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Monday, 5 July 2010

Corvus corone

Yet again the planned post is on hold……….

I came across some Crows yesterday. A lot of people seldom give them a second glance, in the rush to see something a bit ‘special’. Well, I love these intelligent birds, and I think they are as special, as any bird.

First one I came across was enjoying what looked like a chicken leg, someone had discarded on the grass.

It wasn’t long before another Crow stole it from him. But he managed to get a beak full first.

Lovely table manners.

Further on, a young Crow came bounding towards one of its parents, to see what was happening.

Mouth open, and lots of noise, he started to beg for some food.

I could almost hear the adult mumbling, ‘here we go again!

'A good beak full should keep him happy'

Notice how the membrane covers the eye, to protect it, whilst ramming that food down the youngsters throat.

All delivered.

Then back for more…..

Could be a long job, this feeding.

‘surely he’s not still hungry?’


  1. What entertaining narrative about an often overlooked bird Keith - thank you.

    (and I'm sure you're not posting your "intended post" just to keep us all in suspense... ..... .... )

  2. the red mouth of the young crow is amazing!

  3. Good morning hon...sorry I have not been here for a bit...been a rough month. Am catching up LOL!!
    I really love watching crows..so wickedly smart. Always doing something interesting! I love the shots..and as always your commentary is perfection!
    Hope all is well with you!
    Hugs, Sarah

  4. Great feeding series Keith. As you say many of the corvids are ignored as 'plain Janes' but they are so intelligent and always fascinating to watch.

  5. A cracking series of shots! Like you I just love these birds and I would also include Rooks and Jackdaws. They are fascinating birds and very intelligent. I have picked up injured or ill birds regularly over the years as I feed lots of them - well actually they help themselves to my hen food - with all the young at the moment they are working their way through around 20 kilos of mixed corn each day: ouch! It is like a scene from the Hitchcock movie "Birds" round at my place. Unfortunately, they are so scared of humans due to relentless persecution in this area, and I rarely get close enough for a photograph. I remember one that I cared for that had flu type symptoms. After a weeks care he recovered and I released him, only he didn't seem to keen on going back out and sat outside my kitchen window peering in. I felt as though I had abandoned him. I do hope he survived.

  6. What a stunning set you show us here Keith !! That are wonderful pics - Great work ;)

  7. An ugly bird, but very clever. Interesting moments, good shots!

  8. Thanks Tricia. The intended post, lol, nothing special really. It’s just that I keep thinking, ‘I gotta post this one….’ And don’t do what I was going to.

    dreamfalcon, thank you for stopping by, and leaving a comment. Yea, that Crows mouth; I couldn’t believe how red it looked.

    Sarah, hiya. I seem to keep playing catch up just lately lol
    Thanks for your comment :)

    Thanks John. Yea, I love the Crow family. Great bunch of characters.

    Kerry, thank you. Those birds must be costing you a fortune…..all that seed.
    I can imagine just how you felt, after releasing the poor bird. I’d feel just the same.

    Pescalune, thank you. Glad you enjoyed them ;)

    Costea, thank you for stopping by, and leaving a comment. Appreciate it.

    Kozma, thank you. It was great to watch these. :)

  9. Crows are great. I always think that crows always seem to be having a party. Great sequence of feeding junior. I had noticed the red mouth of our young crows too. Must be a good prompt for being feed by Mom or Dad. As I am writing this comment there are 6 crows at our feeders. I must go and get some pictures.


  10. Nicely put, wouldn't it be a young Carrion Crow, just asks and it's parent will give. Great photos Keith.

  11. Hi Keith quality shots of a much maligned bird, difficult to expose on the black feathers but you have nailed it, good stuff

  12. Thanks Wilma. I'm sure the youngsters big red mouths are so the parents don't lose them, and know just where to aim the food lol
    Look forward to seeing your Crows :)

    Thanks Bob. They soon have to learn to fend for their selves though.

    Thank you Claudia :)

    Bobbster, thank you. Yea, they can be tricky to expose for. :)

  13. I don't think I've seen a crow quite this young. Love the narrative that goes with the great photos.

    I recently photographed a crow attack and (I assume) kill a young rabbit. I'll never see them in the same way again! Must blog that actually. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. I just took crow pictures too, Keith. They have been feeding their young off of my compost heap. The youngsters sure have ravenous appetites.
    Great shots! and Thanks for sharing

  15. Keith I have so much respect for these birds, but they can also be quite trying to deal with!! Just last week one swooped down and took off with a newly fledged Blue Jay in his beak right out of our front yard!! I had one here in a rehab situation for nearly 6 months...he was quite the character, finally got his wing well enough to release him!! Great series of photos...very impressive!

  16. Very resourceful bird Keith, its no wonder they live so long.

  17. Dar, Roy, Dixxe, Lenora and dfg, thank you for your comments. For some reason, blogger isn't showing them at the moment. Gremlins in the works! I'll come back later

  18. Dar, Roy, Dixxe, Lenora and dfg, thank you for your comments. For some reason, blogger isn't showing them at the moment. Gremlins in the works! I'll come back later. Even this reply has disappeared!! Grrrrr1

  19. Superb shots. Crows are great, but have to admit to liking Rooks the best, something about their gnarly beaks ... :0)

    Shirl x

    ps. Great blog by the way

  20. A lovely series Keith, too many of the more common birds are overlooked in my opinion. I really love the one of the youngster bounding along :)

  21. Wow you for sure got some entertainment there. What a nice observation you got! beautiful and noisy ;-)

  22. It’s all working again lol

    Debbie, thank you. Enjoyed your post too :)

    Dar, thank you for your comment :)

    Thanks Dixxe. They do have a side to them like that, that most of us would rather not see. Nature seems cruel at times.

    Thanks Roy. Yea, they’re certainly adaptable.

    Thank you Lenora.

    Shirl, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Appreciate it.
    Glad you enjoyed it.

    Jan, thank you. Yea, I agree. I think every bird has its own character. They’re all special :)

    Chris, thank you. :)

  23. Oh these are just incredible. I SO love crows. They are indeed very intelligent creatures. You've captured some fine nature shots here.

  24. Hilary, thank you for your comments :)

  25. Hi Keith so glad I came back to visit you your pictures via Flickr are so beautiful, I particularly like the Black and White swans on your front page still trying to improve my photos, can you ID this for me please http://www.flickr.com/photos/susiesphotolife/4758166193/ I know it's not the greatest shot but i was very pleased to get it. I will be back to visit again

    Susan AKA Suki x or Susie !! ;-)

  26. Hiya Susie, thanks for stopping by, and leaving a comment. Had a look at the link, and it's an Emperor Dragonfly. (cracking shot too). I would have said a male, by the markings, but why he's pretending to be a female, I've no idea lol

  27. This post is fabulous! Images and commentary alike, had me cracking up!

    I love how I feel like I'm there with you watching the birds...your photos always draw me into them.

    What's that - National Geographic is calling? :) Not surprised!

  28. Thanks Jen.
    National Geographic? lol That would be nice ;)

  29. Wonderful serie of this clever and mystic birds. The feeding pics are absolut funny and spectaculare - lol. Luzia.

  30. Luzia, thank you. They are very interesting to watch.