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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Signs of autumn

Another plug before I start this post, but not for me, but this time for a fellow blogger.

His name’s David, of One Foote Closer, and he’s got this great idea for a challenge, about taking 10 pictures; the same, or differently.
Take a look here; he explains far better than I could lol

The signs of autumn seem to be around everywhere here, at the moment.

I took a wander up Ivinghoe Beacon yesterday; a bit tiring climbing to the top,

but worth it for the view when you get there.

Nearly everything is taking on a golden brown colour, and the hedges are just bursting with berries of all sorts.
There weren’t many birds to be seen; far too windy for that. A very large flock, or charm, of Goldfinches though, mostly juveniles, going from bush to bush, and settling on the many thistles that have gone to seed.
Some lovely blue, bell shaped flowers too; but too windy for any pictures. I did find one sheltered spot though, and saw some of these growing there.

Not sure what they are, but very small and beautiful.

From the beacon, I made my way to Wilstone reservoir, at Tring, but again, much too windy to see many birds. Even the Reed Warbler that mimics the Cetti’s, was quiet.
I took a walk round the reservoir, and came to the field of corn that I took some pictures at last week. It looked very different yesterday; harvest time.

Couldn’t resist a cliché shot, but it didn’t quite come off. Wrong lens.

A more natural looking shot.

Despite the efforts of the wind, and the lack of birds, it was still an enjoyable morning. And when I got home, a nice visitor to the sheltered garden;

a Migrant Hawker, taking in the rays of the sun.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


  1. I like this pics, most the last, here also is the autumn knocking on...big hugh Kathrin

  2. Great views Keith. Not sure about the flower, could be some kind of willowherb.?

  3. Damn, you have put a dragonfly in your blog, and far better than mine. The scenery is brilliant.

  4. Hi Keith,
    It is the same here and birds are on the move to the south, big gathering far at sea :-( I went out twice these last days to see almost nothing... You got beautiful pictures of harvested fields.. I love them!

  5. The autumn is wonderful too, but I don`t wait it. Nice pictures, my favourite is the sixth.

  6. I love this time of late summer, the table of nature is abundantly covered, the colors and light are fantastic and the people take the time to enjoy because they know that the approaching winter. A good time! Wonderfully evocative images!

    Beautiful days for you!


  7. Hi Keith ..thats quite the eyeball on that Hawker..thats amazing!!
    Great pictures of your neck of the woods!! ; }
    Thats a bit of a hike but the photos are great ..I did so enjoy you posting what its like where you live!!!

  8. This is one of your best i really enjoyed the variety that last shot is one for the wall.

  9. That golden light certainly does seem to herald the coming of autumn.

    Went to "One Foote Closer" and accepted the challenge put forward. Very fun notion that should generate some great photographs.

    BTW -- "notion" was the word verification. ;-)

  10. Thank you Kathrin. The year is going much too quickly isn’t it.

    Thanks Roy. I’ve ploughed through a couple of wildflower books I have, and I’m pretty certain it is a Chiltern Gentian.

    Thank you Bob :)

    Thanks Chris. Yea, the birds seem in short supply at the moment ;)

    Kozma, thank you for your comment. :)

    Isabella, thank you. It is a lovely time of year; it just means winter is following, and another year closes :(

    Thanks grammie. It’s worth the effort climbing that hill :)

    Thank you Adrian, appreciate your comments :)

    Thank you Wilma
    Seems a good idea of David’s. Some of these ‘word verifications’ are quite spooky at times lol

  11. I think I'd have to take a second or two to get my breath back climbing up there too. Great variation in your pics but not in quality they are stunning as per. I also like the cliche shot too;-) Must be the chav in me trying to get out

  12. Looks like a great place for walking, I like the harvest shots, a nice country feel comes out of them.

  13. His idea looks good! Will think about it.

    And yes, the signs of Autumn are clear :)

  14. Thanks for the plug! I like the hay bales. Both shots are great. In the close up photograph, I am still struggling to find the needle! Will you give some hints? LOL!

  15. Stunning Macro shot of the Migrant Hawker.
    Great images Keith.

  16. Thanks Debbie. There was a time I’d have run up that hill; maybe lol

    Thank you Bob. Yea, it is a great place to walk.

    Bhavesh, thank you. :)

    David, you’re welcome. It’s a great idea.

    Thanks John :)

  17. please look at
    I think you like the birds ;-)

  18. Love the photos of the countryside and the hay roll...very nice--Great shot of the hawker too! ITS end of the week already time is flying BY--

  19. Thanks Kathrin.
    Some lovely birds from your trip :)

    Thank you Dixxe. Yea, time going far too quickly lol