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Friday, 27 August 2010

A roundup

A little roundup of pictures, as we head into a holiday weekend here; apparently.

The early morning flying ducks make another appearance. Actually they were geese, you’ll have to take my word for that.

A hoverfly. This one’s for Bob; because he likes hoverflies.

A Common Blue butterfly. These have been very ‘common’ round here, this year.

I’ve noticed a lot of mushrooms growing when I’ve been out. Another sign of autumn? Or just all this rain we’ve had recently?

A fly. Someone must like them. Lovely coloured eyes.

And a young Swallow. There have been a lot of these flying round my local recently. This one is taking a brief rest from flying practice, as he looks like he’s contemplating the long journey ahead of him in just a few days. An incredible journey, when you think him and the rest of his family will be travelling over 3,000 miles; battling against all the hazards on the journey……..weather…..predators…..looking for food, and then hopefully coming back again next year. And all by a small bird, weighing no more than a dragonflies fart.

Pretty incredible when you stop to think about it. Good luck to him, and all the birds, that are soon to begin their great migration journeys.

And have a great weekend, and safe journey too, if you are travelling.


  1. That first image is grand. I'm working this weekend. Oh! Bother

  2. Hi Keith,
    Wow I love the flying ducks picture a lot as well as the tiny little swallow... Are you picking up mushrooms? We have plenty of good ones over here and have been collecting something like 15kg now ;-)

  3. Thanks Keith, I do love Hover-flies. Are you using a macro, 'cause your pictures deserve the best. The picture here are extremley great.

  4. Great opening image Keith and yet another good selection. Keep them coming

  5. Hi Keith..I looked on my calendar and it says "Summer Bank Holiday UK"!! What in the world is that??
    Hope Bob enjoys the Hoverfly (great eye shot by the way) but I prefer the lovely flower!! ; }
    I love the Mushroom...I posted some too and I think the rain has something to do with it because they seem to show up after the rain!!
    The journey of the birds is truly amazing!! The migrational instinct of destination to and from there seasonal homes !!
    ""Dragonfly fart" LOL!! LOL!!To funny!!

  6. Love the flight of geese shot Keith. Yes holiday weekend, best avoided I think.

  7. Thanks Adrian. Work? What’s that then? Lol

    Cheers Chris. I stopped picking mushrooms back in the ‘60’s; they……….oh, different sort lol
    No, I don’t like mushrooms ;)

    Bob, thank you. Yea, I use a macro lens for most of the insects at the moment.
    Have a great weekend.

    Bobbster, thank you. :)

    Grammie, thank you. Summer Bank Holiday, yea……more like winter at the moment. One of our many public holidays, where everyone crowds to various places, spending lots of money they don’t have, and then get stuck in traffic jams to get home. They’re great! Lol

    Thanks Roy. Yea, I shan’t be going far this weekend.

  8. Next weekend will be our long one; but just like yours, a weekend best spent near home. I do hate crowds. Beautiful shots today ...

  9. Canadian Geese I believe. we have a lot of them around here also. I love the mushroom shot!!

  10. Great macro shot of the hoverfly. The other - red eyed - looks like a flesh fly. There have been a few of those round here lately

  11. That first image is first class Keith

  12. Thanks Wilma. Yea, I can't be doing with crowds these days. I think I'm turning into a grumpy old man lol

    Thanks Doreen. Yea, if I remember correctly, they were Canada Geese. They make such a racket, but I love them.

    John, thanks. I think it is a flesh fly. Like you say, there's been a lot around recently.

    Matt, thank you. It was a great start to the day.

  13. I love the first photo. Im thinking the birds here are getting ready to head south as the day grow shorter nature tells them it time to perpare.
    Love your view. Nice

  14. Perfectly beautiful shots as always. And a bonus laugh over "dragonfly's fart."

  15. Thank you Lisa. Really notice the seasons changing here at the moment. All too quickly for my liking.

    Thanks Hilary. Glad you enjoyed it lol

  16. Hi Keith, it's so good to be back :) :)

    Beautiful photos as always, the hoverfly is gorgeous! I haven't seen many Common Blues this year and the way the weather is I won't see many more :(

    There is a distinct feel of Autumn all around now and it is far too soon for my liking!

    I love the geese photo and I agree with you about the amazing journeys the birds make...the distances they fly and the dangers they face are just incredible.

    Thanks very much for identifying the young Pied Wagtail :)

  17. Thanks Jan, and good to see you back again.
    Yea, I think autumn has definitely kicked the door down, and made its presence felt.
    It looks like it could be a nice day today, so off to the local soon ;)