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Saturday, 27 March 2010


Another weekend already. Where does the time go?

Here’s a visit to Summer Leys, from a few days ago. Had an early start, and some golden light on this Little Egret.

A bit later, and further round the lake, two more.

Used to be a rarity a few years ago. Now they seem to pop up everywhere.

Black-headed Gulls are definitely not a rarity here.

They seem to take over one of the islands this time of year, and make a lot of noise in the process. And fight a lot. But this feller seems oblivious to all the noise.

One of a pair. I think they’ve decided to nest here again.

Round at one of the hides, there are a few feeders, which always attract the finches and tits. And another bird that is a regular there.

Tree Sparrow. A bird I only ever see when I come here.

Two more birds that are always here too,

a male Chaffinch, and a male Reed Bunting. The feeders also attract another bird, feeding on the spilt seed usually. A Water Rail. While I was there though, he decided to be a little uncooperative, and stay away. Not to worry. Just along from the hide are some reeds. Should be others in there. Just a matter of getting in position, and waiting.

Sure enough, one soon came along looking for some food.
Not as easy as sitting in the hide, waiting for the regular to turn up, but a little more rewarding when one did.

Have a rewarding weekend, whatever you’re doing.


Dont forget, it's EARTH HOUR this evening!
Be a part of it.


  1. Wonderful light on those egrets!

  2. Just shows the early morning light is well worth getting up for, just need more off it! Good image selection again well done on the Water Rail, a bird that puts in few appearances.

  3. A superb lot of images Keith. I just never see a Tree Sparrow. You caught the Water Rail really well. Lovely shots which of course are only to be expected from a professional wildlife gunslinger. {:)

  4. Really like the reed reflections and the ripple effect around the Little Egret in the first pic. For some strange reason their hairstyles remind me of the recently departed Michael Foot:-) Of course the Black-Headed Gulls must be shouting mine, mine mine! Tree Sparrow is looking very Easter-like with his lovely choccy head. Splendid series of pics here Keith

  5. The Little Egret is fantastic, and there is the Water Rail, too is beautiful. A nice day out. I wont forget about EARTH HOUR.

  6. I like the Egret...he is so elegant. If this week stays nice, I'm going to do a birdy post and dedicate it to you!


  7. Thanks Richard. Appreciate your comment.

    Cheers Bob. Certainly the best time of day I think.

    Thanks Roy. It was good to catch that Water Rail there.

    Thank you Matt :)

    Debbie, thank you for your comments. Appreciate them.

    Bob, thank you :)

    Jen, thank you, that’s very kind of you. :)

  8. these are awesome Keith. you must have so much patience. love the action shots you have shown also.

  9. I notice the Black-headed Gulls are all in breeding plumage. Here (Merseyside) a lot of them are still in the process of changing from winter plumage.

  10. You have such colorful birds and unusual for my part of the world. I love that you patiently waited until you got pictures of the rails ...wonderful

  11. Excellent series - the LEs and it's always good to get water rail in the open!

  12. Great stuff as always, Keith. You took such wonderful advantage of that wonderful spring morning sunlight.

  13. Doreen thank you. The only time I can muster up patience is when I’m out with the camera watching wildlife lol

    Thanks John. We’ve still got quite a few undergoing the change here too. I think they look splendid in their full breeding plumage.

    Dar, thank you. It was worth the wait for the rail.

    Cheers Mark. It’s always a great visit there.

    Wilma, thank you. It’s always worth getting up early on days like that; not always easy though lol

  14. Thank you Dev. The lighting makes such a difference.