a large group of them. My thanks to a kind gentleman for allowing me a look through his scope so I could claim the tick.

I’m beginning to think I might need to invest in one of these myself.

One bird I didn’t need a scope for, was this one.

A Turnstone wandering the shore.

I could have stayed on the beach all day. The weather was perfect, the birds were perfect; what else could anyone need?

Food. Yea; I was getting hungry, so I decided to take a slow walk back to the centre. As I turned to make my way back, a small brown bird caught my eye as he landed amongst some dry seaweed.

A Meadow Pipit. He gave me some great views before deciding to fly off somewhere else.

I began a slow walk back to the centre, stopping off to watch a distant Marsh Harrier gliding over the marsh, and a much closer, hovering Kestrel,

that missed his lunch.

Just a claw full of grass. I had a bit more than grass. Sandwiches and coffee were waiting for me back at the car. So was something else.

My brave, friendly little Robin.

Perfect end to a perfect day.


  1. Great stuff, Keith! I especially like the 2 kestrel shots. And of course, you can't beat the closing shot of the robin feeding your hand.

    P.S. - the validation word was "beardvi". ;-)

  2. Hi Keith,
    Oh I'm gonna tease you mate...Funny to see that common scoter and common eider are a tick for you as we have so many around here ;-) For the scoter, I have to drive a bit to the North (well 600km to be right) but the common eider are all over the place... Didn't you tell me you would like to see one? Well I guess you got it ;-) This robin is very funny too and very friendly!!

  3. Ok, so what's the Robin's name? :)

    Awesome photos - all of them. You are a superb writer...the commentary makes me feel like I am there, which makes the photos that much richer.

  4. Love going to the coast too. Usually Southport which is not too far away and our favorite haunt Sandsend in north Yorkshire. Your pics are superb as usual, those on your webby are amazing. Did you know the snake in the water was a harmless grass snake when you took it? I've never seen a snake in the wild, not sure I want to though.

  5. It is fascinating watching the birds which feed right on the water's edge. They must use a lot of energy just avoiding the incoming waves.
    Great photos as always Keith.

  6. ah titchwell robin an old friend

  7. Thanks Wilma. It’s a shame the Kestrel wasn’t turned round the other way :)
    Some of these validation words are quite funny or appropriate aren’t they lol

    Thanks Chris. Seems strange sometimes, that birds that are common in one place, are quite scarce, or even rare in others. The challenges of birdwatching lol
    That Robin is a great little character.

    I think I should adopt him don’t you Jen? He’s brilliant for lifting the spirits.
    Thanks for your kind words too. Appreciate it.

    Thanks for your comments Debbie. Glad you enjoyed the website too.
    I knew at the time what the snake was; the only one I know and seen before lol
    Fascinating to watch him. By the way, love the name of your cat.

    Thanks John. They certainly move at speed.

    Cheers Pete. He’s fast becoming a star. :)

  8. That's a real treat, well done Keith.

  9. Thanks for the trip. Just like being there. Even better as I look outside and it is snowing and blowing sideways here.

  10. Another super selection from your day on the Norfolk coast. FAB

  11. Holdingmoments, the robin on your hand is the one of life's magical moments. Beautiful collection of all the birds you captured on your trip, and once a bird watcher let me look through his scope too. Thanks for sharing your images and thoughts. Anna :)

  12. Thanks Bob. I enjoyed every moment there.

    Dale, thank you. Sorry to hear you’ve still got snow!

    Frank, thank you. An exceptional place Norfolk.

    Thank you Anna. The boost the Robin can give to a person is amazing.

  13. What a day! Dont you just love it when a day like that comes along to wash away all the not so good days of the past? Great Birds, been many a year since I saw a Turnstone---I dont get to the coast that much my heart yearns to go---but the alighty$$$$$ keeps me from it-
    Your buddy the robin is looking very good!!

  14. What a place it is! You saw some great things and (of course) got some lovely photos and how lovely to have lunch with the Robin :)

    PS. I hope the coffee was decaf :)

  15. Thanks Dixxe. You're so right. Days like that are like a breath of fresh air.
    That little Robin is amazing isn't he.

    Thanks Jan. It is a great place to visit, and the Robin is the star turn.
    Erm, decaf, erm..........

  16. Brilliant day out Keith. I am waiting for the return of the Sanderlings to Par...I agree it is a pleasure to watch them.

  17. What a wonderful time you had Keith; a tonic in itself. I do like Titchwell - had some good times there..

  18. Thanks Trevor. They're the Olympic sprinters of the bird world I reckon lol
    Great to watch them.

    Tricia, thank you. An excellent place to visit, and always so much to see.

  19. Titchwell seems to be a magic place?! Good weather, such a lot of different birds and the little robin. A wonderful paradise for you.... Greetings from Luzia.

  20. Thank you Luzia. It really is a great place. I think it's become my favourite now.