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Friday, 12 March 2010

Titchwell........first bit.

I’ve got so many pictures from here, so even after leaving some out, I’ll do this post in two parts, or else it becomes picture overload.

This place has become my favourite place to go. Such a pity it’s so bloody far away from me. If I could move there, I would go tomorrow!

Roy has recently done some posts about Titchwell, with some brilliant pictures. These are a few from my visit last week.

Just by the visitor centre, are some bird feeders, which attract some pretty decent birds, and the odd Muntjac deer, as Roy found out. They also play host to this chap.

Pretty much guaranteed at the moment to see this Water Rail, foraging round underneath the feeders.

A walk down towards the beach, about a 1km away, is guaranteed to bring some good birds; and even some surprises.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this chap. A seal! He came up one of the channels on the salt marsh during high tide.

And flying round the salt marsh,

plenty of Oystercatchers, with their frenzied kleep, kleep calls.

And joining them in the air, my now favourite goose.

The Brent Goose. The one near the centre is checking to see if his undercarriage is up I think.

As I got half way to the beach, four birds caught my eye, as they settled in the tall reeds. I managed a couple of quick shots before they took off as quickly as they arrived.

A Bearded Tit. The first time I’ve ever seen one; I was over the moon.

Almost to the beach, and I stopped to take some shots of the obliging Black-tailed Godwit.

A few Redshank and Avocet around too, but not so obliging this day for pictures.


  1. Well, you've done it again.... taken my to a far off place I never would have visited without your wonderful photos. The shot that reeled me in was the 2nd of the oystercatchers in flight. It just captivated me. So excited for your sighting of the bearded tit. He's just beautiful.

  2. Thank you for your comment Andrea.
    I watched those Oystercatchers for a while, they just circled round and round, calling all the time. The Bearded Tit was a great treat to see.

  3. Hi Keith, Great pictures. i love this place too - visited just after Christmas, for the second time. First time I wennt there, I saw a turtle dove (for the first and only time)

  4. HI Keith,
    Oh wow mate what a day, you managed to see a seal and a bearded-tit the same day and both were a surprise to you... I kind of know how happy you were due to my yesterday surprises too. But the bearded tit picture man, it is just wonderful, I'd like to get a picture of it like this... Well done.

  5. It is a great place Phil. Always a few surprises.

    Cheers Chris. Some days are just soooo good :)

    Thanks Jim. First time I've seen one in the wild like that.

  6. Beautiful set of photos Keith, really nice W Rail and my friend the Seal. That Bearded Tit is a great shot, well I wish I could have seen one. I have never seen one yet.

  7. Wow great shots Keith. What a bonus that Seal was. I love Tichwell (well I would being a Norfolk Lad) but I am envious of that Bearded Tit. We tried for it hoping it would come to the gravel but the heavens opened so we dipped.
    Glad you are back enjoying yourself.

  8. Well, that Seal is a god send, and the Bearded Tit, I can see what your talking about. That is beautiful Keith.

  9. Looks like a good day out Keith, great images I do like the Bearded Tit and the Seal.

  10. Great stuff Keith. The Seal would have been unbelievable to just happen upon. Wow !
    What with my otters and your seal , you have to love this Nature stuff don'tcha :-)
    The Beared Tit is bloody awesome mate. Good for you.

  11. What a divine post, thanks for taking me on such a wonderful journey.

  12. Wow! A Seal and a Bearded tit, what a thrill!!! No wonder you enjoy visiting there, what a great place to go. Beautiful photos throughout :)

  13. Definitely worth the time on the road then?
    Well I've seen a few Bearded Reedlings but never through the lens..ace shooting mate. Plenty of interesting sights that make this place so special for many of us. FAB.

  14. Cracking post Keith. Day's like this make everything negative un-important! Lovely images. Fab! Take care. A

  15. oh my goodness Keith. this is the best post of yours I have seen!! love the reflection in the first shot and the seal.......... what a cutie pie!!

  16. You made me laugh with the picture of the brent geese brilliant. Blimey you've really got your nature boots on at the moment. The seals looking at you thinking that guy better pick his chin up off the floor or else he'll get his beard wet.

  17. Thanks Roy. I was so surprised to see that seal; unbelievable. The Bearded Tit was the first time I’d seen one. They just landed at the edge of the path briefly, and then they were gone.

    Trevor, thanks. A lot of great places in this country, but very hard to beat Norfolk for birds I reckon. I’d love to move there. Had an excellent day.

    Cheers Bob. Had to be my best visit there so far.

    Thanks Pete. Couldn’t believe it when I saw him. Certainly got the ol’ ticker racing. lol

    Keith, thank you. It was a day of highlights for me. Excellent.

    Cheers Nick. You’re so right mate. Can’t think of anything better. Each day seems to throw something new to see. I feel like a kid in a sweet shop at times lol

    Thank you Gemel, I’m glad you enjoyed it. :)

    Jan, thanks. Two big surprises in the morning like that; I just hope the heart can take it lol

    Frank, thank you. It was worth every minute on the road lol
    I’d love to get there again soon, but there’s quite a bit of work going on there in the near future. Maybe go round the coast a bit ? ;)

    Thanks Angie. You are so right. I was smiling all the way home. Even through the traffic. lol

    Doreen, thank you. Very kind of you to say that.

    Debbie, thanks. It’s really good to be able to get out so much at the moment. I’m loving every minute. Seeing the seal really picked me up. All of me lol

  18. YOU got some amazing birds on this trip and the SEAL...I was shocked to see that--I can only imagine how surprised you were!! Terrific work!!! Looks like a super spot for viewing wildlife-

  19. Lovely set of pictures, the seal is becoming quite a star:-)

  20. Keith, the seal is beautiful! Don't you think that it looks quite unaccustomedly in that place?

    I see that this outing was another special one for you, that's great. I've noticed your new ID photo, it makes your shots even more authentic! :-) Great to see that you feel fine again and back in your shoes.

  21. All these photos are wonderful, but the Bearded Tit is exquisite. That header is might fine, as well. I love it. ~ks

  22. Thanks Dixxe. It was a real surprise to see a seal. Last thing I expected to see lol

    Linda, thank you. He'll be charging fees next :)

    Petra, thank you. The seal did seem a fair way from the sea, but I'm told it was quite ok.

    ksdoolittle, thank you for stopping by, and commenting. The Bearded Tit was a treat to see. My first, and to get pictures, I was really pleased. Glad you like the header picture.

  23. WOW! I loved the bird photos...but the seal! My heart skipped a beat! I was not expecting that at all. What an awesome experience...I loved how he looked right at you...AWESOME!

    Glad you got a laugh out of my speeding ticket...laughter is the best medicine you know. :)


    oh - and I love the lens! :D

  24. Great shots of the seal. How far away from the ocean was it?

  25. Thanks for your comment Jen. The seal was the last thing I expected to see too lol

    Dev, thank you. The seal had come up a small channel with the tide. Probably about half a kilometre from the sea.