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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Swans at the weir

I had an idea for a post, and I’m still working on it. The idea was to take everyone round one of my local lakes, by some video footage. I’ve still got to piece all the bits together yet, and at the rate I do things, this could take some time.

But, I have managed to put together a short couple of clips of some swans, deciding whether or not to negotiate a weir. Hope you enjoy it.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend



  1. I just LOVE this video :))
    Great catch Keith !

  2. Thank you Pescalune. I hope the rest is as enjoyable :)
    Just about to go and try for some more pictures. The sun has come out lol

  3. Hi Keith, This is very interesting. Are you using a video camera or a video function on your DSLR? I ask because I have been thinking of buying a video camera. You could leave me a comment in reply or email me. Glad you getting out and about and hope you feeling better.

  4. OMG--that was SUPER--I would love to do that myself~~~lol
    Thanks for posting this Keith..gave me a great thrill!

  5. Very funy video! Keep them comming ;)

  6. Superb video Keith looks like the swans enjoyed the ride.

  7. Haha brilliant... At first I thought nooo.. don't do it but they seem pretty skilled at weir rafting don't you think. Thought the last guy was going to go tits up but his ride was probably the most flamboyant. Good vid Keith someting a little bit different

  8. They don't need to go to "Alton Towers" Keith, great video.

  9. Thanks Emma.
    I shot this using a Sony Handycam….DCR-SR37E.
    About £200, but they might be a bit cheaper now that everyone wants HD. It’s a great little camera, fits in the pocket, and has 60X zoom, and 60GB hardrive.

    Thanks Dixxe; glad you enjoyed it.

    Dominic, thank you. :)

    Thanks Bob. Yea, looked a lot of fun.

    Thanks Debbie. Yea, I didn’t think the last guy was going to go at first.
    I have seen them walk down the side before, but this way is much more fun lol

    Thanks Roy. I wouldn’t mind a go of that myself ;)

    Bob, thank you. It looked great fun for them :)

  10. Brave swan you saw. This is a beautiful video Keith.

  11. That was hilarious, Keith. I'm still chuckling :) Great video, I'm quite tempted by that little Sony Handycam.

  12. that reminded me of being a child and going downslide rock in Sedona Az. course I am sure we didn't look like swans but was so much fun.

  13. THis was a wonderful video! So fun to watch them go down their water slide! Looked like that last swan was hesitant - but was happy to finally see him join his friends!

  14. What fun! I want to be a swan next time around!

  15. Thanks Chris. Yea, it’s quite a leap into the unknown I should think for them.

    Jan, thank you. And the little handycam is well worth it. It’s good for recording birds singing too, so they can be identified easier when you get home, and check them on online ;)

    Thanks Ginger. That’s a great link. What a fantastic place.

    Shelley, thanks. I did wonder if the last swan would go or not.

    Thanks Wilma. It would be fun doing that all day lol

  16. That looked like great fun! Did you see the clip on the BBC of the otter repeatedly riding through fish channels on a weir? He too was obviously enjoying it.

    Do you use the video on your camera or do you have one of those little pocket camcorders? I was thinking of buying one of those to take with me when I didn't feel like carrying a camera or for action shots such as the time I watched a weasel with a nest of young rabbits.

  17. Thanks for your comment Kerry. I didn't see the clip of the Otter.....I don't have a tv lol
    I shot this video with a small pocket camcorder, Sony Handycam DCR-SR37E.Great little camera. Very handy to record bird song too.

  18. I don't have a TV either! You are the first person I met who also doesn't have one. I got rid of mine about 15 years ago and have never regretted it. I saw the clip of the otter on the BBC news web site.

    Thanks for the model details of the camcorder, I will take a look at it. There are so many it is hard to decide without some recommendations.

  19. Kerry, for the money, it's a great little camera.

    A lot of people can't understand how I can live without a telly. Easy, ain't it lol

  20. Lovely video clip, I reckon they enjoyed the ride. I can understand how it is possible to live without a TV, there are plenty of other things to do ie reading and writing:-) and what few programmes that are worth watching, you can watch online. At least you don't have the licence fee to worry about.

  21. Thanks Linda. Yea, it's so easy to do without a tv. It can take over sometimes.