Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Willen Lake

For last Thursdays outing I decided to stay local. Willen Lake. Not far up the road from me, so off I set in the early morning sunshine.

I took a slow stroll round, and noticed the water was up high in places. Some places it had burst the banks, and spread across the grass, almost reaching the path.

And where there’s water, there’s ducks. Mallards. No matter how big the lake, (and this lake is quite big), a bit more water just has to be swum on.

It always makes me smile when I see that. Like they’re saying, ‘keep away, this is our puddle!

Even the swans were not to be left out,

enjoying the extra space. One minute a creature of curiosity,

the next, a full blown fighting machine,

crashing through the water, chasing off rivals from their territory.

It certainly was a beautiful day. The sun shining on the heads of the Mallards, bringing out the colours,

the Cormorants enjoying the warmth from the Tern rafts

and even the usually shy Moorhens seemed happier to be out in the sun.

Unfortunately the time had flown by, as it always does, and it was time for me to head back home. Time for some food.

And up above, someone else was heading off somewhere, probably for food too.

A really good morning, spent in the good company of the lakes residents.


  1. Great photos. I love your birds.

  2. Sometimes we forget how much we can discover close to home. Thanks for sharing, you live in a nice place holdingmoments. Anna :)

  3. Keith, its me again. I just had a liberty to visit your beautiful photo website. I didn't know that UK was so exotic, you got some nice nature photos - you did well. BTW wishing you good health, hope you are okay by now (read your news). Anna :)

  4. Wonderful shots! Especially the fifth one:)

  5. Keith you did well wth the moorhen they usually leg it.

  6. Those ducks and swans sure are making the most out of their new lake extension. Suppose in human terms its like getting a conservatory. Lovely shots btw, especially the ducks with the bubbly water

  7. A great collection of shots. Ducks will try any water. A couple of years ago I had on on my garden pond. Love the head on shot of the swan. Sunlight really does bring out the colours in the breeding season.

  8. Good to see that you had some better weather Keith.

  9. Thanks for your comment Hilary.

    Anna, thank you for your kind comments. I’m feeling much better now; making good progress I think. :)
    Glad you enjoyed the website.

    Thank you Joanna :)

    Thanks Adrian. I don’t think he noticed me straight away lol

    Debbie, thanks. I reckon you’re dead right there lol

    Thanks John. Can’t beat sunny days :)

    Cheers Roy. It was a pretty good week. Almost like being on holiday lol

  10. love the pics - doesn't the sun help!!

  11. Makes all the difference in the world Pete.

  12. Great lighting for pictures and well executed, well done Keith good to see you out and about more.

  13. ...your grass is so green. Looks like spring is on its way. Love the swan shots, especially the one low to the water with the expanse of scenery in the background--and the head-on shot too. Glad the sun decided to peak out for you!

  14. p.s. Like your new photo...and I love the photo of the little Robin eating out of your hand (in the sidebar).

  15. The pic of the fighting swan is phantastic! A lot of birds are such fighting machines at this time. My balcony is a battlefield of blackbirds against stars........ Greetings from Luzia.

  16. Hi Keith,
    sometime you do not need to go far to get nice pictures and enjoy your time... Your post is a perfect example of that... Superb!

  17. Thanks Bob. It was a day when it all came together.

    Kelly, thank you. It’s great how some sunshine can make such a difference to everything. I think spring has definitely arrived here.
    The little Robin was amazing. The greatest medicine ever.

    Luzia, thank you. It’s interesting to watch the birds staking out their territories, and the different ways they attract their mates.

    Cheers Chris. That’s very true. I’m very lucky to have a couple of good spots right on my doorstep.

  18. Lovely photos again Keith which show perfectly that it is important not to overlook our more familiar birds. We are all so keen to find something 'unusual' that sometimes, I think, we overlook the beauty of the 'usual' ones. I loved all the photos (of course) but particularly the one of the standing swan and the swan with the outstretched wings.

    It must have been nice, after Wednesday's trek to return to somewhere more accessible :)

  19. Thanks Jan. Yea, agree, sometimes we do overlook the more common birds.
    I needed a rest after Wednesday lol

  20. Great waterfowl shots Keith--love the action shot with the swan stirring up the water!! You have such great birds-and you capture them beautifully--sorry Im late with coming around-

  21. Dixxe, thank you. Appreciate your comments.