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Monday, 30 August 2010

Off out from the holiday…….

The Cormorants are leaving the holiday weekend behind them.

What a tenuous start. lol

 Well, it is early as I do this. A few more from the month of August, before September arrives.  

A young Wood Pigeon. He hasn’t earned his white collar yet. 

A waiting Heron. He saw me eventually, and flew off, despite my efforts of going through the bushes.

A big ol’ Mute Swan, showing everyone he’s the boss. 

Indian Balsam. You either love it or hate it.

And acorns forming. The year marches onwards.

Time for me to as well. If you’re out too, travel safely. Catch up with everyone later.



  1. What a nice cormorant catch !
    Great set once more with beautiful pics ;)

  2. That's a good monday, and a great picturing, if I can say that. Nice blog you have there and beautiful pics.

  3. Lovely images Keith. The Indian Balsam is very pretty. Best wishes.

  4. Nice post Keith, I love the big old swan showing he is the chief of the place and the acorn!!!

  5. Hi Keith ..survive the big holiday did you!!
    There used to be comorants on the river near me...I guess they found better feeding grounds..rather ugly looking fellows!!
    I love the Mute Swan and puffed up so pretty!
    Glad you posted a picture of the Pink Indian Balsam I was curious to see what it looked like..gorgeous!!
    We are having a spell of heat...90 degress yesterday already 82 and only 10:00 am!!
    All your photos are nice...have a good week!!

  6. as ever nice pics keith.

    lots of cormorants at Rye Meads today they had even pushed out the Black Headed Gulls.

  7. Thank you Pescalune. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Thank you Bob :)

    Angie, thank you.

    Cheers Chris

    Thank you grammie. That sounds too hot for me lol

  8. Great photos again, Keith. the second one reminded me a little of that scene from 'Titanic' not a film I ever watched (it didn't appeal) but they frequently show the clip with Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet with arms outstretched!

    The year is certainly moving on apace as the acorn and the berries in the first photo show.

    I would love to have seen you creeping through the bushes in pursuit of the Heron :)

  9. oh yes, I love your pics !!! big hugh Kathrin

  10. Very Nice Post and great set of photos.

  11. Thanks Pete. (Almost missed your comment here)
    That's a lot of Cormorants to outnumber the Black-headed lol

    Thanks Jan. Yea, Titanic not the sort of film I go for either lol

    Kathrin, thank you. Glad you enjoy them :)

    Thank you Lisa :)

  12. Sigh! I always feel so relaxed when visiting your blog. Those herons don't miss too much, do they?

  13. Thank you Hilary. I reckon the Heron spots me a mile off lol