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Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Friday, 7 May 2010

For the weekend

Just a selection of pictures.


Female Pheasant


Little Egret


Little Ringed Plover


Have a good weekend, whatever you do.


  1. I haven't seen the Snipe, but it looks really nice, and your Little Egret is great Keith.

  2. awesome images Keith. you have a wonderful weekend also!!

  3. Hi Keith,
    That pheasant was it at Paxton?
    We saw it a couple of weeks back. A very striking bird for a female.

  4. I wish you and your little friends a fine weekend, too! Best regards Luzia.

  5. Great shots Keith I like the Ringed Plover, have a good week end

  6. like very much your little fem fez, I find male & female very hard to get close to because they are so skitish.

  7. Great shots again Keith but for me the Pheasant and Plover stand out!

  8. really like the shot of the female pheasant keith. good work. I wish I could get out half as much as you do!

  9. Bob, thank you. The Snipe can be difficult to spot when they’re on a muddy shore. I’m sure you’ll see one soon.

    Thanks for your comment Mark.

    Doreen, thank you. A quiet one this weekend, I think. :)

    Rob, yea, the Pheasant was at Paxton, in the area where they grow wild flowers for winter seed. A real stunner; and unusual looking lady.

    Thank you Luzia. :)

    Keith, thank you :)

    Thanks Debbie. She was rather busy feeding to take much notice of me, thankfully. But yea, they can be a bit shy at times.

    Bob, thank you. Two of my favourites too. :)

    Thanks Dev. I’m only getting out a lot while I’m off work at the moment. Good exercise and therapy; I tell myself lol
    Soon change, I expect, when I have to go back to work. That’ll be hard :(

  10. I am always amazed that people can get shots of skylarks as they are so elusive. I especially like your Blackcap shot.

  11. I love them. Especially the first one, with those beige overall combination of colors.

  12. Great photos again. Lovely female Pheasant, she would make a very nice mate for my Draycote male :) I still haven't seen a Little Egret, not sure where I am likely to round here though. The Blackcap is beautiful, singing its heart out against that lovely blue sky.

    Have a lovely weekend, Keith although it is cold, wet and miserable here, more like October than May :(
    I suspect it may be the same where you are!

  13. Greetings from Denmark, I came over from Doreen.;)
    Those are some incredible shots of birds. I definitely need a camera with zoom.;)
    Love the header picture, so artistic.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  14. Have a great weekend too :) Hope you'll have a little more sun than here ... it rains and rains and rains today !
    The snipe is great ! Hope to catch one too one day ;)

  15. Thanks Kerry. That particular spot has quite a few Skylarks there. I love to see them; reminds me of summers as a kid, watching them climb the sky singing.

    Thanks Marius. The Snipe are not always easy to get close to. I got lucky this time. :)

    Thanks for your comments Jan. Been a wet miserable day here too.
    That Pheasant was a beauty. Unusual markings.

    Zuzana, thank you for stopping by, and commenting. The header was one of those great moments from last year; glad you like it.
    Hope your weekend is good too. :)

    Thanks for your comment Pescalune. Rain everywhere I think lol
    I'm sure you'll catch your Snipe soon. Good luck.

  16. Great shots as usuall, we have had an interesting week over here. Snow, hail, wind, rain, frost, sun, warm and sometimes it all came at once! It's great to be alive!

  17. Keith, I got error message when commenting, so if you get this duplicate please ignore. So I said, I have not seen these yet in real life. May be one day. Thanks for sharing again, and hope you are well. Anna :)

  18. Thanks for your comment Dale.
    That's quite a mix of weather you're getting at the moment.

    Thanks for your comment Anna; only got the one lol
    I think the gremlins are in again.

  19. Your photos always make my day. I love that egret!

  20. Amazing set of photos! I like very much the Snipe, Pheasant and Egret photos! The snipe looks like a very interesting species!

  21. Thanks Hilary. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Müge, thank you for your comment. :)

  22. What a joy seeing you beautiful pictures!

  23. Anda, thank you for stopping by, following, and commenting. Appreciate it.
    Had a quick look on your site, before I go out. Beautiful portraits.